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10 Best Indoor At Home Exercises & Workouts you should try

Health and fitness should be everybody’s first priority. However, with hectic schedules and long hours at work, we often find ourselves too tired to hit the gym. As a result, our exercise plans take a back seat, therefore, increasing our chances of contracting various health risks. Come to think of it, your fitness regime does not necessarily need to be so complex. In fact, discipline is key. Keeping the fuss out, here are ten best indoor exercises and workouts that you can do in the comfort of your home.

1)      Lunges-

 Promoting a sense of functional movement, lunges challenge your balance and help increase the strength of your glutes and legs. Do three sets of 10 repetitions every day and you are good to go.


2)      Squats-

 This is one of the most effective calorie-burning exercises as it engages some of the body’s largest muscles. It also contributes to better flexibility of your hips and lower back and aids in increased core and lower body strength. To increase complexity, you can loop in a mini resistance band just below your knees.


3)      Pushups-

 The oldest challenge on the block is push-ups. Apart from displaying your strength in front of your buddies, pushups contribute in building form and help engage your core. Work your way up the number of reps slowly as you do this basis and effective bodyweight move.


4)      Overhead dumbbell presses while standing

 As this form of exercise makes use of multiple muscles and joints, it helps work on several parts of the body at once. These include the shoulders, upper back as well as the core.


5)      Dumbbell rows-


If you are looking to work on your back, this is one of the best compound exercises to try. Using dumbbells that are moderately heavy, you can use this exercise to strengthen several muscles in your upper body.


6)      Burpees-

 This is the most effective exercise that works on your whole body. It helps develop your muscle strength as well as your cardiovascular endurance.


 7)      Dead lifts Single Leg-

 Do this workout using moderately weighted dumbbells to challenge your leg strength and stability.


8)      Plank-

 The plank engages your core and helps you to work on your abs while developing shoulder, back, and arm strength.


9)      Crunch-

 The crunch is another exercise that targets the muscles of your abdomen. It also works great for people who have lower back problems.

10)   High Knees-

 This is a simple exercise that helps work on your outer hip as well as the inner thigh area. This is also a great fat-burning exercise if you are looking to lose from holiday weight.

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Now that both time and money are sorted, you have no room for excuses. Start small and simple with these ten exercises at home.

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