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10 Gifts Only True Best Friends Will Give Each Other

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For the strongest and longest-lasting friendships or relationships, gifts are an excellent way to show your love or appreciation for the other person. Friendships don’t necessarily have to be decades old; they can be only a few years old yet be strong enough to feel like an eternity. But no matter how long you have been friends for or how strong your bond is, there can always be room for improvement or strengthening.

One of the keys to maintaining friendships is by showing the other person that they’re appreciated. Friendships and relationships break the moment one of the parties starts feeling unappreciated or unwanted. The things you do for someone feel like a waste if the other person isn’t receptive or appreciative.

Gifts are one of the ways of showing someone that you appreciate them and care for them. But they don’t have to be expensive – it’s just the thought behind them that counts.

Great gifts for great friendships

Whether you are best friends with your spouse or a college buddy (both male and female), you can always find gifts suitable for the occasion or appropriate for the relationship. The most important thing when buying a gift for someone is to put in your personal touch. You know your best friend perhaps better than anyone else, you know their likes and dislikes and you alone can figure out what gifts they’d like.

Buy a gift that suits their personality, taste or interest. The more thought you put into it, the more memorable you’ll make the gift.

Gifts should be given by heart, and with some personal effort put into them. But nevertheless, if you are running out of ideas or not sure whether your gift is appropriate or not, read on ahead and we will take you through some great gift ideas. You don’t have to feel bad about getting gift ideas on the internet! The ideas I’m about to give you can be customized according to need and should have an equally profound impact!

1. Give them books

Books are anyone’s best friends. If your best friend loves to read, then you can make them remember you by giving them books. So, even when you’re not with them, your books will be with them and they’ll be reminded of you often. Don’t just get them generic books, however. Give them a custom set, perhaps with autographs of their favorite author.

2. T-shirts

Get two custom-made t-shirts; one for yourself and one for your friend. Include a silly one-liner in the design, or a cool inside joke. Wear the t-shirts at social events and have a blast while letting other people know how deeply you care about your friend (and their idiosyncrasies).

3. Notebooks

Get a goofy, custom notebook made specifically for this purpose. Your friend will smile whenever they use the notebook. Some people have a thing for custom notebooks (guilty as charged), so if your friend is one such individual, they’ll love you for it.

4. Board games

You can’t be best friends with someone unless you have spent hours playing monopoly (or any other board game) and accused each other of cheating. Get your friend a nice board game set and then spend countless more hours playing and arguing with each other.

5. Chocolates

Hey, you don’t have to be romantically involved to give someone chocolates. You can give your best friend some chocolates too to make them feel happy and appreciated. And if you then want to fight with them for equal portions of the chocolate, that’s perfectly fine for best friends.

LoveCocoa.com has a great collection of uniquely-made chocolate bars, blocks or candies in different shapes, sizes and flavors. I’m sure you will find something that will instantly perk up your friend’s attention.

6. Get your friend a poster

You haven’t truly influenced your best friend’s life unless there is a poster in their bedroom that was given to them by you. You know what your friend likes best; get them a poster of something they fancy.

7. Jewelry

Since you have known your friend for a long time, expensive jewelry isn’t the way to go. Nor are friendship bracelets, and the like, any better. Give your friend something they can relate to. A replica ring from The Lord of the Rings, perhaps? Or a chain or necklace with some goofy logo or symbol stamped on it which reminds you and your friend of something stupid you both did together.

8. Smartphone cases

These are some of the easiest gifts there are. You can easily get customized smartphone cases, and you have the liberty of drawing or writing anything on them. Give one to your friend and embarrass them at your next social outing together.

9. Customized mugs

Custom-printed mugs can be of any type – from sentimental to goofy and witty to downright idiotic. Give your friend a custom mug and remind them of just how stupid they are, and yet important in your life.

10. Tickets

Tickets make great gifts. They’re not just gifts, they’re a reason to hang out with loved ones. Buy movie tickets for your best friend or take them to watch sports with you. Fun with friends at a sports stadium is unparalleled. Besides, your friend will also appreciate you paying for the ticket! But once the match is over, be sure to force your friend into buying you a hotdog J

People love surprises. Surprises are the best gifts! Every once in a while, do small things to pleasantly surprise your best friend. Cook something for them that they enjoy. Send them a goofy letter over postal mail, letting them know how much you appreciate (or hate) them. Prank them once in a while so you make laugh-worthy memories together. Lovely surprises can a person’s day, and they will always appreciate you for it.

I hope you find these ideas helpful for building a strong connection with your best friend. Have a happy time together, and best of luck!



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