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10 Proven SEO Reporting Best Practices That Boost Client Retention

SEO reports have become a necessary tool for any digital agency. Considering how important your clients are, you need to make sure that they understand what is being done, and the progress made on their behalf so far--and regular SEO reporting makes this possible. A consistent report with key performance indicators (KPIs) will also help boost client retention as well as future referrals by showing them exactly which strategies work best in order to optimize campaign success.

The SEO tools help digital marketing agencies to prove their worth. This is the time when they can show important metrics like ranking and traffic for clients, which will make them feel better about what you do. A lot of small business owners also want these tools because it helps them keep track of how well or terrible their campaigns are doing so that they know exactly where things stand with all aspects of a campaign before making adjustments in order to increase ROI.

Report on what they care about

In order to create a report that catches your client's eye and makes it count, an SEO plan needs to be carefully crafted. First identify the business objectives for their company which will help in determining what is vital information within this document. Once these metrics are determined to come up with creative ways on how you can make them look as good as they sound by highlighting these points through images or graphs. You need to choose a plan and then execute it. The best way you can do that is by choosing which metrics are the most important, who should be involved in carrying out these tasks, and how often reports will have to go back up for review with other departments such as HR or finance before they are approved for release.

Set specific goals

You are a savvy professional. You know what it takes to make your client happy and satisfied with you as their accountant, which is why we want to share some of the best practices that will help get them heading in the right direction financially:

1) Discuss target goals at beginning of month 

2) Review monthly reports

Eliminate jargon

The language of your SEO report should be easy to understand. Before sending it out, ask yourself if you have defined all metrics that may confuse the client. If needed, include explanations for difficult words or terminologies in a glossary section at the end of your report, so they can easily understand what is being said and why these are important numbers when analysing their online presence.

To avoid any confusion, it is important to make sure all the metrics are clearly stated in a way that can be easily understood. For example, if you have defined what "page views" means and your client does not know this word then they will need an explanation of its meaning before reading on — such as how many times someone has visited their site or clicked through to another page within one day.

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Visualize your data in simpler ways

The visuals and the data you choose to use are closely tied. It is crucial that your client can understand what it all means, even without going into statistics detail or reading any of the text on a page-you should make sure you pick visualizations wisely, so they do not get lost in translation! Apart from language considerations, there is also how well graphs and charts communicate information that is easy for clients to comprehend. If pure metrics lack intrinsic meaning then we need to find ways to merge them with words by presenting information visually rather than just listing out numbers which may be confusing at best instead of enlightening as intended. By using colours effectively one method would portray emotions such as happiness (green), sadness (blue) while another might display sentiment towards the viewers.  

Provide insights instead of metrics

One of the keys to successful reporting is understanding that the client does not care about just numbers. You have to find ways for your clients to understand what those numbers mean and why they are important in their lives by providing them with insights from the data you collect on a regular basis.

Analysts at the company are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to provide clients with insights from their data. One of these is providing them key information on trends in consumer behaviour, such as what they have been buying recently or how much money they make per year.

Connect SEO results to revenue

The Internet has made our lives so much easier in many ways, but it seems like the more we rely on it to do something for us, the less control and knowledge of that thing we have. One great example is search engine optimization results; you cannot even find a good definition or what they are actually supposed to mean. It is no wonder there are so many SEO experts out trying to make money off people who do not understand how this system works without any real qualifications!

Be available

An insightful report will not only keep your client satisfied, it can also save both of you time. While most reports contain text commentary to elaborate on data points, sometimes there are gaps that need filling in order for the reader to get a better understanding and avoid confusion. Providing some clarity into those unknown aspects might just be all they needed!

Create a unique rapport with the clients

Account managers in an agency are accountable for the delivery of their client's goals. They must ensure that all activities undertaken by the agency will align with those objectives, which can be identified through asking critical questions at a kick-off meeting.

Identify the personality of your clients

Clients are often of different types with varying marketing agency budgets. In order to boost your client retention, it is important for you to identify these clients and what they need in a way that will work best for them personally. Some examples might be building deeper personal relationships by determining their motivations which could include being recognized as an expert internally or learning how to implement the skills themselves

Practice honesty with your client

Radical honesty is important when working with clients. This sounds difficult, but it does not have to be! It means being honest about what you think of their expectations and giving them fair warning if something will or will not work out the way they want. Luckily for everyone involved in this process, radical honesty comes with a side effect: clarity on all fronts so that no one feels taken advantage of by time-sensitive deadlines.

Final Take

Starting with a report that contains clear insights on the KPIs the client cares about will do wonders for shortening your conversations. Clients will not need to ask many questions, and you will be able to explain in detail any insight they are interested in learning more about. Plenty of client reporting calls go well over an hour because clients have so much interest, which is great but wastes time when it comes down to closing deals or narrowing feedback loops. This often happens because different people speak up throughout meetings, asking questions before getting new information from company representatives who may not be as knowledgeable; making things worse, since no two situations are alike there is seldom-clear understanding among all participants what data actually matters most.

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