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10 Desserts that are Worth to Eat in Delhi

Are you done with spicy foods in Delhi? If yes, then now it's time to relish something sweet and yummy. Delhi is a hub of food and desserts. You will find varieties of foods and delicious desserts in each and every corner of Delhi. If you have a sweet tooth, then find some yummilicious desserts and satisfy your cravings for a sweet dish in Delhi. Some of the yummiest desserts listed below that are must-try desserts in Delhi. Eating these desserts will worth your money.

Kulfi Falooda

Kulfi Falooda is one of the most famous desserts in Delhi, which can make you forget all the taste of desserts that you have been tested untill now. So, order it right now and satiate your taste buds with something super tasty. It will surely make you feel really outstanding.

Chocolate Cake

No one can say no to chocolates, right? Well, if you are in Delhi, then you cannot forget to relish the slices of delectable chocolate cake with your loved ones. It can also add charm to your celebrations. So, order for online chocolate cake delivery in Delhi and enjoy any occasion to the fullest.

chocolate cake-BMH

Gur Sandesh

Not only Bengal is famous for Gur Sandesh, but Delhi is also known for delicious Gur Sandesh that must be tried. Once you get to try this dessert, you will want it everyday. This traditional dessert made with fresh jaggery will make you and your loved ones its lifetime fan.

Chocolate Filled Momos

Are you fond of momos and love to try different varieties of momos in Delhi? If yes, then try one more variety of momos that have never been eaten by you till now. Go for chocolate filled momos in Delhi's Hauz Khas area and give your taste buds something different and special.


Delectable macaroons are one of the attractions in Delhi. This dessert is available in different flavours and colours. Macaroons are not only yummy, but their appearance will also make you feel attracted to it. Once you take a bite, you will definitely want some more.

Tiramisu Cake

In Delhi, cakes of different flavours are always ready to welcome you. Whether it is summer or winters are back, tiramisu cake will make your day superb. The super yummy taste of this dessert topped with molted tiramisu will leave you speechless.


Pancakes topped with heavenly rich fresh fruits are worth eating in Delhi. All bakeries in this city can serve you with pancakes of different varieties. So, whenever you feel craving for sweet dishes, then go for the flavoursome pancakes and relish every slice with your friends and family.

Fried Chocolate Bar

A fried chocolate bar is a unique type of chocolate dessert that can melt your heart for sure. You can eat a fried chocolate bar anytime to satiate your taste buds. This chocolatey dessert will be proved much more sinful than anything else.

Vanilla Ice Cream

No matter how old you are, vanilla ice cream flavour is surely at the top of your favourite desserts list, right? Well, in Delhi, you can feel the joy of relishing vanilla ice cream in summer evenings or enjoy its taste in chilled winters with your friends and family.

Vanila Ice Cream-BMH


Tarts are a type of dessert that can complete your meal. And if you are passionate enough for mixed fruits, chocolate, etc. then tarts will be the perfect option for you to satisfy your taste buds. Eating this dessert in Delhi will leave you to crave for some more.

So, if you live in Delhi or planning to visit here in the near future, add these delicious desserts to your menu. These desserts will definitely be worth to relish here with your loved ones.

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