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10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Resume Builder (+ Bonus Resume Tips)

Whether you’re a Rachel Green that’s new to job hunting or a Joey Tribbiani that’s tried every work there is, we can all agree that submitting a perfect resume is the first step in the job application process. With the availability of resume builders online, it’s now become easier to make yours. However, most applicants are still wondering if it’s worth it to use them.

Here, we discuss the top reasons why you should prepare for your career trajectory with the aid of resume builders. We also included a brief guide on writing resumes to help you make your own.

But first, what is a resume builder?

A resume builder is an online application tool that gives job seekers a chance to take a fun and shorter route to resume making. It offers professionally made templates tailored to the job seeker’s specific needs. The templates are also easy to edit — you only need to key in your career information and contact details, and your resume is ready to be sent out!  

With its easy configuration, resume builders make crafting the perfect professional resume seem like a breeze.

Why should you use a resume builder?

There are many advantages to using a resume builder. To help you decide whether or not resume builders are for you, we collected ten good things about them.

1. Easy to use

One does not have to be a digital designer or a tech-savvy person to navigate through a resume builder. Everything is simple and easy — you only need to fill in the questions and information they ask from you. 

After receiving all the required information, the resume builder will gather all of them and organize them for you. All collected information will serve as the content details in your resume.

2. Saves time

Building a resume takes more effort than one can imagine. If your resume needs a complete makeover, making it from scratch will be time-consuming. If you’re working at the same time, this will be more bothersome. 

A resume builder solves all that. Most resume builders only take five minutes to make the perfect resume. It's that quick and convenient.

3. Serves as your virtual resume coach

One best thing about using a resume builder is that you are not alone in the creation process. It will give you a step-by-step guide on writing your resume — from start to finish. It will be like having a virtual resume coach that will walk you through the stages. 

This feature will be beneficial if you haven’t tried making a resume before or if your previous ones weren’t effective.

4. Tailored to your career level

Pre-made templates are not just attractive but also functional. They help tailor your application piece according to your skills and work experience. 

Resume builders will help you see the qualities that matter, like your job titles or work history. They will quickly adjust these qualities to match what the recruiters are looking for. This will be very helpful, especially if you lack the experience but don’t like to flash it as it is.

5. Up-to-date designs

Resumes need constant updating. Over time, your career history will become more impressive and, eventually, long. Since a resume's goal is to convince recruiters to invite you for an interview, listing all of your achievements may be impractical. 

Resume builders will smoothen this small problem. They use modern design elements that will simplify career information. For example, instead of spelling out your skills and hobbies, you can now show them via graphical skills ratings and vector icons.

6. Highlights your credentials

Designs catch the recruiters’ attention, but it’s the content that makes them want to read more. 

Resume builders can emphasize your credentials that fit the position you’re applying for. If you’re applying for a job at an architectural firm, for example, resume builders will help stress your best architecture-related assets. This makes you the candidate to beat.

7. Unique layouts

Remember when resumes were a boring piece of paper? Now, resume builders offer you a variety of options to spruce up your resume. 

Resume builders offer you the chance to make your resume from scratch or choose from a library of templates in different designs. You have the opportunity to change the fonts depending on your needs and preferences or play with the colors to make them more unique. All these will consequently make your application stand out.

8. Customizable and consistent templates

Customizing your resumes according to every job position you’re vying for is necessary. But if designing isn’t your strongest suit, it may be a hassle to design them over and over again. 

Thanks to resume builders, creating resumes in different versions will not be as stressful as it used to be. You can directly modify each template to fit the company’s brand or position you are applying for. Tweaking the content can now be fun and easy, and you won’t have to worry about ruining the design. 

9. Pass the ATS

Resume builders are great for getting you through the Applicant Tracking System or ATS. 

ATS automates the initial part of the recruitment process. It finds keywords, which recruiters have set, from the pile of resumes they’ve received. Afterwards, they filter out the resumes that don’t contain these keywords. 

So, no matter how highly qualified you are for the job, if your resume has to pass through an ATS and doesn’t have the needed keywords, you can kiss that job goodbye. 

Resume builders allow you to pass this tricky process. They will pick specific terms from job listings and add them to your resume. This increases your resume’s chances of having the keywords a company needs and lets you move on to the next step. 

10. Accessibility

Due to its online nature, resume builders are easy to access anywhere, anytime, through any device — even your mobile phone! Also, after editing, you can download your resume in different formats like Word documents or PDFs for your convenience.

How does a resume builder work?

To write and layout the perfect resume through a resume builder, you first need to choose the best design that speaks volumes about you. Most resume builders feature a roster of resume templates designed according to the applicant’s specific needs.

After picking the template you like, the resume builder will ask you a series of questions about your career history. These questions will also include bits about your personal details, like your hobbies, depending on the design template.

Then, you can tweak all the design information in your template, like the color, fonts, or type of shapes to include. You can modify everything until you are sure that every single detail communicates your character.

After all these, the resume builder will collect all the information and make a professional resume for you. So easy, right?

Bonus: How to Write a Winning Resume

Using a resume builder is already a huge step towards having a resume that’s HR-ready, but you also need to do your part. Where numerous resume writing examples are out there, the ultimate way to an attractive resume is by making yours unique. 

Read through our quick tips on how to do just that.

1. Highlight key achievements

Your resume design may catch a recruiter’s attention, but emphasizing your skills as a professional will up your odds of getting the job. 

For example, if you belong in the sales and marketing field, leverage the revenue you brought to the company. You can also show the projects you helped build if you belong in the construction industry. 

Wherever area you belong, always include the successful projects that you were a part of. Give the recruitment officers a clear picture of a scenario and include the steps you did to address them.

2. List previous responsibilities

Your past responsibilities in the company are just as significant as your key achievements. It gives recruitment officers a look at your commitment and drive. 

In this section, discuss your work experiences. Most importantly, make sure to include the specific duties that will match the position the job you’re applying for. 

3. Add a personal touch

If you are mainly in the creative field, adding a touch of your character can guarantee your success in the application process. 

When you add a personal touch to your resume, you give the recruitment team a glance at your personality. Using your favorite color as the background cover or using your preferred fonts will seal the deal in this step.

4. Show recruiters a fresh perspective

The primary goal in writing a resume is to secure an interview with a hiring manager. But you can't get one if you just leave your chances to fate. 

Craft a resume that conveys your expertise in the field while giving the hiring managers a glimpse of your personal character. To raise the stakes, devise your resume differently so that it features you as the field's gamechanger. Display a different frame of reference that is uniquely yours.

5. Proofread spelling and grammar 

Regardless of your impressive list of qualifications, your grammar and spelling will matter. If your resume is full of incorrect grammar and spellings, its surefire destination is through the trash. 

To ensure error-free content, you can seek aid on digital writing assistance tools like Grammarly or Hemmingway Editor. If you want to double-check everything, your grammar police of a friend can also be your best aid.

Final Note

The best resume has the power to open doors. It can communicate your skills and experiences in its unique way, making you stand out as a candidate. 

In a nutshell, having a resume builder is like having your personal resume coach right by your side. They lay out your options for you and ask you questions to create the perfect resume. They also make sure that you go through the process with ease and convenience. 

Creating the best resume is challenging, but when you make it through resume builders, it can be fun and easy.

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