10 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring An Independent Building Inspector


When you buy a property, you will need to have it inspected before you move in.
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The assessment will ensure that the building is safe and efficient, which will maximise your safety and money. Finding a high-quality independent building inspector is not the easiest task. However, it is more straightforward when you know what mistakes to avoid during the hiring process.

Home inspection is one of the most important steps while purchasing any real estate. It ensures that the home is safe to live in and worth your money. It’s important to inspect your property for any hidden problems or structural defects so that it doesn’t turn into a money pit.

1.   Check their qualifications

All independent building inspectors should be qualified. If they lack qualifications, then they are not fit or reliable to do the job correctly.

2.   Look over their portfolio

Their work portfolio will show you if they have the right experience for your needs and the property. For instance, if you have purchased a large building but the independent building inspector only has experience with one-bedroom flats, they might not be the best option available.

3.   Ask for proof of insurance

All legitimate independent building inspectors require insurance. Without it, you could be left with a huge bill if the building is not inspected correctly and incurs an issue. Ask for insurance proof before going ahead with the hiring process.

4.   Ask what is included in the report

A building inspection report should include:


      Summary pages with specific categories

      Cracking assessments

      Minor and major defects

      Safety issues

      Pest inspection

      Further investigations if necessary


If the report lacks this, then the inspection will not be sufficient enough.

5.   Check they are registered

Alongside insurance and qualifications, an independent building inspector should be registered. Registration ensures verification by the government and will cover any additional costs if something goes wrong. An example in Queensland is that building inspectors must have a QBCC licence from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

6.   Avoid anyone who also offers repairs

An independent building inspector that also does repairs will often be hiding their lack of inspection skills. They will be trying to achieve more money from you rather than provide you with good service.

7.   Don’t say yes to the first recommendation you receive

It is common for real estate agents to recommend a building inspector. The likelihood is that they will earn a commission from it. Just because a real estate expert recommends them doesn’t mean that they are reliable, affordable, or the best building inspector. Thus, always do your research and never say yes to the first recommendation.

8.   Make sure they are happy for you to attend

If an independent building inspector does not allow you to attend the inspection, they may have something to hide. You have every right to attend. If they say no, avoid their business.

9.   Photoprotection packages

The inspector should provide photos with the report.  Photos are handy to use in case something becomes an issue after you move. They’re also helpful during the negotiation process of buying a property. Without photo evidence, your problem may be hard to resolve.

10.                Ask for an equipment list

All independent building inspectors will have dedicated equipment that maximises the inspection outcome. This should include a torch, ladder, moisture meter, spirit level, and a digital camera for the photos. If they lack the proper equipment, the inspection will likely not be efficient.

To avoid wasting your time and money, use these tips to avoid hiring the wrong independent building inspector. Thorough inspections involve a qualified expert with the right tools and portfolio, which will ensure you encounter no issues with your purchased property.