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10 Major sign You need Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are a business person or a site owner, you must know why you should opt for the dedicated Server. Sometimes, we stuck in big confusion that which hosting is best to host  your

online business. There is no doubt that a D edicated Server in USA  not only an ideal but perfect

hosting solution for large scale businesses. Also, for the sites that consist of millions of web pages and getting high traffic.


Dedicated Server offers world-class services at a cost-effective price. It is quite expensive than other web hosting like shared or VPS Server but worth for money. You will not regret investing in the worthwhile services for your site hosting.


With the entry-level package, you get the top class and standard security with complete server control—also, data encryption services with a secure SSL certificate. The highly secured and scalable services make a Dedicated Server in USA #1 for the customers.


Our aim to write this blog post is to be aware when you need the dedicated Server for your business hosting. Here we have mentioned the top 10 signs that indicate that when you should host or migrate your data on the USA Dedicated Server.


Introduction of Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is a hosting platform where one can host heir online business. Cheap dedicated server USA, offer dedicated resources that are devoted to individual websites. It comes with enhanced and boosted resources that are best for large companies. It helps to footholds your business in the web hosting market with ease.


Dedicated Server is rich in features that comes with the robust configurations and best network infrastructure to offer an end-user experience to the valuable customers.



10 Sign you Need a Dedicated Server to host your website.


                    Site Downtime, but it's not your fault

Uptime is the most primary thing on which the online business stands. With the shared server, you need to share resources, so it increases the chances of going down the site performance. Whereas the best dedicated server USA is perfect, that comes with the high-intensity CPU task and best network infrastructure. It provides you more excellent uptime and boosts site performance.


                    What software you should use or not

Most of the web hosting providers offer highly secure and scalable web hosting services. But among them, few offer hosting with some restrictions. It means you can't install your choice of Softwares and applications on your server. Mostly it happens in the case of a shared server.



You don't allow you to make any changes on the server yourself or to install any applications on your own. But with a USA dedicated Server, you can do it.


                    You're Getting Regular Traffic Spikes

It is the major issue that should be faced by most of the business persons from the web hosting like shared and VPS Server. In shared, you get the limited resources that are best only for startups. But when your business outgrows, it demands higher upgraded resources and capacity to handle massive traffic on site. At that time, shared server hosting and VPS servers both fail to manage.


Therefore, a Dedicated Server Hosting USA comes to free you from such situations. When your business starts outgrowing, Dedicated Server in USA handles the high traffic on websites with millions of web pages.


                    Your site needs more advanced tools.

As you know that with a shared server, you get the limited resources and limited control over resources. When your business grows, then it is obvious it needs more advanced resources. So to accomplish your website requirement, a shared or VPS server is not enough. Where both fail to handle and manage the high traffic on your site. Hence, you need the dedicated server for your site hosting.


                    You want standard security.

Security is the one that is the most important factor for all business persons and site owners. Whenever you start a small or large business, you need robust security to keep your site data safe from the outside attacks. A Dedicated Server Hosting USA comes with the standard DDoS protection and advanced serversecure security that filters your data and keeps them safe from viruses, malware, and hackers. Also, it comes with the inbuilt security software that protects your data from unauthorized access and attacks.


                    When you need more upgraded Web hosting

A Cheap Dedicated Server USA is best that offer highly upgraded resources. You can use its resources to improve your site performance. With your growing business, you also scale up your resources with ease because it offers highly scalable and flexible support. You don't need to upgrade resources with the dedicated server. It provides extensive resources, so you never lack for more.


                    You want your unique IP address to control your server.

If you choose the shared server for your site hosting, let understand that sharing means sharing resources, services, control, and everything. It means it is not secure and up to the level for large scale businesses. Whereas a Dedicated Server in USA comes with dedicated resources, it means a unique IP address. This helps to identify your site on an extensive network with ease. Also, you get complete control over your server in your hands.



                    For loading your website faster than ever

It is the primary thing that every business wants for their site hosting; that what hosting they choose to host offers blazing fast and superior site performance. It becomes not possible to take this advantage with the shared server or VPS Server. But with a Dedicated Server, you get the complete dedicated and robust resources with the best network infrastructure that leads to ultra fast and superior performance.


Dedicated server is best known because of offering the ultra high speed and blazing fast site performance. 100% uptime plays a significant role in faster site performance that you get with the USA Dedicated Server.


                    To handle more websites/domains than your host allows

With the other web hosting servers like shared server and VPS Server, it is impossible to get complete control over your server to manage and control the activities. Therefore, a dedicated server in USA comes that allows you to host websites on multiple domains. You can host the or handle the websites easily than your host allowed you. As well as you can handle the numerous sites simultaneously, with the dedicated server.


                    When you need complete control.

It is quite not possible to get complete control with the shared or VPS Server. It comes with limited resources and cost-effective. You can easily take the advantages at an affordable price, but with business outgrows, it fails to manage the site.


Hence, a Dedicated Server USA comes to meet your requirements. It providers complete root-level control to make server configurations. Therefore, you can install or remove your choice of software or applications from the server in one click.





Serverwala- Best dedicated server company in USA

Dedicated Server in USA is a one-stop web hosting solution for the site owners and business persons. It comes with the bundles of reliable and top-notch flexible resources under your budget. But it's not only about the best hosting for your business hosting. But somewhere, you need to focus on the best provider because it plays an important role in your business success.


Server Wala is one of the best and leading web hosting providers that provides best dedicated server USA to host your website on a secure and extensive server. With the Dedicated Server hosting plan, you get the standard security and best data backups. So you can easily enjoy the resources with ease.


What makes the Server Wala apart from the other Web hosting provider? The world class services and down to earth support with data encryption security. You get the highest bandwidth, RAM, data storage space, guaranteed uptime, and excellent performance, and much more with the dedicated server USA.


Therefore, you can easily upgrade the resources whenever you want according to your site requirements. You can enjoy the advantages as they offer the money-back guarantee. It is not possible to give you instant support. But with the server wala, you get the round the clock customer as well as technical support.




With the uncountable number of benefits, one can easily explore their products and services across the globe or among the maximum audience. Dedicated Server is the best and perfect fit for your business hosting. A business person has the other choice fo hosting like a shared server and VPS Server, but that is best for a specific time. When your site demands the more advanced and enhanced resources, you need the dedicated Server.


Also, only the dedicated Server comes with upgraded resources and standard security that can handle the high traffic on the website. While other hosting fails to handle the high traffic. Hence, a Dedicated Server is the best and ideal choice for your business hosting.


I hope this article is helpful to you.

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