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10 inspiring reads for every tech entrepreneur

Reading has always helped people with everything they do. It has proved to be a very important factor in the success of business men, CEOs and according to our topic today, entrepreneurs. Through a book, people can get to know what it takes to reach success. Reading successful people’s life history, we can see what we are doing wrong and how we can atone our mistakes. In history it is seen that, most successful people had one thing in common and that was their passion for reading. Giants in the history of entrepreneurship have recounted their reading habits and have advised the next generations to read regularly. Bill gates reportedly reads about 50 books a week. Elon musk, a prominent name in today’s world, was an avid reader and read for 10 hours each day when he was young. If you wish to fall in step with these stars of tech entrepreneurship you must read. Now you may be wondering what to read? We have put together a complete list of books that you can spend your days indulged in. Read them and climb the ladder of greatness.

  • Startupland – Mikkel Svane

In this book by Mikkel Svane, he shares his story and how he learned along with his partner the difficulties of starting and running a company. He managed to become the CEO of Zendesk. In his book he talks about failing and the importance of failure. With this you can learn that failure is equally important as success and will make you stronger and more learned. Similarly, its filled with tips on hiring personnel and making wise decisions in difficult matters. Mikkel gives immense importance to relationships between you and all those associated with your business. For example, your customers, employees and people who are investing their hard earned money. Read this book and get an insight into what it takes to make your business prosperous.

  • Your one word - Evan Carmichael

Carmicheal became successful at a shocking age. To share is recipe of success Evan has written this book. For many entrepreneurs it is like a road map to triumph. His book is very different from conventional books. The book focuses on using your life and how you see it to be successful in your business. It is divided in three parts: the first one is titled Core, the second one campaign and the last one company. In the first part, Evan talks about finding a word for yourself and use it for inspiration, he goes on and tells the world his word that is believe. He says that many successful businessmen look for their word and integrate it in their business lives. Moving on to the second part, this mart motivates the reader to start taking the risk of incorporating their word in their business. Then it provides a check list of steps you can do to improve and modify your business. The last part of the book is all about building the company. It touches base with all the aspects of starting and running a business.

  • Conscious Capitalism – John Mackey

This certainly is a must read for all aspiring entrepreneurs who want to shine in the world of tech. In this book John talks about how capitalism can benefit all that are concerned with it. It is not just for the stake holders or owners of means of production. It ca be for the employees and the consumers too. This book redefines the concept of capitalism and talks about how they can use it to benefit themselves. This book motivates readers to incorporate positivity in their business.

  • Hooked – how to build habit – forming products – Nir Eyal

In this book Nir talks about why certain products fail? And gives 4 steps on how you can make a successful business. He also talks about how you can get more customers without marketing your product through expensive advertisements. He is a reader favorite and uses simple ways to put his point across.

  • The Upstarts – Brad Stone

In this book Brad talks about the success of Uber and Airbnb and what was different about them. How they surpassed same concepts used in the past. This book focuses on the inside stories and looks at all the giants of the tech world.

  • The industries of the future – Alec Ross

Alec using his book gives a detailed account of advancement in the field of technology. He talks about artificial intelligence, genomics and cyber-security. If you are interested in learning more about technological advancements this is a must- read for you.

  • The tools of Titans – Tim Feriss

In this book Tim focuses on life-hacks entrepreneurs can use to be successful. It states life experiences of about 300 tech experts. Famous for his podcasts, he talks about life hacks he personally uses in his life.

  • The startup owner’s manual – Bob Drof and Steve Blank

This is the best book to read if you are planning to start your own business, it is the complete guide and can answer all your queries. It is not for those who seek entertainment but for those who want information.

  • Originals- how non-conformists move the world – Adam Grant

Here Adam has been very clear on how to be vocal about your ideas and be confident about it. If you think your idea is a great one you must never shy away from voicing it in front of your boss. This should be encouraged by everyone around. Creativity is the driving force of business.

  • Be obsessed or Be average – Grant Cardone

This book tells you the basic rule of being successful in anything you do that is to be passionate. If you are passionate about your business you can be successful. Channeling all your obsessive energy can make you the best in the business. He advised his reader to avoid being average and work for your goal with zeal.

If you read all these books you will surely learn how to take your idea and turn it into a successful business. If you are a business student and have to write a book review on any of the following books and you simply don’t have the time, there are many Dissertation Writers UK, who can help you with your assignment and as they are UK based you will find their work just according to the expectations of your instructor.

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