10 Obvious Reasons to Hire SEO Copywriters


The corporate sector seems increasingly inclined towards the e-commerce model of business. It is blowing out of proportions once you take a look at the statistics. You will find the scope and potential of making your business go online, very intriguing. 

If you take into perspective the sales generated in 2017 alone, with a staggering figure of $2.3 trillion, you will find it quite overwhelming. Moreover, predictions of e-commerce show that this figure will reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. It is indeed a significant number to digest. No wonder many businesses are looking for SEO copywriters in Singapore, as no one can deny content being the king.

To further cement our reasoning as to why content is the right way to gain an edge over your competitors and see your business reach new milestones, here are 10 reasons of how hiring SEO copywriters will bring tremendous value for your potential ventures:

Audience Focused and Conversational Tone

Content written in an active voice is more direct and speaks more accurately to your audience as compared to the passive voice, which may sound confusing to them. Copywriters are trained to use active voice to get the message across and hence grab your reader's attention in an instant.


Active voice places focus on the most important aspect of your message and improve the readability factor. Active voice also engages the audience by putting them into a position where they are comfortable to read and understand the scenario easily. Whereas, Passive voice can be tricky to adjust to.

Moreover, active voice also builds momentum without breaking any connections, which means the transition from one idea to another is smooth. Lastly, copywriters engage in a conversational tone that ensures a sense of face to face interaction with your customers on a platform that is digital. As a result, the content feels alive and fresh, which in return keeps the reader glued to whatever you want to dish out towards them.

A Selling Copy That Persuades

One of the primary reasons for recruiting an in-house copywriter is because they can offer you a wide array of expressions and terminologies that can help you sell things online. A brilliantly written selling copy will offer you the following features:

  • A compelling delivery.
  • It delivers a precise meaning without any unnecessary verbosity.
  • They contain catchy lines.
  • The value of wisdom is rich in qualitative and quantitive data, where required
  • Content featuring sound bites can make it a people’s favorite and help increase shares on social media.
  • They never compromise on your credibility or technical expertise.
  • They focus on creating fascinating content for your audiences that is able to make a pull for them in an instance.
  • They provide solutions to problems rather than stating just facts and numbers.
  • They help breathe life into inanimate objects through meticulous use of metaphors and personifications.
  • They help reduce barriers, doubts, hurdles, objections, reservations, and uncertainties.
  • They make powerful comparisons to give readers an analytical approach in making an informed decision.

Hence, in short, you can say that writing a selling copy is not at all an easy task as there are so many elements to consider. Companies like Amazon and Apple pay highly for such services. This is why their advertisements charm their targeted audiences to follow their lead (almost blindly).  

Comprehensive Research

Let’s face it, today we live in a world where simply entertainment is not enough, we need infotainment that not only keeps us amused but also increases our pool of knowledge so that we can brag about it later. Professional copywriters never leave out on this valuable factor and hence deliver content that is backed with comprehensive research. To produce content that is rich in value, they have to be first a mass consumer of information themselves.

On average, a copywriter can produce 2000-3000 words in a day, but to create that content they almost read and go through 6 times the amount of that content. They can bring in research from a wide variety of credible sources that include: academic journals, consensus, paid and restricted-access content, research reports, surveys, top-ranked websites, biographies, news reports, and various other scholarly resources.   

Correct Grammar with Exquisite World Play

Nobody is a great writer at first. It takes considerable time to learn. You require consistent and dedicated efforts of writing for hours. Well, guess what? A copywriter does just that. This eventually creates for them the opportunity to work and improve on their delivery over time. This notion is called human ingenuity. The more they practice, the better they become.

Soon these writers reach a position where ideas continue to pour and their tenacious capacity to convert them into words along with correct grammar can be quite a sight to see. You need this kind of talent as content marketing studies reveal that 91% of B2B marketers use content to reach customers and around 82% of B2C marketers consider it their crucial primary strategy.

Customized, Personalized & Tailored Content

A lot of consumers nowadays are looking for services that can offer them a more personalized approach towards the fulfillment of their underlying needs. A copywriter knows how to effectively communicate with them on different levels that can be of both intrinsic and extrinsic nature.

We do understand that creating a customer persona augments your approach towards your targeted audiences considerably as it allows you to decipher their lifestyles, daily patterns, behaviors, dogmas that govern their actions, and even their impulses. Translate this to the copywriter or share this information with them, and you can create something that genuinely resonates deeply with your clients and customers.

Tailor-made or custom made content is not a big deal for copywriters; in fact, it makes their task all the more impressive since producing generic content never truly inspires them in the first place. Customized and personalized content is what fuels their cognitive abilities to the most, and hence it is a win-win situation for all.

A research-based on personalization of offered services came up with the following findings:

  • 62% of consumers expect significant companies to send them personalized offers.
  • 57% of customers would prefer more personalized service in exchange for their data.
  • 52% are willing to share personal data in exchange for better product recommendations.
  • 53% of customers would like to have a more personalized shopping experience for the same.
  • 48% of customers are willing to wait longer to receive personalized services and products.

Incredible Boost to Your SEO

Delivering search engine optimized content is quite technical. It involves not only writing content that augments your SEO tactics, but it also includes submitting and publishing content that is well balanced with all of the constituent features. To give you a quick walkthrough here is how SEO copywriters can enhance your company’s visibility on SERPs (search engine result pages):

  • A definitive improvement in your search rankings all thanks to effective SEO.
  • Focus on cutting edge content that is widely accessible and searched by customers.
  • The uniqueness of content keeps you ahead of competition and rivals operating within the market.
  • They can improve your sales figures and hence add more authority to your online presence.
  • Their focus on exceptional link building for outbound, inbound, external and internal links to create link juice.
  • Even your images, pictures, and other non-written elements can be search engine optimized.
  • They offer you the perfect length and word count that makes your webpages to rank higher.
  • Content is structured in a way that breaks the monotony and focuses on creating value for the readers that they might not across often.
  • Easy to read content that offers solutions to existing consumer problems. The key, Google loves this!

Keywords Woven Into Your Content

Keywords come in various sizes and styles. This makes them all the more difficult and tricky to adjust naturally. To give you an idea, there are 9 types of keywords: customer defining, geo-targeting, intent targeting, longtail, long-term, LSI (latent semantic indexing), product defining, shorttail, and short-term.

As a business entity, you are looking for content that can utilize these keywords in such a way that neither should look unnatural nor should there be any instance where a hint to keyword stuffing is found. It is a big red flag for your SEO if your content has keyword stuffing all over it. Hence a copywriter can help you deliver a perfect match for your keywords as they use various ideas to use them in their sentences intuitively.

Furthermore, they also use keywords in headings, subheadings, meta titles, meta descriptions, alternate text for images, and in other content related posts. All of this allows your content to become highly optimized for search engines to crawl through and list your webpages higher on their result pages.  

Saving Valuable Time

Going through all that you have read so far, it might have made you realize that copywriting can be complicated. But, SEO copywriters can end up saving a lot of valuable time on your behalf. Instead of writing content by yourself, copywriters can deliver you timely content that helps in promulgating your digital and online presence. They only generate value in everything they write, but they are also quite adept and competent to meet your specific deadlines. They will deliver your work on time. In case of an emergency, they can be understanding as they are in a similar field. But understanding and trust have to be mutual. This partnership can help you go about carrying your plans and commitments without having to think of any issues that may arise from their side.

Furthermore, copywriters are also quite proficient in whatever they do. Hence they can write a lot of content for you in short periods. All of this results in a terrific result of productivity through saving of time which you can utilize to carry out other essential tasks.  

The Right Words for Your Marketing Approach

Words are like magic when used correctly. Every business and trade in the world has its own set of jargon, which are terminologies that professionals use to summarize their standpoints regarding a particular situation. Copywriters have stupendous knowledge regarding how to use certain words. Hence if you present them with a specific idea concerning your marketing approach, copywriters can explore the essence of such ideas in bringing forth taglines and statements that have a resounding effect on your targeted audiences. The impact of it all lies in the way copywriters execute their brilliance to fashion play with words and use puns (intended and not intended both). This is to bring about an elegant balance that resonates with the reader, enticing them and moving them to take action. This is the beauty of what a copywriter can deliver for your business. They can also help you formulate powerful statements for your venture that can quickly gain recognition and go viral amongst the masses.    

Unlimited Creativity

Lastly, an SEO copywriter's overall skill and talent lie in their superb creativity that can be used to offer endless benefits for your businesses. Take, for example, the following list of things which a copywriter can produce for you:

  • Product descriptions
  • Meta tags, titles, and descriptions
  • Product specifications
  • Infographic content
  • Forum submission content
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Ezine articles
  • Guest posts
  • Web content
  • Author bios

Final Word

Hiring SEO Copywriters will guarantee original and qualitative content for your website. Experts of their field, they have the skills and the creative streak to produce SEO friendly contents. Often business owners hire writers that aren’t well versed in the field of copywriting. The prime reason being, they want to save up on the cost that might come with hiring an SEO Copywriter. This results in poor traffic on your website and hindering your SEO performance altogether. As a result, your best option is to hire a writer who is a professional in the field and is aware of the changing social media trends. The content produced by SEO Copywriters will help boost your website rankings, making it high in search engines.