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10 Effective Steps to Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms with over billions of user base from all across the globe. Almost every being would know the features of Facebook as it’s highly popular among every generation. Besides, its attractive features, security, and hacking issues on Facebook are rampant. 

Facebook accounts hacked and locked are very common these days and users report these issues from time to time. However, the increasing number of issues doesn’t mean that Facebook safety and security is not up to the mark. There are several reasons involved when it comes to occurring issues especially related to the accounts. Facebook follows the strict policy in regards to users' account safety yet breaches happen. Let’s find out the reasons and solutions for a hacked FB account. 

What Does Facebook Hacked Account Mean?

When someone else uses or gains access to your account without your permission, that situation is called account hacked. Once the account gets compromised it will be under the control of someone else. Here’s how it goes.

  • Someone posts something weird and unexpected. It might be a vulgar comment, inappropriate video, or controversial opinion.
  • You will get the suspect content warning if your account is hacked
  • However, sometimes, the damage is a lot more real and dangerous. 
  • Cannot access the Facebook account even after entering correct login credentials
  • Spam messages or posts on the Facebook Wall
  • Images have been shared to strangers 
  • Updates made by unknown people
  • Important messages holding attachments have been sent to strangers
  • Facebook account settings have been modified
  • The Facebook Business page has been deleted
  • Uninvited or explicit images added to photo album
  • Chat application has been used to interact with friends in the contact list.
  • Alternate email address and recovery phone number has been changed from the settings 

Facebook hacked how to fix it?

Here below are some accurate steps that can be handy in recovering your hacked account. Follow them carefully to get positive results. 

Step 1:

If you have finally figured out that your Facebook account has been hacked by a person or a virus, the first aid would be going to the Facebook recovery page. 

Step 2:

Now click on "My Account Compromised", and enter your email address, full name, phone number, name, and click on the "search" button.


Step 3:

Complete the security process by entering a captcha in the box and then click Continue.

 Step 4:


Now you the list of accounts will appear on the screen with the same username. Now find your Facebook account from the list.  

Note: If you search by entering the name you will get the number of accounts with the same profile name. Thus, it is advised to enter your email ID or your phone number to get the exact account linked with your name. Try the name option if you don’t know the both email address and phone number.  

Step 5:

After you found your account, Facebook will ask you to enter the old along with your username or email address. After filling both boxes click on "Continue".

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 Step 6:

In case, you don’t remember the current password, enter the current password or old password.

 Step 7:

Now you need to reset your password, pick any option for the security code. You can choose the email address. In case, you don’t have access to your email address click on “no longer have accesses to it”.

 Step 8:

Lastly, you need to enter an email address. Now you will be moved for further steps to restore your hacked Facebook account.

 Step 9:

Once confirming a new email address or phone number, you are good to go to reset the password of your hacked account. 

 Step 10:

On the last steps change your password to restore your hacked Facebook account.

Safety Recommendations to Safe Facebook Account from Hackers

To keep your account safe from hackers, you need to follow some important safety procedures. It will avoid the security breach in the future. Here are some of the safety recommendations to keep our Facebook account safe and sound from hackers.

  • Enable Facebook Two-Step Verification
  • Occasionally change the password for Facebook
  • Use decent antivirus software on your PC
  • Avoid accepting friend requests from strangers
  • Never sign in to your Facebook account from the public network, if you do so properly log out the account.
  • Deactivate the automatic login on your PC
  • Always use the “https: // www” while using the Facebook

These are the ways that let you recover your hacked Facebook account. Hopefully, you will find these above steps useful and it will help you to come out of this hacked account state. Getting hacked on Facebook is a terrible thing no one wishes that it had never happened to anyone. Once your account gets hacked, all your details are at stake and the hacker may use it inappropriately.

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