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10 Common Mistakes You Make While Buying Your Wedding Dress


We don't have to tell you much about the wedding dress. Every future bride knows this very well and has (mostly since childhood) a precise idea of ​​how she would like to be dressed as a bride. But again, we see brides with whom things went wrong with their wedding dress, even though they knew exactly what they wanted. That’s why I’m going to give you a few tips on which one or the other "wedding dress disappointment" can be avoided.

Wedding dress mistake # 1

Sometimes there is the problem that the time is too short to make changes to the wedding dress! Often the wedding dress is only ready at the last moment. But then there is no more time to make small necessary changes. Remember that a "dream dress" has a delivery time of several weeks – at least if you don't buy it off the shelf but have it made to your measurements. With Internet providers, you have to take into account that the delivery time can be longer than stated. In the case of foreign suppliers (especially wedding dresses from China), there may be delays caused by customs. With Internet providers, make sure that the wedding dress is delivered from China - this is often not easy to see.

Especially in larger cities, it is not easy to decide which bridal shop is right for you. Especially since you usually do a wedding for the first time and have little experience with it. For example, under Cathytelle wedding dress, you will find a large number of models from the top bridal fashion designers. Comparative online research beforehand gives you important information and saves a lot of time: model selection, opening times, tailoring, and customer reviews help you choose the top 3. You should definitely visit them in good time to personally decide on THE one - and with it, after all, the bride has already had practice.

In any case, you should order the dress six months before the wedding date. To be on the safe side, allow about three weeks for any changes!

Wedding dress mistake # 2

Sometimes the wedding dress is suddenly too wide or too tight! It happens a lot: the bride has lost weight! If you want to lose a few pounds in order to step in front of the altar in your "dream figure", start the diet early. Your weight should remain stable for the last few weeks before your wedding. Then just be satisfied with yourself. You will then feel more comfortable, less stressed, and the dress will fit. Try it on again two weeks beforehand so that it takes its final shape.

But that too is not uncommon: the the bride has gained weight!

You know yourself best. Do you tend to eat more when things get stressful? Then give your dress some leeway when trying it on. There is certainly stress in the weeks and days before the wedding. In any case, don't order your dress very tight because you think you can take some off for the wedding. Right now you will hardly be able to do that. Now just be as satisfied with yourself as you are; otherwise, the wedding dress will not fit.

Wedding dress mistake # 3

Sometimes brides discover a much nicer dress – after they have long since ordered their wedding dress!

This should not happen to you that you get annoyed about your wedding dress because you discover a much nicer one shortly before the wedding ceremony. Take a look at numerous templates and carefully consider the options before choosing or commissioning your wedding dress. And: model extensively. That is, try on all kinds of clothes and accessories in all kinds of stores. You don't have to be embarrassed if you "model" after extensive "modeling" and leave a bridal shop without having made a decision. Every saleswoman knows that you only buy wedding clothing once in a lifetime and that this purchase must not be "over the knee". There are so many options to consider and try on: you have to choose the cut that fits your figure. Would you like your dress with sleeves or sleeveless? Different materials are available: silk, satin, silk chiffon, organza, brocade, tulle, and fur and velvet for the winter. Also compare embellishments such as pearls, ruffles, lace, sequins.

Do not compromise! Don't be satisfied until you've found your ideal wedding dress!

Wedding dress mistake # 4

Sometimes a dream dress still looks unfavorable! It happens that a wedding dress looks unfavorable, although it is a wonderful dress and fully corresponds to the bride's childhood dream. Then you hear: "The dress is wonderful, but if I had taken it I would have chosen something else!" A dress not only has to match your dreams but primarily your figure and height. You don't have to forget your dreams of a wonderful wedding dress. But when choosing your wedding dress, you come to the bottom of reality. Don't look for a dress that fits your "dream figure", but for you. Be satisfied with yourself and choose a wedding dress that is made for you. If you are small, you cannot wear a dress that is wide. If you are "well built", a mighty dress with wide puff sleeves and ruffles does not fit. You can reduce the risk of a "mistake" when choosing your wedding dress considerably by involving other people in the selection of the wedding dress. Think especially of your maids of honor and bridesmaids – it belongs to the traditional duties of the maid of honor to advise the bride. Good advisers can also be friends, sisters, or mothers.

Encourage your maid of honor to give you really critical advice, even if you then have to say goodbye to some of your ideas. In any case, someone has to be present whose good taste is known.

Wedding dress mistake number # 5

You can also go wrong when choosing a wedding dress! Sometimes brides discover their wedding dress, later it is much cheaper elsewhere! It happens that wedding dresses from last season are reduced in price when the new collection arrives. Make sure that your dress isn't part of last season's merchandise in a few months. If the bridal outfitter of your choice expect a new collection in the next few months, bargain down the price for your model. You will be too annoyed if it is otherwise offered for a much lower price before your wedding. Please consider that there are often inexpensive yet beautiful "discontinued models".

If you have a dress tailor-made, let the tailor or the bridal fashion studio show you examples of their work. Don't be afraid to check references and bargain for the price.

Wedding dress mistake number # 6

Sometimes a wonderful cleavage or spaghetti straps are inappropriate! If the cleavage or the spaghetti straps reveal a generous view of the chest and shoulders, it can be very nice - but only if the color of your skin matches the fabric. If you tend to get red spots or pimples from nervousness, the magical impression disappears very quickly. Place a delicate cloth over these vacant areas, or make sure that a bridesmaid or friend has such a scarf close at hand. In this case, a suitable cloth is one of the utensils that the bride in the bridal bag on the wedding day should have. For the ceremony at the altar, you should conceal a generous cleavage with a suitable cloth. Above all, so that the pastor's gaze is not too often drawn to your clipping. I know clergymen who have lost focus on the essentials.

By the way: in the church, the shoulders of women are covered. This rule applies not only to the wedding dress and the bridesmaids' clothes but also to all female guests. If the clothes are actually shoulder-free, they are covered with a cloth during the wedding service or the evening jacket is put on hereabouts.

Otherwise (except for the church ceremony) the neckline of the wedding dress can be as deep as you would like to show yourself. But of course, nothing of the underwear should be visible: bras and bra straps, undershirt, and petticoat remain invisible.

When the shoulders should be covered!

There are certain situations where the bride should have covered her shoulders - at the altar in the church and also at the wedding table in the registry office. It is of course different from a wedding ceremony on a summer day outdoors. There are no rules for this, but in these solemn situations, it just looks more elegant. A light scarf or a bolero jacket ideally complements the wedding dress. Have a look there:


  image002 8089d244-BMH

Wedding dress mistake # 7

Sometimes a wedding dress only looks wonderful from the front! You look at yourself from the front and quickly forget that the wedding dress has to look just as good from the back to fit us. In the registry office and in the church, the guests sit behind you. In the church, they'll look at your back for almost an hour. Make sure that there is also something to see from the back of your wedding outfit - frills, decorations, jewelry, and bows.

Wedding dress mistake number # 8

You should consider this when choosing a wedding dress! Sometimes a long train becomes a nuisance!

It is indeed "princely" beautiful for the solemn entry into the church; and when you sit at the altar, the train looks intoxicating from behind. At the subsequent reception, you not only want to move venerably and solemnly but also spontaneously approach friends. The train must not prevent that! The train often narrows the bride's lively spontaneity! You cannot move spontaneously and freely. The tow-bearers try, but cannot follow your fast, unsolicited movements.

When buying the wedding dress, make sure that the train is easily removable. Discuss with your "helpers" when you should rather be without a train. The maid of honor or bridesmaids will then be ready to take them off your shoulders.

Wedding dress mistake # 9

Sometimes the hoop in the wedding dress makes it difficult to kneel!

If in the course of the church wedding ceremony you will kneel to be blessed, make sure that this is possible with your wedding dress without any problems. Many a bride had to "struggle" with her circlet in her underdress for a long time before she finally got her knees on the kneel. If you decide on a hoop skirt with one or even more hoops, practice kneeling down beforehand.

Bridesmaids may have to help you lift the hoops - practice that too. Check and discuss in the bridal shop whether and how it is possible to kneel with your wedding dress.

Wedding dress mistake # 10

Sometimes the bride's dress does not match the groom's wedding suit.

If the wedding dress and the groom's suit is too different in style, it looks as if everyone has ruthlessly realized their own ideas. It is true that the groom is "left out" when choosing the wedding dress, and it remains a secret to him until they meet in church.

Buy a wedding dress with friends!

To avoid disappointment, involve other people in choosing the wedding dress. They can be friends, the sister, the mother. Encourage them to give you real critical advice; even if you then have to say goodbye to some of your ideas.

In any case, a person who is known for their good taste must be present when choosing the wedding dress.

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