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10 Benefits Of Using Hydrovac Services For Your Next Construction Project

In the last few years, technological advancements in the construction and infrastructure industries have grown by leaps and bounds. Leading construction companies are always on a quest to find safer, efficient, and cost affordable solutions. 

In this regard, Hydrovac Services have become popular. We all know how the start of any new construction project requires a fair bit of drilling, excavation, removal of debris, and so on. This is done to help set the foundation, create new water and gas lines among other things. 

There is a lot of pressure on construction companies to follow environmental norms by governmental bodies. Not disturbing the surrounding flora and fauna, staying away from sinkholes, and not hitting the natural water tables in the ground are some common stipulations. 

In this resource article, we are going to speak with experts from one of the most reputed companies offering hydrovac services in nebraska. We are going to request them to list down ten major benefits of using hydrovac services for your next construction project. 

However, before we begin, let us first look at understanding how this technologically advanced industrial system works. 

Hydrovac Services: Meaning and Definition

Hydrovac Services are performed by giant trucks that use two major components- 

  1. High-Pressure Water Jets
  2. Suction Vacuum Pipes

The philosophy is that the water pipes and jets (water wands) are inserted into the ground. The pressure of the water helps in loosening the soil and mud in the ground. Once the same is loose enough, a high suction vacuum pipe helps in sucking out the debris and water combination. 

Hydrovac services are used by a number of industries including construction, oil and gas, telecommunication, energy and power, and other utilities. They provide less destruction to the ground surface and offer a no-fuss approach to drilling and excavation. 

Many leading companies prefer hydrovac services because of their precision. It disturbs the soil at a specific point thanks to the water jets. This is far more convenient than using excavators that pose the threat of disturbing underground pipes and connections. 

List of 10 Major Benefits of Using Hydrovac Services for your next Construction Project

  • Increased Safety and Security- 

Drilling under any circumstances is a dangerous activity. You do not want to jeopardize the safety of the workers on the site. By using hydrovac services, you make sure that you are not striking any hidden gas or electrical lines. 

This goes a long way in preventing on-site accidents that can lead to unnecessary delays. Hydrovac allows for a high degree of control in operations. The water jets are operated through high precision ensuring no untoward accidents take place. 

  • Cost-Effective and Affordable- 

Reducing budgets and additional overheads is a top priority whenever you are drilling or excavating. If you end up committing mistakes, you might have to pay fines, injury bills, and other costs. 

By using Hydrovac services, you can rest assured that you are keeping the budgets of your drilling and excavation operations well under control. This is a major benefit since it allows the project to be completed within the pre-determined budgets that have been set earlier. 

  • Environmentally-Friendly Drilling Procedure- 

As most businesses look to follow a sustainable model conducting operations, the same goes for the construction industry as well. Disturbing the top and sub-soil can be a major environmental concern. This is why you need a process that is less destructive in nature. 

Since no chemicals are involved in the drilling process, the surrounding soil stays healthy. If you do not want to be at the receiving end of show-cause notices from environmental groups, you need hydrovac. 

  • Great for Colder Climatic Regions- 

Construction companies do not want to undertake drilling work during winters. The soil gets hardened and a lot of effort is required to drill using traditional techniques. With hydrovac, you do not need to worry about the hard soil. 

The system works efficiently in breaking down tough soil, and vacuums the debris effortlessly. This enables companies to work during winters and allows them to increase their business. Earlier drilling companies would avoid starting new projects during the winters. 

  • Collection of Debris is easier- 

Most drilling and excavation companies hire separate dumpers to remove the debris. This is a very inefficient and expensive method for debris removal. Hydrovac works through a truck that stores all the sucked-up mud and other debris from the ground. 

This can easily be removed to a land site at a good pace making the process of debris removal easy and convenient. Governments have set up designated sites where this debris can be deposited in a responsible fashion

  • Improved Turnaround Times- 

If you are familiar with the stages of construction work, you know that drilling and excavation take up a major share of the time. By using a hydrovac service, you can improve turnaround times. 

The entire process is far more time-efficient as compared to traditional drilling and excavation work. The time saved directly translates into more money for companies. This has contributed to construction projects getting completed within timelines that have been set by engineers.  

  • Helps with Compliances and Permits- 

Drilling and excavation work require you to take permits and compliance certifications from different governmental agencies. When you tell them that you are going to use a hydrovac, the processing of paperwork becomes easier and efficient. 

The agencies know that this is a safer and more effective way of doing excavation. It speeds up the paperwork for a specific project. It also ensures that you do not get into trouble later on with the agencies and are slapped with fines. 

  • Helps in keeping the Work Site Clean- 

If you have ever been to a construction site during the digging phase, the first thing that you are going to notice is debris all around. Traditional strategies for drilling create unclean sites with mud and slime everywhere. 

This not only causes accidents like slippage but also impairs movement. A hydrovac ensures that the site is clean with zero mud/debris spillage. This allows for better movement of other equipment and workers at the site. 

  • Zero Disruption to Traffic and Movement- 

Tens of dumpers waiting to move the debris, several excavators occupying real estate! The result- poor traffic movement in and around the construction site. Using a hydrovac means that the excavation and movement are done through the same vehicle. 

This means fewer vehicles at the site. All this plays a major role in not impeding traffic movement near the construction site. This leads to less chaos being created in and around and reduces traffic policemen from disturbing you. 

  • A more ‘Humane Way’ of doing excavations- 

At the end of the day, we want our work processes to be such that it respects our human workers. Digging and shoveling by hand can be considered as an inhuman work activity that is unnecessarily strenuous. 

Using mechanized and technologically advanced hydrovac services means that no worker is using their hands or engaging in manual digging work at the site. Construction companies should be encouraged to reduce human and manual labor. 

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a safer, cheaper, and efficient alternative to traditional excavation, look no further than hydrovac services. There are some credible and established companies in Nebraska that offer hydrovac services for construction, power, energy, and other utilities-based businesses. 

If you would like to get in touch with a company providing hydrovac services, please let us know in the comments below. Additionally, if you have specific questions on hydrovac services that you would like us to address, please feel free to reach out to us in the comments below. 

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