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10 Reasons to Love Pasta

Italian cuisine has spread its strands all over the world. They are being eaten and loved in almost all parts of the world. Pasta in Edmonton also is one of the most sold products in Edmonton restaurants. From the lavish ones to cheap pasta Edmonton has something to offer to everyone. Being that popular is not easy, they got to have many specialties to become one of the most ordered food. These are titled fast food as they are easy to prepare and don’t make you wait. People always feel guilty about having them and try to avoid them as they are thought to be unhealthy food, but along with being delicious, it has more reasons to be loved by everyone. Here are some of the major reasons-

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They are carbs- Everyone has studied the importance of a balanced diet and knows how important it is to include those carbs in your diet. Pasta is made up of flour and now also being available in multi-grains, they prove to be a good option for your daily carb intake.


It keeps you Full- Being made up of whole grains, pasta can keep you full for hours. So on those busy days, when you know you won’t be able to snack here and there, it can be a good meal to go for. It will keep you full for the whole day and you can focus on your work without getting distracted by your tummy sounds.


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Pocket Friendly- The basic ingredients used to make pasta are quite cheap. All you need is some flour, water, salt and oil. You can get ready-made cheap pasta easily. Being affordable made it famous for the people who don’t like to spend a fortune on food or simply handle a tight budget.


Versatility- No one wants to eat that one food option daily, no matter how tasty or affordable it is, and that is another reason to love pasta. As they come in a variety of types and each type can further be used with different ingredients, it makes it a lot easier to find a different one every time you order it.


Easy to make- You can even cook your pasta at home with all that deliciousness a restaurant offers with minimal time and effort. They also require very basic ingredients that are easily available in any household.

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They have added Health Benefits- Pasta is usually low in sodium, reducing the risk of cancer and upset stomach. It also contains many micronutrients that are add-ons to your healthy diet.


They are low in fate- Pasta is typically low in fat, in fact, half a gram of fat per serving if you don’t add things like cheese, cream or olive oil. It can also prove to be a good option for your weight loss diet if taken in the right proportion. A study showed people who had pasta in their Mediterranean diet proved to have less BMI.


Low GI- GI(Glycemic Index) is a measure to check the time taken by sugar to reach your bloodstream. Food having low GI is great for the prevention of diabetes and obesity. You can chunk up pasta without getting worried about your blood sugar level.

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They are fun- They are available in almost 600 shapes. Every shape has its own beauty; they are very fun to play with. You can have a different shape of past for almost 20 months. Every shape of pasta gives a different feel to your mouth and makes you satisfied.


Pasta as a dessert-  Chefs around the world are always tempted to try new recipes and make their popular dishes even more popular. As pasta is loved by all the savory tongues, they thought to create something with it for the sweet-toothed. There are many kinds of pasta available as a desert from Oreo pasta to cinnamon-brown sugar pasta and much more. So everyone can enjoy pasta in Edmonton.

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With all the benefits served on a plate, you can now enjoy your pasta without guilt. You can also try the best pasta Edmonton has at pizza106. They serve everything Edmonton people love to eat.




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