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10 Advanced Shopify Features to Help Boost Your Sales in 2021

Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms available today. It offers sellers and retailers the opportunity to project their business online to the target customers. There are many advanced Shopify features many people generally do not know about. These features help not only boost your sales but also to make transactions a lot smoother for customers.

Setting up your Shopify store is simpler than ever now. Readymade themes make it easy for even the less advanced and experienced business owners. The easy drag and drop nature of Shopify store development also provides easy customization options. Read through to find out refined techniques that will help you attract customers and boost sales:

1: Shipping Prices Auto Calculation for Each Customer

Shipping costs can be pretty hard to calculate for stores and their managers. Slightest of errors in the calculation can be enough to put off the customer and have them deny the sales. One of the advanced Shopify features is to use “real time carrier shipping” option.

Using this, you can provide correct estimates for your customers about shipping costs that will apply. And yes, this tool keeps in check the size, weight and distance to be travelled while calculating. Activate ‘Advanced Shopify’ plan and select carrier (UPS, FedEx etc.) to proceed with shipping rate calculations.

2: Abandoned Cart Recovery

The handy dandy abandoned cart recovery feature is getting more popular. On average, 68.81% carts get abandoned, nearly 7 out of 10. By navigating to Orders > Abandoned Checkouts on your Shopify dashboard, you can verify this. Also, you’ll find a list of customers who added items to their basket but never checked out.

Using this information, you can send those people emails. Standard Shopify plan allows for manual emailing only. Upgrade to Advanced plan or download a cart-abandonment app and now you can automate this process. Many people tend to come back when this upselling technique is applied.

3: Identify Your Best Buyers by Creating Customer Profiles

Another of top advanced Shopify features is to ask people to create a profile before they can buy from you. With this, their purchase history and information can be monitored. It is useful and not creepy at all to monitor the buying preferences only. See who buys what and identify best customers with this.

Using this information, targeted emailing campaigns become a reality. If you sell electronic products and its new version comes out every so often, customers of the 1st version can be reminded and informed. Tracking purchase history, you can see who bought the first version. Activate this by going into Settings > Checkout. From here, set customer accounts section to ‘optional’ or ‘required’.

4: Shopify POS Allows to Take Payments Anywhere

It is actually surprising how lot of people don’t know this. If your business will involve taking payments in the non-internet world, the POS (‘Point of Sale’) tool is just for you. For real world events or brands with presence, this can be just what they need.

Shopify POS is an app that allows payments collections in the real world. It utilizes an inexpensive card reader. Any payments you collect will link directly to your online Shopify account matching inventory as well. For many brands, advanced Shopify features don’t get better than this.

5: Gift Card Selling Over Holidays

Not many store and brand owners know this one as well. Shopify now allows brands to sell gift cards. This is one of many beneficial advanced Shopify features that can quickly boost sales when done right. Also, gift cars are especially popular around the holidays. Create them easily with Shopify and let them out to customers as preferred.

Doing this is also the simplest of processes. Head to Products > Gift Cards and create exactly what you need. You can simply create a gift card in an almost identical way to creating any other products. Simple!

6: Offer and Use Discount Codes

People these days are automatic suckers for discounts, special offers and price drops. Shopify has now provided the option to create discount codes as well. This has essentially changed the way online buying and selling has worked for so long. You can setup discounts in many shapes and forms getting boost in sales any time of the year.

Shopify apps like ‘Bulk Discounts’ allow for just hat. Generating discount codes for dollar value or percentage discounts or even features like free shipping are available. Advanced Shopify features to the max right.

7: Shopify Fulfilment Program Now Does All the Hard Work

Packaging and shipping are easily the most time taking parts of running any product-based store. As big bulk orders roll in, packaging and shipping become more of a headache. What if Shopify takes care of all that for you! Yes, literally.

Shopify allows partnering with fulfilment services like Amazon or Rakuten that allows warehouse handling. These also prepare and ship your products on your behalf. Store you inventory at one of their fulfillment centers and you are good to go. Bet this one of the amazing advanced Shopify features will help a lot of you.

8: Shopify with Facebook Integration

Many brands have big social media following and also sell their products through Facebook as well. Shopify now allows for a ‘Shop’ tab that enables an entire shop creation on Facebook page of any brand. No redirects required at all to your main website. Customers can buy straight from the Facebook page instead any time they wish.

The Facebook stores uses and API to automatically sync payments and inventory with the Shopify account. This also means you’ll still manage everything from the one place. Just another one of our advanced Shopify features your store can use to boost sales.

For your store in the UK, you will need qualified professional Shopify experts UK service providers if unable to do it yourself. Once done, it is an ongoing process that will enable great sales boost.

9: Shopify Analytics and Reports to Track Everything the Right Way

To analyze your store performance, you need analytics. From where are your visitors approaching? How many visits are you getting in total? What is the average time spent for a visitor? Visitor’s geographical details and many other questions can be answered by analytics. This is Shopify analytics that lets you track everything you need.

Navigate to the ‘reports’ section and download detailed charts on store sales, traffic and cart analytics. Another of features available is to fully integrate Google Analytics directly in the Shopify store. Copy and paste your Google Analytics code directly into the specified field on Shopify dashboard to do this.

10: Shopify Drop shipping Now Lets You Get Rid of Inventory Completely

Storing all that inventory produces too much cost? Why not have any of it at all right! You can do just that with Shopify Drop shipping. Although, this method is none of the hidden advanced Shopify features, still can be very useful when done right. You won’t need to buy any product or a large number of them at all.

Simply, source suppliers and place your order to them when a customer places order through you store. With Drop shipping, the supplier will ship the product to customers as well. Customers will always know the product came directly from you and not the supplier at all. Ordoro is one of the best drop shipping apps on Shopify. There are others available as well that partner you with suppliers.


Make sure to contact professional Shopify ecommerce store development experts if you need to setup your business on the platform. This would help get the right start and move in the right direction of quick success in the times to come.

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