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10 Reasons to Go to India For A Yoga Retreat

Yoga is a way to go, to understand oneself better and surely is not just a physical activity. Making its presence felt in the modern world, yoga originated thousands of years back in the divine land of India. Today the holistic practice is the source of getting into the state of calmness and tranquillity amidst the hustle of life. The ancient practice is a bridge that narrows a gap between knowing the true and spiritual self. To commence the journey of saneness and relieving the stress, nothing is better than a yogic vacation at a quintessential place like India.

Being the land of yoga’s origin, India is the country that boasts of diverse terrain, spiritual vibrancy, colorful culture, heritage sites, the legacy of royalty and more. All this contribute towards your practice, enhances the spiritual experience, makes the yogic journey enticing and surely rejuvenates the whole being.

The ten reasons down here make you know why choosing the country is an apt idea for a yoga retreat or luxury yoga holidays.

1. The Birth Land

Of course, the reason is enough for you to book your tickets to this amazing land for a wonderful experience of yoga. Originating thousands of years ago, yoga is said to be as old as time. Traversing to the land surely makes you learn the authentic, traditional and intensified knowledge of the ancient science of life.

2. Glorifying Natural Beauty

The diverse terrain of India makes it an apt place to travel for yogic vacation. From its scintillating beaches to mesmeric flora and fauna, to breathtaking mountains, to desserts and lots more, India is a country that is blessed with nature in abundance and creates a perfect ambiance for yogic practices.

3. Spirituality All Over

The country is also renowned as the land of divinity, considering its mythological history. India is the land of Gods and Goddesses, Sages and Saints, which makes it pure and seraphic. There are many places that are known for its spiritualism as well as for the yogic studies, and yoga retreats there provide an ineffable experience.

4. Places with Legacy

Yoga in India is amazing, and doing the same at a place that holds yogic lineage makes the experience even more enchanting. There are a lot of places in India that are popular for yoga studies and vacation including Rishikesh, Jaipur, Kerala, Dharamshala, Darjeeling, Mysore, Goa, etc. to name a few.

5. Royalty Everywhere

India has a great history of royalty. Even today the country is one of the apt places to travel to experience it. To have a leisure experience, nothing is better than luxury yoga holidays in India. The country has many heritage hotels, luxurious resorts, plush yoga centers, etc. that make the journey even more enticing.

6. Heal with Ayurveda

You must have heard that Ayurveda is the sister philosophy to yoga, a healing science that also originated in India years back. When combined together, both laid the foundation for a peaceful soul, calm mind, stabilized emotions and treasures of good health and happy life.

7. The Culture that Glorifies Food

When in India for a yoga trip, accomplish the journey by relishing the delectable Indian delicacies. Packed with taste and health, Indian cuisine is considered one of the best cuisines across the globe, and the culture also glorifies the same.

8. Satiate the Wandering Soul

India is one beautiful land that allures tourist every year in abundance. The best country to travel for satiating the wandering soul, go anywhere in India and you get plenty of options to enjoy. From yoga holidays to adventure trips, to shopping, to having fun time at a luxury resort, etc. you’ll be spoilt for choices.

9. Best Yoga Schools and Meditation Center

Being the birth land of yoga, India surely is among the topmost places that have amazing yogic schools and meditation centers with great teaching faculty. Visit here for yoga teacher training, yoga retreat or for luxury yoga holidays, to experience the best.

10. It is Inexpensive

Yoga holidays here prove to be affordable, even one can have luxury yoga holidays in India in the most budgeted way. So without being harsh on your pockets, fly down here and enjoy the blissful yogic experience.

India is definitely a place of yogic experience and makes your voyage a memorable one in every sense.

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