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10 Reasons Why You Should Direct Mail!

Today, all across the globe, digital marketing is considered an epitome of advertising. It is undoubtedly the best way to reach large numbers of audience. To chase a strong customer base, all companies create various digital campaigns on Facebook, email campaigns, etc.

In such modern times, direct mail appears like an outdated and ineffective way of advertising. But, the reality of direct mail advertising is surprisingly good. The Data and Marketing Association (DMA), and other similar institutes have found that direct mails have a high return-on-investment and an increased response rate per year.

Following Are the 10 Major Benefits of Using Direct Mail Advertising.

1 Mail Volume Is Low, but Conversion Rates Are Super High

According to data by the USPS, mail volume has decreased by around 30% in the last ten years. And it can be great news for you because lesser letters in mailbox mean higher chances of standing out and beating your competition. That's why direct mail has a high return-on-investment (ROI).

In terms of ROI, direct mail advertising holds the 3rd position with pride after Email, and social media, consecutively. DMA has found that direct mail has the highest prospect response rates compared to an email.

2 Direct and Digital Marketing Gel Well

Great marketing involves multiple channels for advertising. Combining direct mail with digital marketing has increased the level of conversion rates because the recipient of direct mails prefers to respond online. Following your Email with a direct mail keeps you way ahead of your competition. DMA reports that combining direct mail with digital campaign increases response rates for other channels as well, by huge margins of 450%.

3 Direct Mail Connects with Your Audience on Personal Level

Personalization is not limited to digital platforms. You can send a tailored direct mail with customers' names on it, and it's hard for a customer to miss their name. Since direct mails have become a rarity, when the customer receives personal direct mail, it's bound to excite them. Such communication is considered romantic in our culture. Therefore, direct mail advertising will share a warm and friendly vibe with your customers, which will motivate them to prefer you over others.

4 Direct Mail Steals Attention like Anything

People get countless emails and many display ads as they surf the internet. These ads and emails have become so redundant that barely anyone notices it unless they are interested in your company. On the other hand, a person receives only 1-2 direct mails per day. It's quite evident that direct mail is going to grab your customers' attention. There are high chances that people will contact you after reading your offer to take its benefits.

5 Direct Mails Are Tangible

Direct mails are physical cards or letters. They can be touched and felt. You can use exciting elements to engage your customers. Over online platforms, people tend to ignore ads. But, when they receive in the mailbox, they're more likely to take your offer. You can include small coupons, discount coupons, along with your mail, to expect a quicker response from your audience.

6 Direct Mail Boosts Your Brands' Awareness

Direct mail advertising has a higher chance of conversion, and even if they don't buy your offer, it's still a win-win situation for you. A customer might not be interested in your offer right now. But, on a day they want a similar product, they will surely visit your website. Why? – Because they might have a discount coupon or an offer that you had sent them once. It was not possible before direct mail, because they didn't know about your company earlier.

7 Direct Mail Can Target People of All Demographic

Email and social media platforms are the most prominent players in advertising, but how often do you find a retired man of 65 checking his mails? Well, among people between the ages of 65-80, 34% of people use social media, and the percentage decreases to 17% with age.

You may send direct mail in the form of a postcard, or brochure, etc. It can reach out to people of all ages. It can target older people who don't use the internet as well as little ones.

8 Direct Mail Is Creative and Engaging

A direct mail can get creative in limitless ways. Since direct mail is physical; it allows you to have fun with it and stand out from the competition. For instance, a security system company slides a card under the door of a potential customer. This card is created[N2]  such that it pops up into a box as soon as it enters the house.[N3]  And, the card reads – "breaking into your home is easier than you think!" This method of innovative communication will engage a customer and motivate to buy their security services.

9 Direct Mail Is Trustworthy

People are more likely to trust a direct mail over anything digital. More than 56% of people find direct mail more authentic than other forms of marketing. Almost 50% of all emails sent daily are spam, and display ads are always in people's faces that don't create trust. A direct mail can be opened[N5]  at customers' convenience, and that's what makes them more reliable. Also, there's no possibility of stealing your information, and hacking, while opening a direct mail. 

10 People React Differently to Direct Mails

Neuro-marketing – a study of the brain and its reaction to advertising, has found that people react differently to printed and digital advertisements. Direct mail can stimulate all the five senses that are, touch, taste, hear, smell, and see. While digital marketing can hardly hit two reasons. Holding a physical postcard increases customers' desire to buy your offer. It also improves the image of the company. Since humans experience things through the five senses, more of them you stimulate, the more likely customer will get attracted to you.

To Sign Off

Direct mail advertising is a great way to increase your brand awareness and conversion rates. It will surely build a good relationship with your customers and have them glued to your company, which means more profit you, and your business.

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