10 Gorgeous Bridal Mehndi Designs For Full Hands


Big fat Indian weddings are incomplete without a pre-wedding Mehndi ceremony. The mesmerizing smell of henna, endless discussion on the selection of Mehndi jewelry, and other shenanigans are to die for.

The excitement of hiding the name of the groom to be and getting the luscious dark color of henna is very appealing.

Traditionally, the color of Mehndi is equated with love between the couple. That is why the Mehndi ceremony is an important part of the post-wedding ceremony.

In the middle of all the wedding shenanigans, we hope that you don’t forget to select a bridal mehndi design.

You keep scrolling and saving bridal Mehndi designs on Instagram and Pinterest, and yet it is tough to pick one perfect design. 


From paisley patterns to florals, there are a variety of trendy designs available on the internet.

So, to save you from this confusion we have curated 10 gorgeous bridal Mehndi designs for full hands.

1.    Lovely Portraits

Personalization and portraits are new vogues in bridal Mehndi designs full hands. Mehndi has become a way for brides to tell the story of their meet-cute. This gorgeous design is made by talented Mehndi designer Divya Patel. She beautifully illustrated the skyline of Delhi and Toronto on the bride’s hand. It’s time to break the tradition and tell your story through your Mehndi.


2.    Traditional Indian Mehndi

When it comes to bridal Mehndi, traditional Indian Mehndi is always a good option. The intricated paisley and floral pattern on full hand with stunning nail art will make everyone go gaga. This beautiful design is by Anjali who is an amazing Mehndi artist.


3.    Mesmerizing Mandalas

If you are someone who loves the aesthetics of Mandalas, then this is for you. Mandalas hold a significant level of importance in our culture. The circles and geometric designs make this bridal Mehndi designs for full hands very appealing. This mesmerizing Mandala design by Pallavi Parinita is timeless.


4.    Floral Motifs

Divya Patel gave a modern twist to classic floral Mehndi. Inspired by the bride’s love for sunflowers and roses, Divya managed to tell us their love story in her design. The gorgeous floral, leafy, lantern, and mesh motifs give the design a contemporary look.


5.    Minimalistic Mesh Motif Design

This leafy mesh motif design is ideal for a bride who wants a minimalistic full hand Mehndi. This mesmerizing Arabic Mehndi design will grab everyone’s attention. So don’t waste your time, get your nails done for this beautiful bridal mehndi designs full hands.


6.    Traditional Peacock Motif Design

 If you are a traditional Mehndi art lover, then you will love our next recommendation. This astounding peacock design will look gorgeous on the bride’s hand. The Floral and peacock motif gives this mehndi design a traditional look.


7.    Temple Motif Design

We all are aware that Lord Ganesha is considered very auspicious in Hindu culture. This design has temple motifs of Lord Ganesha and royal elephant and paisley motifs. It is a very traditional design for bridal Mehndi.


8.    TV show inspired Mehndi

You and your fiance can express their shared love for TV shows and French Fries in your Mehndi. These unconventional out of the box bridal mehndi designs for full hand is very eye-catching. This combination of traditional and modern motifs is a splendid idea for a modern twist wedding.


9.    Classic Dhulah-Dhulhan Design

       Somethings never get old, that’s why our next recommendation is classic Dhulah-Dhulan design. This exquisite design traditional design with portraits of the bride and groom is a classic. This design manages to capture the royal aura of Indian Rajasthani weddings.


10.  Stripes and Spaces

This artistic bridal Mehndi design is not just gorgeous but has minimal aesthetics. The mesmerizing mandalas, geometric designs, artistic strips, other traditional motifs make it perfect for your wedding day.