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10 Questions to Ask When You are Using Google Analytics


Google analytics is a free and amazing tool for the website owners. It provides the means to the valuable data about your visitors so that you can approach them easily. It collects the data for you automatically and serves it on one click. Google Analytics is your friend in need.

Whether you are selling some products on your site or you are promoting yourself. Google analytics provides an amazing insight into the statistics of your website. You can use it to evaluate yourself and know how well you are achieving your goals.

Here are ten questions that you should ask when using Google Analytics.


Is it really important to know about the statistics of your websites?

By using Google analytics, you get an insight about the current visitors on your website. But does this really help? Well, your visitors are often your potential customers. By knowing about their priorities can pave the way to the success of your business. Google analytics tells you exactly what they like so that in future you make that specific content more and more. There could be some posts that are being neglected. Now you can delete those posts as they are doing nothing for you. These statistics are a unique tool for the ultimate success of your website.

How to Connect Google Analytics with your websites?

If you are not a user of Google Analytics then starting is quite easy. But the question is that why aren’t you using it already?

The first step is to visit Google Analytics website. Next click on “Create an account “ then follow the basic steps of creating an account. Google Analytics will then provide you a Google Analytics HTML. You will have to insert it into the source code of your website. This is exactly how Google Analytics goes deep inside your website and collects the statistics of the usage of your website.

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What are the Google Analytics goals and should I use them?

Once you have installed Google Analytics code tracking, then your next step would be to decide which key website features do you want to monitor. Google Analytics uses a specific term for this. Users of Google Analytics refer to this as Goals. You can use these goals to measure which of the content is trending well and which one isn’t.

  • Destination. Refers to a specific location on your website.
  • Duration. Refers to the time duration of the visits to your website.
  • Page/Screens Per Visit. Refers to the pages and screens that are viewed by your visitors the most.
  • Events. Refers to the actions taken by your visitors during their visit. It shows what your visitors do during their visits such as video watching or clicking ad links.

How can I find out how people are discovering my website and how can I make them come back?

Google Analytics’ keywords report tells you which of the keywords used in the search engine are forwarding the traffic towards your website. You can check there exactly how effective your search engine marketing efforts are. Also, keep an eye on the Google Analytics’ Referral report. This report shows which of the websites are referring to the traffic towards you. This way you can thank those websites and encourage them to do it more. You can also develop your new business website by using these basic Google Analytics add-ons.

Can I track my Google AdSense campaign with Google Analytics?

Another feature of Google Analytics is that it also measures the success of AdSense campaign. If you are putting in efforts for earning through the AdSense, then Google Analytics is the best option. It provides you a detailed preview about which of the site pages worked best in generating the AdSense revenue. For example, if you are writing about wildlife and it is generating quite some revenue, then you should spend some more time writing about the wildlife.

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Can I measure the success of my Google AdWords initiative?

Google Analytics offer you yet another option. You can rely on Google Analytics for checking on Google AdWords. You can check which of the AdWords are working for you and which ones are not so that you can discard the useless ones.

For working this out, you can be a little creative. Create an advanced Google Analytics Pages segment that includes only AdWords visits that did not finish the conversation. With creating this, you can easily check upon the pages that are attracting most of the views with the most duration.

How can I see which browsers and devices people are using to access my website?

In the Google Analytics Audience section you can see a list of the browsers, devices and operating systems your visitors use for accessing your blog site. This will help you to understand what kind of people are accessing your website.

If you see that a lot of your viewers are watching your site on Android or IOS devices, then it would be a great idea to write about such devices. This will make you even more popular with your readers.

How can I know what is sending my visitors away?

Google Analytics’ Exit Pages shows where your visitors were when they exited. By looking at these statistics, you can know where you are losing your audience. Then you should work on that particular page.

How can I share Google Analytics data with my friends?

You can send your Google Analytics report to your friends without any difficulty. There is a link button on the top of your report by which you can send the report by email easily.

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How can I track and improve my e-commerce sales?

You can use Google Analytics technically for analyzing the overall success of your e-commerce efforts right down to individual shopping cart transactions. The knowledge that when it is that your buyers get out of the buy. This helps you better your sales by a greater margin. You can allocate the time to send the reports to your friends. This way the sending of the emails become automatic.


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