Monday, October 2, 2023
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10 Pro Tips of Wardrobe Organizing

Who doesn't want to treat the onlookers with a neatly arranged closet? A well-organized wardrobe expands the space and gives warmth to the whole room. It is a source of providing enough time to get ready which you had wasted on looking for that particular shirt. Grandber

Use these creative and clever ideas on the organization of wardrobe and hacks on how to expand your existing storage space. Let's dig in to know about these tips which are not heavy on the pockets.

1.  Donate Unwanted Items

Start decluttering your closet by keeping worn-out clothes or unused ones for donation. In this way, one can easily maximize the space and make room for the new ones.

2.  Keep Things According to Need

The best way is to keep the most used items at an eye-level while the least used items at a high level.

3.  Use Shelf Dividers

Keep the folded clothes on shelves or other accessories like bags, hair accessories, and cosmetics.

4.  Hang Delicate Items

This is useful to make room in the closet and also keeping sturdy items protected. Oversized jackets, coats, fancy dresses, and office wear should be wrinkle-free so that they are easy to wear. It is a great way to make space underneath by hanging big items on the left and short ones on the right. It has the following benefit:

  • Gives a neat look
  • Creates a sloping line
  • Easy to spot clothes

5.  Use Drawers to Store

Drawers are a way to keep stuff like pajamas, t-shirts and other thinner clothes. Using drawers provide a neat look to the closet and it is a great hiding spot for softer clothes. It is undoubtedly the best space-saving technique.

6.  Use Storage Boxes

Another way to have more space in the wardrobe is to use storage boxes. They can be stacked together and ideal to store least used things. They look stylish and save space.

7.  Stack to Save Space

Who doesn’t like to have a pretty wardrobe? Open the door and smile. Fold your thick items on the shelves to give it a more creative look. Use this space to stack denim, sweatshirts or sweaters.

8.  Use Doors for Hanging Stuff

The space on doors and walls can look beautiful if arranged creatively. Use the nails or hooks to hang delicate accessories like jewelry items or ties etc. They are ideal for keeping minute things and saves time in finding.

9.  Use the Lower Space Too

Got a few inches in the bottom of the closet? Use it for keeping shoes by arranging them in a line. It provides an easy way to look out for shoes without tossing them. You can use boxes and dividers if there is less space in the closet.

10. Categorize Items

Want to keep everything at ease? Try categorizing your clothes and other accessories to have more space and a happy wardrobe. All items put in different places are easy to find and locate.


These are some of the tips that help to organize and make room in your closet. Try them now and feel the difference.

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