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10 Essential Home Office Supplies

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Have you just set up your home office? A new office has a couple of requirements, especially for the start-up apart from furniture and equipment. There are a few things that are essential to foster smooth running. 

Here are 10 essential and must have items for your new office – traditional heavyweights that will help ensure your working day runs like clockwork!

1. Sellotape

Sellotape is used for joining, attaching, and mending products. You will need it to join your papers together, seal your envelopes or packages to send. Find at least two types; one clear and one white tape to serve different sealing purposes.

2. Paper

Paper is an essential product in any office. You may need to document, print, or write up necessary documents. You can get different sizes from A4, A5, and A6, depending on the kind of projects you will be handling. Alternatively, you may acquire a pack of A4 paper and cut it into the required sizes after that. Folding an A4 paper by half gives two A5 papers.

3. Shredder

Sensitive documents cannot be discarded like other trash or waste. As such, you need to have a shredder to dispose of letters and confidential documents into the bins safely.

4. Pens

Do you need to write something manually? You need pens in your home office. Not only does writing enhance your cognitive brain, but it also fosters remembrance. You may want to note something down in your diary or your To-Do list. While the conventional colours are blue, red, and black, you can find other colour variations to bring that elegant look to your handwritten documents.

5. Stapler

Staplers are indispensable in keeping your documents in order and organised. You should also acquire compatible staples.

6. Folders

Folders work in organising your desk, so it looks presentable. These folders are made from sturdy plastic and can protect your documents from any damage, such as liquid spillage and dust. You can label these folders so that you can easily retrieve them when you need to.

7. Post It Notes

Do you want to make your office space colourful and keep track of some important details? You should have a pack of Post It Notes and stick them on your computer screen, desk, or wall board. Even better, these notes can be stuck and transferred from one surface to another. They do not leave any residue on the surfaces.

8. Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps contain your business logo, business name, and can add authenticity to your documents. These personalised rubber stamps can also have your business message to the clients.

9. Envelopes

Your home office should also have envelopes in different sizes to secure whatever you send out. You can get some branded ones at a reasonable price.

10. Notepads

Notepads are a perfect material to write down your notes and organise your day. You can also write down things you occasionally forget. Customised notepads one will psych you up even more.


Getting your new home office together takes some time. You need to be patient with yourself, especially in the organisation and arrangements. By getting these ten essential things, you can set your office rolling.


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