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10 Destinations For First-Time Backpackers


Firstly, going to clear for all the viewers that, what is the theme of backpackers? So let’s clear the meaning of it, “the backpackers means to travel independent, solo, under the budget or low cost, they use public transport for the adventure”. The World is full of many countries that invite backpacker for the adventures and collect something new, with this invitation backpackers have great chance to explore a new useful journey that make your travel joyful, safe and sound without any worries. No doubt, it’s true, first time backpackers have lots of over thinking due to the selection of destinations, enjoy in budget and about further necessities. But now you do not need to worry about it, because this blog provide you completely guideline for the selection of destination with best flight PIA booking (it recommended for the international destinations). There are discussing top 10 destinations which are the best for the first time backpackers.


Australia is the paradigmatic destination, it offer many opportunities to maintain memories of unforgettable. It is the safe option for the first time backpackers because their general language is English that’s why every country people can easily adjust there and the most important safety point is, there is very low rated found of crimes. It is strong due to its powerful economic system and infrastructure is also good. This country also provides good transport services for the tourists or backpackers; they can move any sightseeing location without any hurdle.


Japan is very heart touching country, it attracts tourists in the large numbers whole the years. The nation of this destination is very cooperative and helpful. Their tradition and culture is very colorful and unique. The language of this country is quite difficult for the tourists, but don’t worry, because their local citizens always help you about speaking or conversation. No doubt Japan is expensive, but not too much visitors can get accommodation and facility of transport at reasonable prices and avail very best experience that make their journey diary more joyful.


The Great Pakistan, this country’s beauty is fabulous. Not just am saying like that even the many vloggers/ bloggers like (Jordan Taylor & Drew Binsky )praise Pakistanis in very good words and show desire to come back in them life once again. Pakistan’s has many different cities and all have its own beauty like nature graphing this land on its hands. Backpackers should come in Pakistan and visit all possible its countries by reserve Serene Air in very reasonable fare and visit this Pure land that told its alluring by its self.


Canada is the great option to enjoy outdoor activities and explore the Atlantic Ocean too. This is also famous due to the nightclub scenes and lightings. It is safe and hospitable destination where people spend very favorable time and collect lots of memories in this new country. You can easily approach its attraction sites by using transport network that’s available 24/7.


It’s true that, stunning pristine beaches enhance the beauty of Thailand. There are some historic sightseeing locations which are very informative to the visitors. Their people are very jolly and friendly, you can spend good time in this destination and explore many new things and enjoy your adventurous time.

New Zealand:

New Zealand is one of the English speaking countries, where every backpacker easily adjusts without wasting time. There are many adventure sports places for the enjoyment, many Islands, historical places and many more things. To explore this destination you can their public transport or even private cabs, both are very reasonable for the first time backpackers.


Peru is the most famous destination of South America; it is also offers amazing activities on this destination with lots of opportunities to enhance visitors’ skills and confidence. There infrastructure is too much supportive and the hills add more charming scenes in this country. This is also a good option for visiting first time in the budget. Their buses easily provide services between the cities and the town of this destination.


Paris is the great selection of the backpackers. It is very romantic and soul peace place, where you forgot all the worries and fall in its marvelous look. There are lots of options of outdoor activities, everyone busy in its routine. No one interferes in another life; all enjoy their life’s moments. There you can get leverage of the free art gallery, where you can show your skills. All places are in the walking distance and even cycling also common there as enjoy the roads.

New York:

How forget New York City? It’s not possible that, when talking about the best destination, then New York can write to that list. New York how much fine, clear, good metropolis, everyone knew it and even every visitor have dreamed to go this destination once in life. So, first time, backpacker must try to visit New York because this land is out class beauty and opportunities that help to maintain your successful career.


Last but not least, India is also very visiting country and most important it is very cheap according to the accommodation and the transport. There are lots of historic places, Mosques, temples, restaurants, cafes, Taj Mahal, Amritsar, and parks. India has over populated country because Muslims and non Muslims both nations live there. You can get information about the sub-continent in this land.

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