10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Blockchain Technology


The definitions of business operations, information exchange, and financial transactions have changed considerably over the course of time. The reputation of blockchain has surpassed the initial apprehensions that are associated with any new technology trend. As a matter of fact, blockchain training and certification has become one of the important career aspirations of many people right now. 

Blockchain training is more than just a necessity now for aspirants in the IT labor market presently. Let us find out some of the important reasons to pursue a career in blockchain with relevant training and certification.

Numbers Which Show Importance of Blockchain Training

When a beginner starts navigating the domain of blockchain technology, they can face many complicated choices. It is quite obvious to find recommendations for pursuing an enterprise blockchain certification to start your career in blockchain. Here are some statistics which could help you understand how a blockchain career is a promisingly smart decision. 

A lot of Expenses 

You don’t have to be worried about expenses. The point is global expenses on blockchain solutions in 2021 would most probably reach $6.6 billion USD. In addition, the global expenses on blockchain solutions are also expected to cross $11.7 billion in 2022. So, it is quite evident that a lot of money will be put into the domain of blockchain. Therefore, it would be easily one of the most lucrative professional domains in the coming years. 

Many Use Cases

The most promising reason to pursue blockchain training would refer to the fact that it offers diverse use cases. Some of the top use cases of blockchain across organizations all over the world are as follows,

  • Digital currency- 33%
  • Data access and sharing- 32%
  • Data reconciliation- 31%
  • Identity protection- 31%
  • Payments- 30%
  • Tracking and tracing- 27%

A career in Security Roles

In addition, IT leaders have also expressed their interest in looking for blockchain security solutions. Even if 50% of IT leaders did not express any thoughts on searching for blockchain security solutions, the search for blockchain security talent is growing continuously. So, you could have the opportunity to access different career roles in the blockchain. 

Leaders Leading by Example

Another crucial reason to look for blockchain training opportunities is the involvement of industry leaders. IBM, a notable name in the world of technology, has almost 1500 employees working across blockchain projects in excess of 500. IBM has been successful in leading the implementation of blockchain-based pilot projects in industries such as shipping, banking, food safety, and healthcare. 

Blockchain Mixes Up Well

The value advantage of blockchain also lies in integration with emerging technologies. Whether it is IoT, ML, or AI, blockchain gives you the power of all these in your applications with efficiency.    

Universal Infrastructure

Blockchain training could also help you stay on the path to becoming a part of a new layer of universal infrastructure. Any individual or organization could use blockchain for managing networking and data storage infrastructure. So, it will definitely be a convincing favorite for enterprises.

Promising Salary Figures

The average annual salary of a blockchain developer in the US would range well above $96,000 USD. Interestingly, this is the initial salary you can get with base experience. As you gain experience and professional blockchain certification, you can find opportunities for growth in salary.   

Job Opportunities Everywhere

You are not limited to any particular sector with blockchain. The manufacturing market accounts for a 17.6% market share of the blockchain market. Distribution and services account for 14.6%, while the public sector makes up 4.2%, and infrastructure accounts for 3.1%. Most important of all, the financial sector holds up over 60% of the global market value of blockchain. 

Blockchain in Media and Entertainment

The use of blockchain has also transformed the media and entertainment landscape with better options for ownership rights management. Artists could now sell digital art through NFTs based on blockchain technology with higher monetary value. Therefore, blockchain training could also open up new career options in media and entertainment also.  

Increased Regulation 

Blockchain is slowly becoming a part of governance infrastructures all over the world, thereby improving its regulatory aspects. So, it would be a matter of time before blockchain becomes the ideal technology for every new tech application. 

Bottom Line

It is clear that blockchain certification and training could help you become part of a thriving industry. Blockchain is slowly gaining much-needed recognition and has served its potential in almost every sector. Just like every other new technology, blockchain also requires adequate introspection before you think of a career in it. 

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