10 Best Face Recognition Based Attendance System


Facial recognition tech has come a long way from being a part of science fiction. Today, you can find its real applications in police stations, hospitals, forensic science, and airports around the world.


Even workplaces are using this technology in time and attendance systems. Facial recognition allows your staff to sign-in to offices quickly and safely. Why safely? Well, fingerprint-based attendance systems tend to take time and also increase the chance of spreading viruses or bacteria among other employees. Facial-based systems of attendance, on the other hand, are hands-free and free from buddy pinching. Plus, such systems don't require a card or key fob, which usually gets misplaced.


But then if you decide to incorporate a facial recognition attendance system in your office, then which one would be the right to use? Whether you are looking for functionality, economic, or an aesthetic appeal, read on to explore our top ten facial recognition attendance system picks for you. 

1. Safescan TimeMoto TM-838

We believe TimeMoto TM-838 is the safest bet for business as it has a sleek design and even smoother software application. The facial recognition aspect is quick to get mounted for immediate functioning. The software is although cloud-based means there's nothing you need to install, maintain, or even pay to upgrade. You can handle schedules, timesheets, and reporting all from a single and intuitive interface. Safescan offers a mobile application for employees to allow them track their performance and overtime through a full range of self-service functions.

2. uAttend MN2000

If your organization isn't fussy about having the most advanced attendance system but just wants value for money in it, then look no further than MN2000. It is a seamless, straightforward, and high economic attendance solution to suit workforce management with fewer than 200 employees. uAttend's MN2000 is a cloud-based system that also supports employee PIN codes and key fobs to clock in your employees. uAttend's facial recognition attendance system is one of the cheapest in the market.

3. ClockRite C400

Though price and the device quality both are essential, you'll also want to look for the best customer support for your facial recognition attendance system from the provider. ClockRite's C400 should be your first choice if a high level of service is your top priority. If you are a UK-based organization, ClockRite delivers within the next day of your purchase, gives free setup and training with one full year's unlimited support. Also, along with the purchase of this system, you can avail usage guides, online knowledge database on how to manage the attendance system plus phone-based support in just a few clicks!

4. Timeware Suprema FaceStation 2

If your organization is too large to manage, then Timeware's Suprema Face Station 2 is what you have been looking for! It has a lightning-fast clocking system with up to 3000 users to store in the database. It supports up to 50,000 records to get uploaded and run without any glitches. Boasting innovative features such as patented optical engineering and emergency recovery, it comes with a high business tag price!

5. AccuTime Face Recognition – Pro

AccuTime's Face Recognition -Pro is a smart time and attendance software that will make your life a lot easier for your HR and Admin departments. It automates critical processes like deductions for late-comings or early exits and integrates the same with your very own Payroll Outsourcing Services. You can flourish instant view of absences on any particular day, sick pays, holidays at a single glance. You can even generate timesheet reports for print too. The best part of AccuTime's team is that they will set up installation within half an hour with zero technical knowledge required from your end.

6. Matrix COSEC

Matrix's COSEC attendance management system supports biometric, palm, facial recognition along with RFID, PIN, and Bluetooth as credentials. This flexibility will help you choose the best environmental conditions such as time attendance, visitor management, cafeteria management, etc. The best part is that they come with integrated solutions such as hardware devices, software platforms, and a set of application modules. The COSEC system is excellent in designs, versatile in functions, and displays performance accurately.

7. Bioenable Tech's iFace

iFace is a unique face-recognizing access control system from Bioenable that is integrated with a 630MHz high-speed multi bio processor. All operations of iFace are designed to display on a 4.3 TFT touch screen. It functions not only to identify faces but also finger, card, and password as well, which comes with six user-defined function keys. The software is based on web-server management, and its acute infrared optical system allows users to identify faces even in a poorly lit environment. iFace can store a facial database of up to 400 employees with up to 2000 fingerprint capacity.

8. Mantra Softech's MSD1K

MSD1K is a facial recognition system with multimode biometrics technology from Mantra Softech India, which is very effective budget-wise. It can access multiple identification validation methods such as RFID and fingerprint along with face capture features. It comes with a 2.8-inch TFT screen that gives a high-definition display to the faces captured in real-time. It also has a TCP/IP connection with P2P networking for real-time communication through which you can transport data with a proper Wi-Fi connection. The best feature of MSD1K is that it captures face image even if your employees have glasses, and the identification time is less than 0.8 secs. With a possibility to integrate applications like HRMS, payroll, ERP, and SAP with the device, this attendance system is the best steal if you have up to 1000 employees.

9. AIndra Labs' Smart Attendance

SmartAttendance™ is an AI-based attendance system that uses Machine Learning and Computer Vision algorithms to mark the attendance of your employees. The system will capture faces along with the details given of the employees on a cloud-based server and integrate it with the video system surveillance of your organization. The system will then recognize the faces and verify the absence or presence of each employee. Since the SmartAttendance system is based on AI, it will ultimately help you eliminate any chances of human error, thus making your attendance system foolproof.

10. Faceorbit Smart Attendance System

Faceorbit is an AI-based attendance system which utilizes face recognition mode over various web browsers and mobile applications. Collecting attendance data with this system is as easy as a breeze and will help you make critical managerial decisions. It has a flexible reporting system, which is also customizable depending on the size of your organization, vacation trends, time shifts, etc., to help enhance the productivity of your employees. With Faceorbit's attendance system, you can monitor employees even from different working locations by utilizing a GPS-enabled device.


Facial recognition might still seem like it's been torn out straight from comic books, but it can do wonders at your workplace. Get to automate your payroll system and HR processes to reduce any spreads of illness in the office. Facial recognition and AI-based attendance systems will help you save time in monitoring employees, increase productivity, generate reports timely, and boost morale.

Also, since every company has a different situation based on their premise size, budget, personnel numbers, etc., all these will play a crucial factor in helping you find the right attendance system. Hence, choo se wisely.