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10 must know important psychological facts about love and romance

Love is one of the most crucial, yet the most misunderstood emotions we as human beings experience. When you think of love, you probably imagine couples holding hands or enjoying the hues of a picturesque sunset together. It is natural on your part to picture falling in love with your crush or the particular person of your dreams. You might also have a list of attributes that your partner should possess. Interestingly, love in today's culture is overly romanticized. Well, there is no denying the fact that falling in love is one of the most exciting feelings in this world. Maintaining a loving relationship with your significant other takes hard work, relentless commitment, and passion. So let's explore the essential psychological facts about love and romance to help you write a perfect love story of your own.   

couple in love


  1. Heartbeats of couples usually synchronize with each other

Well, the above fact is a research-based one. When you and your partner stare into one another's eyes, your own heartbeats synchronize. As per the latest research conducted in California, heartbeats of couples synchronize with each other if they stare at each other for more than 3 minutes. These scientists assessed 40 couples who stared into each other’s eyes for a period of 5 minutes. On a further note, they concluded that this synchronization process is due to the presence of intense mental and physical links between the couples.  

  1. We can increase our capacity and ability to love

If you are passionate about your partner and cares for him/her, you can always increase your brain's ability to enjoy your partner more. Self-compassion can develop our minds to be more positive and empathetic towards the person we adore in our lives. Being mindful of our partner's preferences can also increase our ability to love. And if you have a college love story in your life and you are still with the same person, you are bound to be more empathetic. It is because both you and your partner have seen each other struggling in various aspects of life since college. This makes both of you more empathetic towards each other, which in turn increases your brain's positivity.   

  1. Building a long-lasting relationship needs serious commitment

A new love story is always full of various uncertainties. Lack of trust and compatibility are perhaps the two major factors behind your new love being uncertain. But once you begin to trust each other and find ways to be compatible, there should be no looking back. It is common to see people separating after decades of courtship nowadays. But these things shouldn’t cast a negative impression on you about love. Set an example for other couples by always supporting your partner’s preferences and highlighting mistakes whenever necessary. 

  1. Focus on love to enhance it

When we willingly emphasize on our feelings and actions towards our partner, we start to feel a positive reciprocal attitude. A cute love story always depicts the protagonist as a caring and affectionate person. The protagonist always gives rise to positive emotions amidst negativity in his/her partner's mind. So if you want your relationship to be full of love and affection, focus on the ways to enhance your enjoyment.

  1. Love is contagious

Expressions related to caring, empathy, and commitment can inspire the same feelings in others. So if you want to create the best love story of your life, start practicing these feelings. These expressions and emotions of yours would ignite the passion in your partner too. Always remember that while in love, you have to be expressive. To make a relationship stronger, one has to communicate his or her feelings towards their beloved.  

  1. Love differs from lust- and by a significant margin

Well, a real love story focuses mainly on the emotional connection between two partners. To be precise, physical attraction is a crucial component of love. However, true love doesn't only depend on physical attraction or lust. This is also the reason that one-night stands don't tend to lead to long-term relationships. Love lights up every dark area of life and holds a permanent place in our hearts. However, lust is momentary and tends to last as long as our bodies reach their satisfaction levels.  

  1. Falling in love is an addictive feeling

Being in love resembles that of taking a dose of drugs. Like drugs, a heart touching love story also triggers an analogous perception of elation. Being in love also produces various euphoria-inducing chemicals. Interestingly, these chemicals can affect multiple areas of our mind simultaneously. 

  1. Love plays a decisive role in changing your personality

It is common for you to notice how love changes one’s personality in the love story Kahani. Well, it is an established fact that the mere feeling of love can alter our nature. In simple words, cynics can shun their negativity by experiencing true feelings of love. The feeling of love is a powerful one. It can reimpose faith in us. We start to believe in our abilities and traits. 

Couple Talking Over Coffee Romance

  1. Love doesn’t come in fixed quantities

 Loving a person, even with significant commitment, doesn't imply that you would not like others. As often depicted in a true love story, love is a capacity that you can construct within yourself. However, you need to have an emotional engagement to build your respect for others. Loving someone can provide us with intense positivity with the help of which we increase our capacity to love that same person more.

  1. Believe it or not- long-distance love strengthens your bond

Many individuals are of the opinion that long-distance relationships are not feasible. However, as per a research study, long-distance love is possible. Along with distance, a love story  is also more efficient in constructing belief and empathy between two individuals. 


So let’s hope that the above-mentioned psychological facts on love and romance would help you greatly in fostering an ever-lasting relationship with your partner. 

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