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10 Benefits Of Writing Daily Journals

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the early 1900s. You would think of many things that were the part and parcel of that era. But if you are a literature freak then I can guarantee that you surely thought about yourself writing a diary or daily journal. The daily journals wherein once considered as the soul of English literature. Writers and famous personalities usually wrote about their hurdles and difficulties along with the daily happenings in their journals.

10 Benefits Of Writing Daily Journals

People have now almost got over it. You will rarely see someone penning down his daily routine or events happening around him. But only a few of us know that daily journals have their own implicit advantages. We cannot see the merits materially, but they benefit us in the unique ways. We have done our research and made the list of 10 most impactful benefits of having a daily journal. So without any further delay, let us hop into the first of ten advantages.

It polishes your creative potential:

We, the humans of a modern era, are all working on what other people want us to achieve. For example, we work to satisfy our employers and our friends from the morning to the late night. And what does it bring to your life?

What is your daily morning routine? Does it start with a check on the emails or a social media scroll? If it starts with either one of these then congratulations, you are not utilizing the freshness of your brain at the morning time.

Many scientists and doctors emphasis on the importance of morning routine. The journal writers wake up with tons of ideas on the backside of there mind to write down. This means that when they are sleeping, the subconscious part of their brain works to think and generates new ideas to write.

It helps you with your goals:

In the morning, while writing the journal, you have complete opportunity to plan your day and write your to-do list. You should keep the bigger picture in your mind.

Once you start focusing on the goal setting, your life becomes more aligned with your preferences.

Writing your goals makes them printed on your memory and lets you do what your heart wants not what the world needs from you.

It is a source of your daily recovery:

Many people find it difficult to escape their work routine. We do not live in the present. We think about the work every time. Your loved ones are lucky to get some sort of attention from you during the time which you devote them.

Check your daily journal after the end of the day. See whether the start and the mid of your day was productive. Always prefer your private goals over the public goals.

Observe your journal to see what was needed to be done and what you did. Look for the things that can be delayed to the next day. Write down your daily experiences and learning.

Last but not the least, point out the things that are needed to be done tomorrow. This allows you to prepare yourself for what’s coming next day.

It brings clarity and balance in your life:

Writing the journal allows to see the deficiencies in your routine. Updating the journal and carefully analyzing it helps you to detect what went wrong during your day and with thing needs a rectification in your life.

It brings clarity regarding where you want your life to go. Journaling helps to improve your ability to take both minor and major decisions in your life.

It allows you to plan your future life. You become the planner of your future self. You have the complete authority to do what you want in years to come. And all this can be a detailed description in your journal.

It helps you overcome your emotions:

According to many types of researches, the best part of writing a journal is the emotional wellbeing of your brain. This not only reduces the stress but also allows you to move forward easily.

When you are in an emotional mood, you can just open your journal and write your heart out without stopping. This will trigger an instant release of emotions because there is no better listener than a daily journal.

It injects learning in your neurons:

We do not remember a bigger portion of what read or hear. But it is an established fact that brain remembers almost everything what the hand writes. Although you do not reread the written stuff, mere writing aids an increase in brain memory and development.

Now let us summarize how it happens. Reading a piece of information cannot separate the important info from the less important one. While writing, on the other hand, helps your brain to categorize the information on the basis of importance.

It inclines you towards thankfulness:

There would be times when you will write your journal in bad mood. But with the passage of every single page, your mood will divert towards a more grateful attitude.

Whether you are writing a morning journal or an evening one, focus on adding some gratitude in your words. There will be times when you will experience more aspects of life, which you will be amazed after knowing.

It helps the writer in you to grow:

Any routine writing task helps the writer to distinguish his lingual strength. A daily hour or two invested in the usual journal writing is what is needed to feed the writer in you. More often than not you will get lost in the addictive process of this creative activity.

It keeps a track of your history:

Your journal is a complete story of your life. The happenings of your life are all recorded on it. Anyone reading your daily journal will get an idea of what has happened in your life, what you experienced, how you overcame it and what made you the person that you are now.

Other benefits:

There are several endless benefits of having a journal. It is almost impossible for us to cover a major chunk of it. There are many aspects of what a journal brings in your life. All these other benefits of journaling are difficult to explain completely but can be numbers on a list.

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