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10 of Austin's Best Wedding Venues

Is it all about gorgeous swimming holes covered by wildflowers and hills.Is it the southern hospitality or is it Austin’s rich culture, perfect mix of style, food and music which makes the place a popular wedding destination for the people. The Austin wedding rentals bring to you venue ranging from Western rustic barns to beautiful gardens and stylish boutique hotels in the heart of the country. Whether you want to organize a wedding in a contemporary industrial space or going for vintage feel, there is something for everyone here!!

If you are keen to make your wedding day memorable and mesmerizing, then remember a number of people flock to Austin, TX in search of their dream wedding and reception venue. At a place which has warm and friendly atmosphere, you would love to host a grand wedding party here. The city gives you brilliant outdoors and indoor venues and lovely scenic views. You have a number of places, both tried and tested and new which give you gorgeous, year round chance to organize a party.

Some of the best wedding venues in Austin are mentioned below:

  1. Zilker Botanical Garden: Marrying in a city park may include some tedious paperwork. Zilker Botanical Garden is a beautiful location to get married, provided you choose the right time. Walk aisle with the city skyline in the background.
  2. Mayfield Park and Nature Reserve: You can hold one of the loveliest weddings ever at Mayfield Park. It has a fascinating history, look beautiful with ironwork fences and gates. What more can anyone want?
  3. Mercury Hall: A former church of Austin, Mercury Hall is a perfect combo of elegantly restored historical building and a natural hilltop venue with amazing gardens and stellar views.
  4. Umlauf Sculpture Garden: A beautiful hidden gem in the centre of Austin, the Umlauf Sculpture garden is a beautiful location for intimate wedding functions. It can accommodate around 250 guests and looks highly regal.
  5. Caswell House: The well-kept, super central Caswell House sited on the National Register of Historic Places and marked as a City of Austin Historic Landmark. It is a favorite location for Austin weddings, especially in cold weather, when you look for luxurious indoor space.
  6. Palazzo Lavaca: Sited in the traditional Capital Saddlery storefront, the place stands at a nearby close walk to the state Capitol, Palazzo Lavaca has been transformed to elegant, slightly decadent events location with splendid dressing rooms for grooms and brides.
  7. Pearl Snap hall: Sited in Georgetown, it is a beautiful, pretty place. The 1910 church has been restored to its beautiful structure, whitewashed beadboard, features floor to ceiling and classic windows.
  8. Ma Mansion: This amazing French stunner is an amazing wedding venue you will search in Austin’s wine nation. Yes, vineyards around Ma Mansion. With plethora of oak trees, beautiful lake, garden and flowers, the ground looks drop dead gorgeous as an elegant French gazebo.

These places are perfect. You don’t have to care about chairs for rent, catering, tables, furnishing and garnishing.


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