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10 Low Tuition Fee USA Universities for International Students 2019!

Low Tuition Fee USA Universities

In the face of student debt and rising costs to education, studying abroad is a dream that remains as such for millions of students worldwide. The average tuition fee cost for out of state students in the US is, 25,620 – way more than what most students can afford. Colleges and Universities offering affordable tuition fee are incredibly hard to find, especially for the international students already burdened with travelling costs and housing expenses. However, there are institutions in the United States that offer affordable tuition to the expat students.

Here are 10 of the universities in US that offer the least expensive rates for the international students, while at the same time ensuring best education quality and future career prospects, ranked from the lowest to the highest as per the criteria of the tuition fee.

  • Brigham Young University Bottom of Form

Brigham young university is in Provo, Utah and is a private, non-profit research university.With a fixed tuition fee of $5,620, based on full time enrollment it is yet the most cost-effective option that you could go for since it is a staggering 78% less than the national average of tuition fee in the USA. Home to around 30,000 to 40,000 students with many foreign students studying BYU offers a range of programs including liberal arts, engineering, agriculture and management.

However, it goes without saying that, the lowest tuition fee doesn’t come with easy to fulfill admission requirements. BYU has an average GPA of 3.8 and its acceptance rate stands at 48%, which is quite low.

  • Arkansas State University

Arkansas state university located in Arkansas is the second largest university by enrolment charging $14,778 – 42% lesser than the national averagefor the out of state students. It is the second largest in the state in terms of enrolment and is located across 1,376 acres at Jonesboro. With an average GPA requirement of 3.64 and acceptance rate of 70%, Arkansas state university offers moderately high chances of admission.

  • Cameron University

Cameron university is a state funded university based in Lawton, Oklahoma and offering more than 50 degrees through different graduate programs, pertaining to liberal arts, science and technology. It charges$15,510 for out of state students, some 40% lower than the average out of state tuition cost.With an average high school GPA of 3.11, it offers good chances for the B grade students to attend.

  • University of Wyoming

University of Wyoming located in Laramie, Wyoming is a land grant university currently charging $16,827, 34% low compared to the average. It welcomes over 14,000 students each year from 50 states and 90 countries, with an average GPA of 3.48.

  • University of South Florida

The University of South Florida, which is also widely known as USF, is a public research university situated in the Tampa area, Florida.It charges $17,324 for the out of state students, which is about 32% lower than the national average. However, USF requires a high GPA of 3.8.

  • Shepherd University

Shepherd university is a liberal art, state funded university located in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, one hour from Washington D.C and charges $18,052 to the foreigners, which is 30% less than the national average tuition fee. With an acceptance rate o 90%, Shepherd University stands to be one of the best bets, you can go for.

  • Alabama State University

Founded in 1867, Alabama State University is in Montgomery, Alabama, United States and charges $19,396for the out of state students, 24% lesser than the national average. The average GPA accepted at ASU is 2.8, which means it accepts those with the lower GPAs too.

  • University of North Carolina

University of North Carolina located in Charlotte, Carolina is the largest institution of higher education in North Carolina and charges $20,457 for the out of state students, nearly 21% lower than the average. Having been chartered in 1789, it began enrolling students in 1795, which makes it one of the oldest universities in the United States.

  • Adams State University

Supported by the state of Colorado, Adams State university is a liberal arts university situated near the great sand dunes national park and preserve, while charging around $20,460 for the out of state students, almost 20% below the national average.It accepts GPA of 3.11 and has a 64%acceptance rate, it offers good chances for admission for the foreign students.

  • Angelo State University

Located in San Angelo, Texas Angelo State university charges $20,665 for the out of state students, which is 19% less than the national average for tuition fee. You need to have an above average GPA for admission into Angelo state, with it’s average GPA around 3.47.

You might want to have a good look at this list and make your decisions accordingly, if you wish to undertake a cost effective but valuable higher education in the US and are planning to apply for US universities for the year 2019. The universities mentioned here, have an average tuition rate of 16,909, which is 35% less than the average tuition fee costs for the out of state residents attending state universities i.e. $25,620. However, before deciding upon a single university, it is recommended to conduct a more extensive research and discover any other options that you find to be the best suited to your needs and the kind of education you are looking for.

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