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10 Reasons Why Magento Rocks for Ecommerce Development

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WordPress may be the undisputed king of today’s web world but Magento is the choice when it comes to ecommerce websites. It ranks as the refactor choice if you want to build high performance estores that deliver value to customers. No wonder some of the biggest brands, including Fox Connect, Vizio, Samsung, Nespreso, all use Magento as their platform of choice.

Are you a startup looking to get maximum impact out of its first ecommerce venture? Well, Magento has what it takes to launch you the right way?

Here are 10 Reasons Why Magento is Best Ecommerce Websites

  • Integration – You can easily integrate Magento with 3rd party sites and still run the core ecommerce features effectively. Payment gateways and shipping services work better with Magento.
  • Features & Tools – Being feature-rich and offering specialized tools are the primary characteristics of Magento. Whether is in-built SEO other online marketing tools, it takes the effort out of web promotion.
  • Multi-Store Capacity – Unlike WordPress, you can go beyond single online stores. Magento offers you the ability to run multiple estores using your trusted backend interface. The singular admin panel gives you all the basic information at one place.
  • Well-Backed – PayPal owns Magento and which in turn is owned by ebay. So, you can expect heavy investments to maintain its quality. It is constantly updated to meet the growing expectations of the ecommerce industry.
  • Awesome Community – If you stumble upon an issue, simply contact the community developers. You will most likely find that your problem already has a solution. The worldwide Magento community has grown significantly and now more connected than ever.
  • Flexibility – What you get with Magento is full-fledged flexible platform with functionality that traverses normal standards. Developers can provide solutions that work in accordance to client’s business goals.
  • SEO Friendly – Dynamic Google sitemap, SEO friendly URLs, most viewed products, in-built content management system and SEO features all make Magento a ready-to-use platform.
  • Easy Migration – Developers can easily move your current website from obsolete platforms onto a brand new Magento ecommerce development. The porting and migration capabilities are smoother compared to rivals.
  • Open Source – This open source community project ensures you have all the power at your hands. Developers can customize it the way they want. Need to tailor functionality as per your store’s products? Magento delivers that and much more.
  • High Performance – Magento offers faster page load speeds. You can meter other performance parameters along with competitors and see that it outperforms competition very well.
  • Scalable – You can employ Magento for small business estores or larger enterprises and still get the same performance out of it. It emerges out the winner no matter what scale you apply it for.

Apart from all the reasons given above, you can maintain your Magento website easily and if you aren't able to do so, there are many companies that offer Magento support and maintenance services. It will be easily available to you.

As you can see, there are more than 10 reasons to go the Magento way. Yes, you can have other platforms as well but nothing works like magic as Magento for ecommerce stores.

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