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10+ best wholesale businesses in India 2020-21

Starting a business is not an easy task. This is because it requires tons of determination. A

person must have relevant market knowledge as well as enough financial support. Even though

there are many people who are hesitant to invest in a business, in India, it is common to find

many startups.

The main reason why we have so many startups in India is because of the massive consumer

base. The demand for goods and services never go down. This means, even a new business

owner is capable of converting his initial investments easily.

Nowadays, it is common to come across at least a handful of people who are selling something

or another on their social media sites.

So, what is a wholesale business?

In the wholesale business, a wholesaler purchases goods in larger quantities for the

manufacturer. Usually, the goods or products purchased in massive quantities are cheaper. The

wholesaler then proceeds to sell these products to the retailers at a higher price point. They

make sure to keep higher profit margins. And that is how they end up making a lot of money. 

This is one reason why many people in India or across the globe think of considering wholesale


Now, if you are considering investing in a wholesale business, then keep reading this blog. We

will be adding a few best types of wholesale companies here.

1- The textile business:

The textile business is a very profitable business segment. You will have a wide range of options

to select from in this segment. You can either go for readymade garments, furniture upholsters,

threads or fabric yarn. Just make sure that you gain valuable insights before diving.

2- Stationery products:

Stationery products are needed right from the schools and colleges to the offices. You can end

up earning an exceptional profit margin if everything goes smoothly. This segment of wholesale

business does not even require higher investment.

3- Agriculture business:

If you have sound knowledge of agricultural methods and products, then you should proceed

with investing in the agriculture business. The demand for seeds, fertilizers as well as

equipment is higher in India. So, it will end up being a profitable venture for you.

4- Food items:

People will never stop eating food. This means the need for food items will always stay intact

throughout the year. Starting this business will only help you to gain profits. All you need to do

is have a proper insight into the market and then target the demographics with relevant


5- Plastic products:

Even though the use of most plastic items is banned, but water jugs, flasks or Tiffin boxes are

the need of people. If you have good marketing skills along with the knowledge of the market,

then go for wholesale in plastic products.

6- Construction items:

India is a developing country. And we all know that real estate seems never to stop building

new properties and that too with high-tech amenities. So, it is a suitable choice to invest your

small amount of money in construction-related activities. You will gain larger than expected.

7- Automobile parts and accessories:

The hike in the use of a vehicle is quite evident. And this also means that there will be many

maintenances and repairs happening throughout the year. So, by investing in this segment, you

can expect to receive higher returns on any given day.

8- Ayurvedic medicines:

Even when the world is dependent on high-tech machines and chemically processed medicines,

people in India still have the trust of Ayurvedic medicine. The main reason for this is that

Ayurvedic products have little to no side-effects. And as the international market is well-known

about its benefits, you can easily expand your business overseas.

9- Furniture product:

A home or an office space requires furniture more than any other thing. And since many people

prefer multipurpose and lightweight furniture, you can add some creativity and create your

own unique ideas. This way, you can target the right demographic.

10- Kitchen utensils and cutleries:

The next thing that any household or the office needs is utensils and cutleries. In fact, there is

more to this segment. There are pots, cookers, plates, chinaware, etc. The choices are many,

and so is the demand of customers too.

11- Children’s toys:

We all know that even a single child household has a cupboard full of toys. And that only means

that the need for toys is ever rising. And since there are not many wholesalers into this

segment, you can acquire decent returns.

12- Electrical supplies:

This segment of the wholesale business has the greatest demand than any. Right from the

house, offices, hospitals, industries to commercial sectors are in need of electricity. You can

easily gain a maximum list of customers. And that too, with just little effort of good services.

Bottom line

So, there you go. These are some of the top best wholesale business that you can start. You will

just require a little market knowledge to get started. Once you understand the concept of the

wholesale business, you can easily gain larger profit margin.

Sanjana Mehta
Sanjana Mehta
I am Sanjana Mehta, an Insurance Advisor.
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