10 holiday summer fling that will save health, time and money


Summer is the best time of the year to have fun. It's like, as soon as we take off our sweatpants and put on our swimwear, a switch flips, and we're ready to flirt on our way to romance in the sun. The good news is, it's easy to find something to do on vacation when everyone is happier, more relaxed, and ready to meet new people. Go to the beach in one of the largest cities in the world to meet local talent, or use any dating site opportunity, for example if you are flying to New York, you can easily find your other half on the new york singles page to help you meet your next summer craze. It won't take you long to find someone wonderful who shares your desire for a hot summer romance. Get ready for some long evening walks and some ice cream in the sun!

Following your heart, but don't turn off your head.

1. Protect yourself

Hack it in your nose, keep it in the palace of your mind, carve in granite the main rule of a holiday romance: safety comes first. If something goes wrong, you can heal your broken heart later. Sexually transmitted diseases are more difficult.

At the end of 2017, there were 36.9 million people with HIV / AIDS in the world, 71 Hepatitis C million - with hepatitis C, 4.2 billion herpes simplex virus - with herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2. This is not the entire list of what you can pick up through unprotected intercourse.

Therefore, use methods of barrier contraception, no matter how pure your partner and his thoughts may seem to you. And it's not just about penis-vaginal sex. Any docking of the penis of one person with the mucous membranes of another requires protection - and cunnilingus too.


However, this advice applies not only to vacation romances. Until your relationship has come to a serious stage, when you are ready to show each other certificates, use a barrier method of contraception.

2. Look for a "co-pilot"

And again about safety. Secret meetings with an unfamiliar person definitely cause a storm of emotions. You may even be tempted not to share this with anyone: if you finish the story, you will have something to tell about so that your friends gasp.

Don't do that. An extreme case of such disorder is getting to the traffickers. If you think this is something from the pages of history, then the UN and WHO have sad news for you. Forced Labor, Sexual Slavery Over 40 million people caught in modern slavery, 152 million in child labor - UN, sale Trafficking for the removal of human organs for organ transplantation is a 21st century phenomenon.

Let's say the risk of being sold into slavery is not so great. But with a stranger, you can get into other extremely unpleasant situations. Therefore, you need a reliable person who will know where and with whom you went, when you plan to return, and will call the police if something goes wrong. This is more true for women, but it is better for men to play it safe: you can never be sure that a group of robbers who can't wait to get hooked behind the pretty girl.

Stay alert on both your first and tenth dates.

3. Don't get drunk

After a hefty dose of alcohol, you can settle for things that you will later regret. If you reach unconsciousness, your consent may not be asked at all.

4. Save money and documents

If you go to a meeting, take cash with you - exactly as much as you are going to spend. It is better to leave cards, especially credit cards and documents in the hotel safe. Take a photocopy of your passport with you. It is also better not to wear collectible watches and jewelry.

And even more so, do not lend money, do not save resort love from material problems that have fallen on it. You've only known this person for a few days, so you shouldn't risk running out of money.

5. Don't forget about time

The vacation is not endless, so you can't afford to exchange glances with a pretty blonde at the bar for 10 days - unless, of course, you want to stop there. Act decisively, otherwise both you and the blonde will be disappointed.

At the same time, the word "romance" still implies some kind of mutual care, attention and politeness, so it is better to stay within the framework of common sense and, of course, the law.

6. Divide what was said by two

A vacation adventure does not always lead to sincerity. A handsome and pumped-up millionaire can easily turn out to be a gym instructor, and a successful model and catwalk conqueror - a teacher.

However, what's the difference. There are no official statistics on resort romances, but it is clear that there is little chance of a continuation. It's just important to take the noodles off your ears sometimes so as not to lose your mind.

7. Remember this is not forever.

It happens that resort romances spill over into something more. But if you are not looking for love for life, but a vacation adventure, then it is better to tune in to it. Otherwise, instead of pleasant memories, you will be left with the pain of separation and a broken heart.

8. Don't leave contacts

If you are firmly convinced that your romance will end with the vacation, do not give the exact address of your house and do not leave contacts. Even adding each other as friends on social networks can lead to a lot of problems. You are not going to continue the relationship, why give a person the opportunity to find you at any time.

9. Don't leave your friends

If you come on vacation with someone, do not forget about him, plunging into the abyss of passions. Unlike your resort love, your friend will be with you for many years to come. Or not, if you are so easily willing to neglect his interests.

10. Use sunscreen

Not instead of a lubricant, but for its intended purpose. If you get burned, you will clearly not be up to