10 Profitable Business Idea with Little Investment


In the world of entrepreneurs, there are so many profitable business ideas for those who have a desire to work for oneself. Starting a new business takes courage and time and off course knowledge of the business. If you are looking for the best profitable business idea, then your search ends here. We have come with the top profitable business list that will surely help you in choosing the right one for you. For more knowledge regarding investment, you can follow Financewikki the best investment blogs in India.

Low Investment Business Ideas

  1. Travel Agency
    A travel agency is one of the most profitable business in the wanderlust world. Nowadays people love to travel and explore exciting places. If you open a travel agency business you surely get the advantages like on designing a trip for the traveler you get a high commission from the transport mediums, and hotels. Tripavenues is a leading travel blog here and they help people who want to start an online travel business.
  2. Mobile Shop
    even with mobile e-commerce shop, there are so many people who purchase smartphones from the shop. Along with the mobile shop, you can open a mobile repairing service center and recharge shop.
  3. Boutique
    In the world of fashion blogging, if you have skills that you can make unique, trendy and women seeking designs then go ahead and open a boutique. It is one of the most profitable business in today’s market. People love to stitch clothes as per their requirements. If they found a skilled tailor like you, they will never leave your hand and always come to your shop for stitching clothes.
  4. Online Bakery
    Whether it is weekday or weekend people love to eat lavish bakery and bread-based eateries, but they are lazy too. So, if you open an online bakery for them they always get in touch with you for ordering pizza, sandwich, pastries, and cakes.
  5. Blogging
    This is possibly one of the most lucrative fields. This field only requires creativity, if you have and then go ahead.
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    Right from the fashion blogger to travel blogger, there are numerous niches are available to become a blogger. If you want to become a finance writer you can follow Financewikki the best investment blogs in India.
  6. Wedding Consultant
    Today many corporate companies are heading towards the lucrative field like wedding consultant. This field requires only out leadership, creativity, and skills to satisfy clients.
  7. Online courses
    Offering online courses to the students are the profitable feat. All you need is to upload your learning videos on YouTube or your own website. Sell your online courses online. You can take help of udemy, the best e-learning website.
  8. Street Site bookseller
    You ever crossed your street you may see some booksellers who are selling their book and earning a profit. As they purchase books directly from the publishers in the wholesale rates and sell at the best market rates.
  9. Digital Marketer
    Gone are the days when people take help of the traditional marketing agency for promoting their products and services. Nowadays every small business hires a digital marketing agency. In upcoming years it will become one of the most profitable business.
  10. Tiffin Service
    Tenants love to eat home-made cooked food. If you live in an area where tenants live you can open tiffin service. With the help of middle man tiffin supplier, you can start your business.