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10 Best Kids Games For Android in 2019

It is a great relief for parents when kids are busy. And even kids are happy when they get to play. Playing not only increases the concentration power but it also encourages the level of activeness. Here are the best Android games available in 2019.

The top kids games for Android users

1.    Bubadu

It has plenty of games for kids. However, not each of them is good. All of the games are very easy to play, so kids get to play it without facing any complications. Mostly all of the games on it are free of cost.

2.    Duck Duck Moose

This is very popular among kids. The number of games available on it is slightly less. And its games are for generally for younger kids. The best part is that every game is free of cost.

3.    The Endless

The games present on it help in building educational interest in their players and are easy to play. It has in total of two versions of it. One is available free of cost and for accessing the other version payment has to be made. In the payment version, you may notice that the games are a bit more expensive but it is worth spending money on it.

4.    Intellijoy

You can get it from the Google Play Store. Parents have suggested the majority of its games to their kids as games of it teaches good habits in their kids. For instance, it has games related to painting and educational puzzles.

5.    LEGO games

It has countless games. All the games of it are simple to learn and fun to play. Majority of its games are available free of cost.

6.    Outfit7 (e.g. Talking Tom)

It also has an infinite number of games on it. The games of it are getting more popular day by day like Talking Tom. It is not recommended for younger kids, but I have come across statements given by people that their younger kids love playing its games.

7. PBS Kids

It not only has plenty of options for games but also many of the characters on its games are taken from shows that make kids addicted to playing its games.

8. RV AppStudio

It has different types of games starting from numerical to alphabetical and so on. All the games of it are user-friendly.

9. Sago Mini Apartment

It is newly launched. The player visits the different floors the apartment building. In total it has 7 floors. It is suggested to the kids of the age group 2 to 5. The best thing about its games is that everything is made up of bright colors which makes it attractive.

10. Toca Boca

It has a few of the famous games on it. It has different kinds of games. For instance, games related to cooking and going on vacation etc.

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