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10 benefits of the Agile methodology

With better foolproof methods emerging in the field of project management, Agile is a method to lead any project to a new altitude in a much easily planned way. Although implemented initially in software development, it is highly efficient in delivering the expectations of the project owner in all possible industries. The project is developed in an intensive and engaging process where each employee has a fixed role and task to complete.

What is Agile methodology?

The Agile method uses incremental and iterative approaches to develop new projects. Here more focus is given on the customer priorities. At every stage, the customer gets to see the developed project. This is only possible because the coding and testing phase continues simultaneously at each phase. Each employee knows exactly the work they have to do to contribute to the overall development of the project. The employees are divided into small teams and each team member is liable for a set of tasks.

The Agile method of project development can be implemented in all sectors and all types of industries. So it is quite imperative to see what are the 10 advantages of the Agile methodology. Here we will list the top 10-

1. Project development time is reduced to a great extent

The Agile method of project development is very beneficial for business owners because their projects can be developed in a quick time. This is because project management does not follow a particular paradigm. You can say that everything starts simultaneously from day one of the development.

2. More emphasis is given on the development rather than documentation

The Agile method gives more emphasis on the development of the project rather than documenting the exact needs of the client. The main points are captured and the development begins. After each phase, the customer is consulted and their approval is taken.

3. It based on a continuous approach where multiple tasks are done simultaneously

Throughout the development of the project, all the tasks are done simultaneously. The coding of the frontal part, the back end, and the testing all are done at the same time. There is more cohesion among the various teams as the task is broken down and responsibilities delegated to each employee.

4. The project owner has a more decisive role in each phase of development

As a customer, you feel more secure as can track the development of your project right from the first day. This ensures less risk on behalf of the project owner. The Agile method takes project owners as a part of the team itself.

5. The duties of each employee are defined well here

The Agile methodology has such a structure where the responsibilities of each employee are delegated. At the start of each day, a plan is developed and the task delegated. Each employee can come out with their suggestions on the development of the project.

6. For the employees, it’s a highly engaging process and they feel motivated

The employees are more engaged and feel more satisfied working as a team. The development process takes into account the inputs from the employees at each stage. As an employee, the overall knowledge gain and skill improvement are diversified into a different aspect of software development right from scratch.

7. Better quality of projects developed using the Agile method

There is no doubt that the software is of high quality as all the back checks and bugs are removed as the project progresses through the development phases. The project is developed with a higher efficiency eliminating redundant work.

8. Strategies and decisions are flexible as per the project size and client needs

The Agile methods implement a strategy in line with project complexity and size. So there is no particular fixed process like stages in an SDLC model for software development. The strategies can also be changed as per the demands of the client.

9. No separate testing phase

There is no separate testing phase. As the software is developed the testing is done repeatedly to minimize errors at that stage only. This ensures that there is no separate testing phase. The time for software development is also reduced.

10. The associated risk of project development is reduced for the company

As a company, there is plenty of risk such as the final project may not be delivered in time or not meeting the client's expectations. But the Agile methodology is more flexible that answers all the issues in a rather efficient way.

Final thoughts

The Agile method for project development is far more efficient than traditional development processes. At each stage, the implementations are done perfectly so that the risk associated with the development of the project is reduced.

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