10 Businesses That Use Culture To Help Them Be Successful


Everyone gets paid to do the work that they do, but what really keeps people at the same job year after year? Company culture is one of the main X factors that helps employees stay at a business long-term. Here are ten businesses that use company culture to help them be more successful when it comes to employee retention and customer engagement.

1. Adobe

This business makes some pretty creative types of products that cater to people who create for a living. While this company offers benefits and perks to its employees, one of the things they do differently than other companies is they despise micromanagement. Since the products Adobe makes are creative in nature, they try to stay out of the way of their employees so that they can be creative and come up with unique and useful ways to do new things. Employees are also given stock options in the company so that they are rewarded in the overall success of the company. This helps people to take ownership and weigh risk management when it comes to business decisions and ventures.

2. Facebook

This company has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. While their space is highly competitive, they help retain employees by having lots of things for employees to do at work such as outdoor roaming spaces, open office environments, and 5 star chefs serving food. They use and create amenities for workers to make it a truly unique experience that they can't get anywhere else.

3. REI

REI is well-known for their outdoor equipment and products. These products are reviewed very highly just like Thrive reviews, and are sought after by customers and employees alike. Employees have the ability to win equipment through "challenge grants" where they submit to the company what outdoor events they would consider challenging. This company has also fostered an environment where employees can submit questions anonymously to help management understand where things can be improved without fear of repercussion.

4. Google

Everyone uses Google for everything. With many satellite offices around the entire globe, Google does a good job of unifying culture by providing free meals, employee trips and parties no matter which Google office you work in. They have also done a great job at improving technology during pandemic with their use of Google chat. 


5. Square Space

Square space runs a very unique structure that is called a flat organization. This means that there are very few levels of management which helps everyone to feel more on the same page and just as important as anyone else that works there. 100% covered insurance premiums are also a nice perk by working here as well as catered meals and flexible vacations.

6. Chevron

Yes, the company that sells gas and oil do get a lot of negative press, but working there isn't bad at all. In fact, Chevron touts their "Chevron way" which includes looking after the safety and well-being of their employees. They do this by providing fitness centers and health-oriented programs for all their employees. This care helps employees to feel valued and important.

7. Twitter

If you enjoy friendly co-workers, rooftop meetings, or free meals, then working at Twitter may be for you. Everyone loves working with smart people, and that's the type of employees that Twitter is hoping to employ with the benefits and perks that they offer there.

8. Southwest Airlines

Southwest empowers their employees by allowing them to go "the extra mile" to make a person's day. This could mean reducing the flight cost, giving a free perk, and more! By allowing employees to do nice things for other people, it shows the type of company that Southwest is and instills their values into their workers.

9. Warby Parker

Positivity is the main vibe you get working for this popular glasses maker. There are always events for the company to look forward to and makes people go to lunch together to ensure that mingling and social interaction between employees is happening. 

10. Zappos

New employees are offered $2,000 to quit after the first week of training if they don't think the job is for them. This puts out the vibe that there may be something wrong with you if you don't love working there because they care about how their employees feel. Zappos looks for people who will fit into their culture more than they focus on skill, as they believe that culture fits are more important. 

As you can see, company culture is a huge part of company success, and these big companies are proof that it works. 


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