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10 Reasons Why We Should Recycle More Often

Recycling is a process in which discarded material is converted into reusable material. More than 75% of the waste material can be recycled. This makes recycling a focal area for all the individuals and globally as well as on national level. It is common knowledge that approximately 70% of the earth is water and remaining 30% is land. There is only so much land available that can accommodate both increasing population and resultantly increasing waste. In recent years, humans have resorted to dumping their waste in oceans. This has severely affected the aquatic ecosystem. In short, it is becoming increasingly hard to manage huge quantities of waste without disturbing the natural balance of the world. Recycling has the potential of solving that problem to some extent.

It won’t be wrong to term recycling as an industry. There are three common types of recycling that help in the recovery and reuse of those materials. Plastic, metal and wood recycling are effectively in place in some countries as a waste management procedure. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why we should recycle more often.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Recycling is the reuse of old material to formulate new products, therefore, it will not be utilizing natural resources like wood to manufacture something from scratch. One example of the conservation of natural resources is the recycling of paper. When old paper is recycled for reuse, you will not need wood for paper manufacture. Wood is harvested from trees and recycling prevents cutting down of trees.

The same goes for furniture. Instead of dumping those chairs you got 10 years ago in a landfill, just hand them over to a recycling organization and they will refurbish them for reuse.

Conservation of Energy

Energy conservation is another reason for preferring recycling to dumping waste in a landfill. A lot of energy is used in the manufacturing of goods from scratch. It has been documented that production of goods from recycled aluminium saves 95% of energy in comparison to production from raw materials.

Sourcing materials and manufacturing products from raw materials requires a lot of energy. Recycling saves energy and thus lessens the burden on the planet Earth.

Prevention of Pollution

If you are recycling your waste material instead of filling the landfills or burning it, then you are helping prevent the pollution. Waste is not only unsightly but it also is a source of land and air pollution. Many recycling companies are merging on the horizon that are contributing to the safety of the environment. If you have electronics and do not wish to dump them in a landfill, TDS safeguard will guide you through the whole process without contributing to the pollution.

Improved Environment

When the waste material gets recycled continuously, it results in improvement in the environment. The natural reserves and energy are being conserved, there is less pollution, landfills are not always filled to the brim, and waste is not being burned. All of this leads to much improved environment.

Economically Efficient

As mentioned earlier, recycling conserves energy and precious natural resources. In addition to these advantages of recycling, it is also an economically efficient measure that the world needs to adopt. The manufacturing cost of recycled materials is much less than the cost of materials that are produced from raw materials. Recycling also saves on waste collection costs. In some regions of the world, it costs more to transfer waste to a landfill than to recycle your waste.

Reduces the Need for Landfills and Incinerators

The operational cost of incinerators is very high. It requires a lot of energy to burn huge quantity of waste and incinerators need to be operational throughout the year. Furthermore, burning of waste at this scale results in the release of harmful gases in the atmosphere. Recycling solves this problem to a great extent since most of the waste can easily be recycled instead of being burned. The requirement of land for waste disposal is ever increasing. There is not enough land to accommodate the increasing waste that humans produce. Recycling of waste can help solve this great problem of the world.

Reduces Greenhouse Effect

Waste releases greenhouse gases that are harmful to the overall environment. Whether that waste is decomposing in a landfill or is being burnt in an incinerator, harmful gases are being released. Recycling deals with that problem efficiently. Greenhouse gases are responsible for climate change. If you recycle your goods and waste, you are playing your part in conservation of environment as well.

Maintains Water Quality

If less and less waste is being disposed off in the landfills, the toxic chemicals that seep down into the ground and through the ground into the water will decrease as well. The quality of ground water and of other water bodies will be maintained when waste is being recycled. Recycling more often will prevent the contamination of water bodies at a large scale.

Promotes Sustainability

Recycling paves the way for a sustainable future for Earth. A less polluted earth could be the biggest gift for the future generation. Our earth can only survive if its environment is preserved. Recycling ensures the sustainable future of the earth. Conservation of natural resources and energy, two of the greatest benefits of recycling are the keys to sustainability.

Creation of Jobs

Recycling, as mentioned earlier, is an industry. Therefore, as an industry it creates far more jobs than any other waste management procedure will. Where a landfill waste management company will generate job for one individual, recycling-based industry will create jobs for 10-25 individuals. This is a boost to the economy.

Recycling is the way of the future. It is also paving the way for recycling-based technology. Recycling is saving the future of the earth by preserving the environment and boosting the economy. We must seriously invest in this procedure if we wish to protect the future of our planet.

Monica Albert is a passionate and creative blogger who loves to write on traveling and relationships. Her writings are focused on prevailing topics and her long term vision is to empower youth in making their decisions.
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