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10 Local SEO Tips that Deliver the Best Results

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Melbourne is the business, administrative, cultural, and recreational hub of the state. Besides, there are a total of 2.2 million small and local businesses in Australia.

The most standard local business in Melbourne is rental, hiring, and real estate services. Though there are plenty of local businesses in Melbourne, many of them lack online presence or do not have a website. It is crucial to have a dedicated website as it provides a sense of credibility and establishes your brand as a professional service.

A local website with integrated SEO strategies helps drive more traffic to your web pages. Here are some valuable SEO tips that help in boosting your local business.

Hire the best SEO Agency in Melbourne

If you don't have a website, you must first get a website to establish your online presence in the local market. In Melbourne, an SEO service can design a functional website that will help you target a more local audience.

The local website is necessary for small/local businesses because, over the years, there has been an increase of 24.5% in Melbourne's online shopping. Also, many buyers look for stores or shopping outlets near their location. So, if you have a local website, the customers can have easy access to your services.

Get Rid of the Duplicate Listings

Once your business is listed, you may accumulate duplicate listings to your website. You must claim all the listings under your business name and discard the duplicates. Also, you have to ensure the remaining listings’ data is up-to-date and accurate.

Many local businesses in Melbourne suffer rankings and traffic losses due to duplicate content. Use the best tool to detect all the listings linked to your business.

Register with Google My Business

For driving the local crowd to your website, it is necessary to have your accurate details listed in Google My Business. The search engines and web crawlers run several checks to display the best results for the users.

If you have your business details with local information mentioned in your Google My Business profile, your details to be displayed on top are higher than other local business owners. Only 13% to 16% of the local businesses in Melbourne have authentic information about their services.

Mention Location Details on your Website

If you have a landing page for each of your locations, then it will be easier for the search engines to index and find your listing and provide a suitable location to the searcher.

It is necessary to keep your location information updated on all your webpages. Only then, web crawlers will display accurate information after conducting a comparable search.

Maintain Consistency in your Details

You have to be consistent with NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) on all your web listings. If your local name includes LLC or Inc, you must mention that in your details.

Ensure you add details with a similar writing format. According to experts, when you have consistency in your details across all web platforms, the possibilities of driving the traffic to your webpages are higher in local searches.

Seek Reviews from all the Happy Customers

About 80.8% of customers in the Australia shop online after checking the reviews. Positive reviews about your website's services have a 98% chance that customers will keep coming back to you.

The more positive reviews about your local business, the more local crowd will come to your website. The search engines will also push you on a higher rank when your webpages are searched more frequently.

Post Local and Relevant Content

Content is the key driving factor in SEO. If you wish to see your web pages ranked higher on SERPs, you must create quality content for your website. Most of the crowd in Melbourne city prefer sharing and posting articles on their social media profiles.

You must post content relevant to your local services and keep updating it from time to time. The more frequently you update the web pages, the better for the search engines to rank you appropriately.

Make Use of Long-Tail Local Keywords

Around 25% of online purchases in Australia are made through mobile devices. People surf the internet with specific phrases from their mobile phones. They do not mention long sentences to seek responses from the search engines.

Likewise, Google also emphasises on making use of long-tail keywords instead of generic terms. For instance, specific keywords would be cheap towels, best wooden wardrobe, best curtains, etc. Long-tail keywords would be low-cost towels under $40, best affordable wooden wardrobe under $1200, best curtain stores near me, etc.

Enhance the Loading Speed

Your website’s loading speed must not be beyond 0.08 or 1 second. Especially on mobile devices, the loading speed must be optimized. The higher the loading time, the higher the bounce rate.

Hire a Melbourne SEO expert and work on your page loading time. The bounce rate of webpages in Australia is below five percent. But you will have to be consistent with your loading speed for your local website.

Link your Business with Social Media

For local businesses, it's crucial to get noticed. Social media platforms are the best to reach a large number of audiences. Tag your location and describe your services on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Over 11.22 million people in Australia are on Facebook. If you link your local business to social media, you can increase the chances of generating more revenue.

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