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10 Alluring Gift Items to Surprise the Host of a Party

When you are invited for a get-together or party, it is easy to forget all the time and efforts invested by the host to prepare for the day. That being said, it is never a good idea to show up at the host’s door without a gift. Depending on your relationship with the host and the occasion, you can select an appropriate present to take. While gift flowers are a safe bet, there are several other options to check out. Consider an item that will either make the party grander or easier to handle or something that will help the host relax afterwards, like bathing oil.

To help conjure up ideas beyond traditional gift options, we state below best gifts to present to get for the host of a party.

  1. Scent Diffuser

To lighten the atmosphere and spread sweet-smell, get a scent diffuser for the host. Several types of scented oils, stones, incense sticks or petals can be used in the diffuser. The scent diffuser will help the room freshen up.

  1. Elegant Serving Bowls

Though the host may have already arranged for serving trays and bowls, you can gift them a set of elegant serving bowls made from marbles, brass, stone, wood etc. You certainly stand the chance of being re-invited again!

  1. Bouquets of Fresh Flowers

If you wish to send flowers to the host, do not just bring a simple bouquet. Purchase flowers to decorate their house. Get floral arrangements to put on countertop, wall stands, vases etc. Do everything you can to brighten their space.

  1. Monogram Necklace or Choker

If the party is thrown by a hostess, surprise her with a monogram choker or a necklace. She will definitely love it. You can choose budgetary necklaces made of silver or pure metals or go for gold and platinum varieties.

  1. Crate of Favourite Beverages

Carry a crate of beverages the host likes, maybe the gin tonic or fruit beer, and energy drink? You can even make homemade fruit punch. Make sure the crate is decorated as per the theme of the party and packaged properly.

  1. Board Games

Want to be a part of after-party scene? The best way to do is by introducing some activity and entertaining the guests. Bring different board games to the get-together and invite all to play. Some of the board games to consider are scrabble, chess, monopoly, snakes and ladders, Pictionary, checkers etc.

  1. Savoury Peanuts and Chocolates

What could be a better gift than a box of royal chocolates and healthy nuts and snacks? You can order chocolates and nuts from any online florist at an affordable cost. If you know the host personally and acquainted with the brand or type of chocolate he/she likes, you can purchase the specific chocolate. Add a greeting card to the box.

  1. A Set of Good Reading Books

Many people love to read, and if the party-host is also one of those, then certainly you should get them the novels or story-books they would love to read. You can enquire about which author they adore and select books accordingly.

  1. Plant Seeds

Some gifts last forever and create pleasant memories. This is why, plant seeds are great choices if you want the gift to be eternal. If the host of the event is a nature lover, then plant seeds could impress them the most. Stay back and help them with gardening!

  1. Countertop Decorative Items

Add style to the countertop spaces of the host’s home. Maybe furnish the fireplace mantel space with interesting figurines and place a beautiful vase or pot on the windowsill. You can even get dream-catcher to embellish the walls.

While the host is busy and toiling to make the party a success, you can thank them and appreciate their efforts by gifting them any of the above-mentioned items.

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