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10 Benefits of a Non Phthalate PVC Strip Curtains

The polyvinyl strip curtains that are popularly known as PVC strip curtains are widely used to maintain the temperature of the place.

They are transparent and lightweight curtains made of plastic and can be placed at windows or doors with the help of some screws and rods which hold it at a firm place.

There are a number of benefits of a pvc curtain which makes it a desirable pick for every place. The plastic strip curtain is helpful for maintaining brightness in the place. Let us go through in  brief regarding the benefits of PVC curtains. 

1. Transparent Effect

The plastic curtains are straightforward and clear which perfectly shows the inflow and outflow of people.

They are found in different colors and can be installed at windows or doors which maintains privacy and saves you from touching the door frequently to open it.

They are widely used in hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants, spas, salons and heavy duty industries where a number of people visit on a regular basis.  

2. Waterproof

One most efficient benefit of a pvc curtain is that it is waterproof. The cloth curtains get wet and sting in the environment but it is not so with these curtains.

They do not get wet in the rainy season or when any liquid accidentally falls on it.  When these shades are utilized at windows they control the inflow of water inside the place.

Your perishable items and other accessories remain safe when this one is mounted at the openings.

3. Affordable Pricing

These plastic strip curtains for home are available at reasonable pricing. The prices may fluctuate depending upon the ribs and thickness of the strip.

They are one of the efficient curtains which are like a one time investment that can work for years.

These curtains are easily available at online stores and offline stores from where you can get it easily at any time. This is also one of the benefits of these curtains.     

4. Limit Pollutants

The curtain restricts dust, fumes and pollen particles from entering the place. Either you place it at your home or install it at the workplaces it will control all the dust particles and germs there.

It is a great idea to install these curtains in areas that are surrounded by factories and industries. You just need to mount it at the wall of the window or the door and get a clean and tidy surrounding in the place.

5. Energy Conservative

They are also an energy conservative device. They maintain the room temperature and there is no need to install air curtains or any other accessories in the place to maintain the temperature.

Therefore this benefits in energy conservation and reduces the expense of air conditioners and coolers that are used in maintaining coolness in the surrounding. So you can install these curtains for a better experience.   

6. Durability and Strength

This pvc strip curtain is durable with a good strength. They are made of a thick and strong material that is not easily tearable and it doesn’t get damaged easily.

Nowadays they are preferred more as compared to curtains made of fabrics. They are simply some broad plastic strips that are hung on the thin metal rod with small hooks and screws that hold the curtain firmly on the wall.       

7. Easy to Clean and Maintain

The curtain is easy to clean and maintain and one interesting thing about it is that you can clean it without taking it out from the hanger. You will just require a clean cloth and a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the curtain. If they are dirtier, then take them out and soak them in sopa water for a few hours. After that, clean them with a brush and cloth and let them dry. Once they are dry hang them again on the wall. 

8. Brightness Control

Usually curtains restrict light to enter inside the surrounding but while mounting these soft and transparent curtains you get perfect brightness in the surrounding.

They restrict harmful rays but not control the light from entering. So you get the right amount of light and don’t require to turn on the bulbs or LEDs in the place.

They rely on necessity for home and workplaces as well without any darkness.

9. Pest Control

The non phthalate pvc curtains restrict insects, flies and fumes from entering the place. They are widely used in warehouses and heavy duty industries where you need pest control.

You will not need to worry about your goods once you install these curtains. Different colors are used for different places.

Like the mint green and light blue polyvinyl strip curtains are most commonly used in cold storage areas as they are cooler than other colors.   

10. Standard Quality

Lastly, the curtains are made from standard quality materials that makes them durable and gives a longer life-span. They are even eligible to provide an ideal appearance to your place.

You can get pvc curtains online or can even select them from the offline stores as per your convenience.

This will make your place safe, clean and tidy for a longer time and it will create a better impression in front of visitors and staff when mounted at the workplaces.


Wrap Up

These are all the most common benefits of pvc curtains that makes it a worth choosing accessory for home, office premises, heavy duty industries, warehouses and all other commercial or non-commercial places to maintain the right level of cleanliness there.

They are easy to use and install and even last longer as compared to other curtains which get torn or get damaged easily. They also help to maintain privacy and make different sections in the department without installing doors or making walls on that place. You just need to decide where to install it and then it is done. It is a better option to opt for these curtains and while you pick it for restaurants or spas, there you can make use of some colorful strips for a flawless appearance.

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