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10 Best Chinese B2B Wholesale Marketplaces You Should Know About in 2021

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With drastic happenings going on within the eCommerce industry, the B2B marketing funnel has shifted towards a more complicated ground. Buyers tend to dig up more before making any purchase decision. They not only hunt for superior suppliers but prefer to rely on the most authentic platform to make any engagement. Due to advancements in the industry, B2B sales cycle demands a progressive approach and a cunning set of strategies to attract, persuade and convert a visitor.

As per the research, around 67% of manufacturing purchases are digitally influenced. One has to provide a seamless platform with smart AI integrated bots to create hassle-free browsing and shopping experience for the buyers. Over the course of the decade, marketers have shifted their attention towards inspiring millennials indulging them in quick buying decisions. Moreover, it has been observing that B2B buyers are showing similar patterns of behaviour while interacting with platforms. They are stretching the buying journey and are being more conscious to choose a platform to shop.

Considering the patterns prevailing the industry and observing the ongoing economic condition of the IT, particularly the eCommerce industry, it's best to learn about the top B2B marketplaces to have a hassle-free buying experience. So, here is a list of most renowned Chinese B2B wholesale marketplaces to count on in the year 2021.

1.      Alibaba.com 

Alibaba, renowned as the Chinese B2B giant, foundations its business model on the strategy to "digitize the entire retail value chain". The platform provides a progressive e-commerce avenue to retailers and consumers all across the world. This Chinese marketplace is backed with massive digital transformations and ensures to maintain a seamless online presence. With uncountable competent suppliers, manufacturers and retailers on board, the company stands among the leading names in the B2B industry.

With over thousands of local brands showcasing their products on the platform, Alibaba provides a route to trade to many of the famous international brands and firms as well. . The unique aspect of the platform is its unbeatable authenticity. Every brand before getting registered is verified and checked to maintain the highest service quality.

2.      eWorldTrade  

eWorldTrade, a premier B2B venture, is in a progressive mode of success. The brand stands apart with its fully organized platform providing a massive range of categories to shop. Every category listed has over a thousand various products ranging from the lowest to the highest market rates. Covering all industries from civil to fashion, clothing to automobile, the company guarantees to provide a highly professional avenue to have an incredible shopping experience. The optimized filters, easy to use the search box, intuitive layout, seamless interface and responsiveness of the platform mark the unmatched aspects of their services.

The secret to such far-reaching online visibility lies in their business model which is supported by the advanced AI bots. With the integration of artificial intelligence, eWorldTrade ensures to provide a stress-free shopping experience to the consumers and retailers. The availability of E-Cart. flexible payment gateways and most trusted outlook of the firm are added features highlighting their unbeatable level of professionalism. Furthermore, every category is rightly positioned on the platform with appealing aesthetics to give an attractive look to the platform.

3.      Amazon

Amazon, formed under the uncanny leadership of the most influential entrepreneurs Jeff Bezos, is a giant eCommerce marketplace. The biggest ever venture in the B2B industry, the firm ensures to maintain the highest quality assurance. To guarantee uninterrupted and stress-free shopping experience, Amazon maintains a sound package delivery system as well. They stand out with their incredible, progressive and successful marketing strategies.

Their core vision is to provide an avenue to every small to large scale industry. The platform is so huge that it serves product starting from "a" category to "z". You can put filters to not only the price tags but to every sort of specification, you require, At Amazon, you get to enjoy a highly personalized eCommerce shopping experience.

4.      Global Sources 

Global Sources is yet another successful B2B wholesale marketplace which has been operational for 49 years. The interactive, seamless and highly mobile-friendly platform has various retail listings with most reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Global Sources accounts for over 1.9 million active buyers and has more than 100 experienced retailers.

From running a professional and profitable marketing campaign to building a productive marketplace for retailers, Amazon covers every area of the eCommerce industry. One of the most inspiring traits is the availability of all kinds of products on the platform.

5.      IndiaMART

Next to Global Sources, IndiaMart is one of the most recommended B2B platforms in the industry. With its thought-out approach, immersive interface organized listings and dedicated customer support, the firm marks its distinctive footprint in the eCommerce landscape. It provides the most flexible payment gateways and reach out to the potential consumers and trusted suppliers.

6.      Made-In-China

With the motto to throve the eCommerce industry, Made-In-China attains a leading position in the market. Shopping has made it easier on the platform with the help of its optimized search box. Despite having millions of various products listed, it always simpler to get close to the category you are interested in. The company provides over 10,000 product listings with over a thousand most recommended suppliers and retailers.

7.      EC Plaza 

Renowned for offering most exciting deals and amazing discounts, the Korean B2B company- EC Plaza provides a broad range of product supplies to consumers all across the globe. The firm stands apart for offering most amazing pricing and discount offers. With the far reaching network, you get to indulge in a seamless ecommerce shopping experience. In addition, despite having such a huge collection the platform makes sure not to create any hassle for the buyers and retailers. EC Plaza is doubtlessly one of the best ecommerce platforms.

8.    ECVV

Making eCommerce simpler, ECVV has paved its way among the finest marketplace of the industry with its impressive business model. The company has built a progressive online platform where one can find various products ranging from lowest to highest pricing. When it comes to authenticity, ECVV stands apart for its transparency and reliability. The platform guarantees the highest product quality and the fastest time of delivery. Maintaining an order on the site, it ensures to facilitate consumers to make a quick buying decision with fully descriptive product specifications.

9.      DHgate

DHgate is a small scale B2B platform which covers famous product categories and entertains consumers in a friendly and interactive manner. The company is reliable with its incredible offers and distinctive approach to reach out to the targeted consumers. It provides a vast Chinese collection and brings together potential suppliers and valued consumers.

10.   EC21

EC21, as unique as the name so are its services. The company is reputed is a promising B2B wholesale marketplace. providing a huge collection of famous products at market competitive pricing, EC21 stands out for its superior product specifications. It has a fully functional and highly responsive online store where experienced suppliers get the highest exposure and accessibility to interact with targeted consumers. For importers, exporters, this is the premium place to establish a trustable online presence and expand clientele.



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