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10 Best Ways to Get Hired Instantly

You are having a hard time finding a suitable job, and you are almost feeling discouraged. We understand your situation. It is a challenging thing to get hired immediately. Looking for a new job involves a lot of patience, and the application process can drag on. There are some things that you can consider if you want to get hired instantly without any delay.

Some of these things are just small details, but they actually make a huge difference, and some of these are very important details that they can break or do your search for a job.

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Here are some valuable tips that you can consider when finding a job.

Get Specific

When you are finding a new job, remember that time is very precious. Do not waste yours by filling out applications for those jobs that you are semi-interested in. Take your time and think properly about which position you will fully devote yourself to and in which company you want to work in. Many websites allow you to do specific searches for jobs. For example, you can find all jobs related to content writing by entering ‘content writing jobs’ in the filter. It helps you to save your time and allows you to have a large number of options to choose from. Once you are done selecting, fill out the application and prepare yourself for a screen test or an interview.

Do Not Settle

You should be specific about where you want to work. There can be 20 openings in your field, but that does not mean that you must apply to all 20. Research about the companies, see how much visibility do they have in the market, and if they offer a good salary package that meets your requirements.

Make a list of all these organizations and go for the one that suits you the most.

Quitting Is Not An option

After you are done with your research, and you have submitted your CV, you should not sit back and relax. It is essential to stay updated on any new openings and better opportunities. Do not quit looking for a position that offers you more benefits and a handsome salary package. Applying to different positions is not a sin. It is far better than just applying for one or two.

If you receive a rejection letter from any company, use this chance to ask them how can you improve and what you could have done differently. So that you will know what not to do the next time you apply for a job.

Cover Letter Is Essential

Hiring managers only take a minute or two to review your CV. In order to capture their attention, it is essential to attach a cover letter along with your CV. Change your cover letter for each job position that you apply for.

Write a brief summary and mention all your qualifications. Also, add how you think you can help the company grow. Hiring managers are most interested in knowing what makes you different from others. It helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Build Your Resume Job Specific

Just like your cover letter, your resume should be designed according to the job that you are applying for. It helps you to highlight your skills and qualifications that make you a perfect fit for the job.

If you do not take care of this, it is possible that you might appear like all the others. It is better to leave out the details that are not related to the job position. Leave room for details that are important and can help you to qualify for the position.

Simple Is Better

If you have years of experience with several companies, it is not important to mention all of it. Keep it simple and short so that the hiring manager will not sift out your CV because of too much detail.

It is wise to mention your 6 to 7 years of experience or about the past 4 jobs so that the hiring manager can know your work background. Adding too much information can agitate the hiring manager.

Dress for What You Want

It is a common saying ‘Dress for the job you want, not the job you have’. It actually is true. Whenever you are going for an interview, do not dress just for your position, dress for a higher-level position that you desire you achieve in your career while working at the organization.

Make an amazing first impression. Talk with confidence and be honest about yourself.

Do Not Fake It

Employers are not there to see your fake smiles or answers that have been rehearsed several times before coming to the interview. They are more into specific details like how can you contribute to the company’s growth and if you can adapt to the company’s environment and culture.

It better not to fake it. It is possible that the position is not a perfect fit for you, but you get it anyway just because you faked it in the first place and then you end up in a place that you do not feel dedicated to.

Do Not Talk Negative

During an interview, when you talk about your previous employers, do not talk negatively. If you speak badly, it affects your image, and the interviewer might feel uneasy about what you will have to speak about them when you switch your job.

It will not be impressing, and of course, when you move forward in your future, you leave the past behind, and not carry it with yourself.


It is okay if you have not heard back from the company you went for an interview. It can be a time-taking process, but it is beneficial to take a follow up after a few days. Email a thank you letter and that you really liked the environment of the company. Appreciate that they gave you a chance and state how delighted you will feel about working with them.

Lastly, add your contact information so it can be easy for them to reach you for any further details or questions. This gives the impression that you are invested and interested in this position.


It is likely that you will find a job opportunity at a place you are not even looking. It is better to stay open for conversations and socializing when you are out at parties, seminars, or any other public events.

Connect with people and share your experience with them. Who knows when you will find a great job opportunity?


It is better to stay interested in what your interviewer has to say. Engagement is the key. Ask questions if you do not understand anything and keep nodding from time to time to show that you are following. Maintaining eye contact is helpful and shows the interviewer that you are confident.

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