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What is SEO?

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. Every day, there are 7 billion online searches. While a greater number of users would never go beyond the first page because they've already seen what they are looking for.

While you may be wary of this, believing that paid Ads are more efficient in bringing your business nearer to the people than Organic Ads through SEO. But this is quite wrong.

Below are the 10 reasons why your business needs an SEO Audit. Meanwhile check here for Columbus SEO.

 1.  You Just Launch Your Business

While you might have just launched your business, your online presence is quite necessary. Optimizing your website for search engines is the very first step you need to take. Having your website rank on the first page of a search will go a long way into generating quality leads for your business or brand and help your business outrank many competitors very quickly.

An SEO audit will ensure a comprehensive website checklist, structure, and contents of your website and backlinks necessary for promoting and better performance of your website online presence.

 2.  Ensure Your Business Stays Online

Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu) have different guidelines and requirements for good SEO practices. While you are deeply focused on improving your business offline and you're ignorant of the various changes and updates. Your website might remain invisible to most of your clients online. This is why it's essential to require the assistance of an SEO expert that will ensure your website is accessible on all search engines.

3. Technical Issues

According to Search Engine Journal, technical issues are described as "if you think of SEO like building a house, then technical SEO is all about building a solid foundation. You can look at it as any work done to a site aside from the content itself". A good SEO audit will help identify technical issues such as website speed, redirects and errors, site architecture and URL structure, crawlability that need fixing.

 4.  Visitor Count

The decline in the number of users visiting your website can adversely affect the overall wellbeing of your business. Why does this happen? Search engines are always updating their algorithms to find new ways to index other websites like yours. Not updating your website in a long time can cause you kicking down the search engine results page. To avoid this, a good SEO audit will be able to identify what goes wrong and how to proffer the necessary solution.

 5.  SEO Build Your Brand Authority

For any business or brand to be seen as unrivaled and authoritative in the niche they belong to. You need a clean and clear website, quality user experience which will make your website easily discoverable through search engines.

To build trust and credibility, you must ensure quality backlink profiles, effective user experience, optimized on-page elements, and content. All this can only be done through a proper SEO audit.

 6.  Increase Traffic and Conversions

A good SEO audit will easily make your website discoverable and have more quality in the locality you base in. SEO experts ensure this by fixing your local citations and backlinks, as well as listing your business to the relevant business sector.

 7.  Keyword Distribution

Having a high frequency of keywords is bad for your website. Though search engines aren't going to penalize your website or page for this. But they can have it tagged thus reducing the authority and performance of your domain. A proper SEO audit will strategically place and naturally distribute your keywords thereby improve your website ranking.

 8.  Serves As Organic Lead

Good online visibility increases the rate of conversion. SEO is relatively cheap in comparison to Traditional Ads. And also has a higher conversion rate than many.

 9.  Long-Term Conversion

SEO offers a long time conversion even when your paid ads come to an end. The longer your website remains noteworthy online the better brand worthiness and authority become.

As well you can only do this through a proper SEO audit.

10. Accessible on Mobile Devices

Unarguably, 50% of searches come from mobile devices. Now imagine if due to some technicalities (which are Mobile Loading Speed, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Local Search, Mobile Search Keywords), your website is not accessible on mobile devices. Imagine the hundreds of bucks you're leaving behind for dogs. While this is so, you can't as well fix the problems yourself except you've got an SEO expert to perform a professional audit for your website.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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