10 Job Search Mistakes That Can Kill Your Chances

job mistakes

Job search is not an easy task especially in the current era with a constantly growing competition. The job market is getting saturated with the passing time and universities are constantly passing out students. Job seekers have to put in a lot of effort, time and energy now as compared to older times. Often people who leave their jobs for several reasons have to wait for a couple of months before finally landing a suitable job. Most times it is the luck not being in favor of the job seeker but often it is also because of your mistakes which you do not realize you are making. Here are some of the mistakes which can kill your chances of job search.

Sending Resumes with Typos:

Sending resumes with typos is a big no. Recruiter will be able to judge all your mistakes within a glimpse. They only invest a few seconds to choose your resume for the next step. Therefore the resume should be carefully written as it serves as the first impression.

Looking Only for Job Openings:

There are more than 40 percent of vacancies available most of the times. However, these vacancies didn't exist before the candidate appeared. The most important key is transforming your interest in having ‘opportunities’ not ‘openings’.

No Networking:

Networking is more important than any other element during the process of job searching. The best option is to start networking before starting the job hunt. Networking will help you to land a suitable job faster and more easily.

Focusing Towards Different Types of Jobs:

There is no need to apply for several openings because focusing towards different jobs will distract you from your own goals. Before starting your job search process, decide the work you want to do or enjoy doing. It is not important that you find passion immediately but make sure you are not applying for different positions. Only work harder for your goal.

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No Proper Planning:

Finding a job, and giving interviews is itself a job. It is very tiring and hectic. You should have a proper structure of finding opportunities, networking, and applying to appropriate jobs. Having a proper plan will save you from wasting time and any extra energy.

Not Taking Help:

Not taking any sort of help could run your job search. Always make sure you reach out to people whenever you need help. You can talk to a career counselor regarding which profession to choose, what types of answers to give in the interview or take professional help from CV services to make sure your résumé is perfectly written without any errors.

Not Doing Homework before Appearing in Interviews:

All job interviews include your evaluation, your articulation, and your proficiency for work. It is extremely important to do all the research before applying anywhere. Do not be afraid of initiating a talk either; making a personal interaction can be a great way to gain an edge.

Not Knowing Your Market Value

You must know your market value and do the research before entering in the market.

“The time to talk money is when the employer has made it clear that you are their top candidate, and after they make an offer and knowing what your skills, knowledge and experience are worth can make negotiating less painful”, says Myers. You can negotiate a huge number of money if you have a perfect idea of what your market value.

Turning Up Late in Your Interviews:

Turning up late for your interviews will definitely kill your chances of getting hired by them as everyone wants punctual employees for their organizations.

Adding Irrelevant Hobbies:

Adding irrelevant hobbies is inappropriate. As a recruiter, it is out of their job responsibilities to judge and show interest in your hobbies. The option of doing hobbies is only to give an idea of your personality.

These few tips will help you improve your job search while cutting down on your mistakes personally and professionally both. By strictly following these tips you might as well get a job immediately.