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10 Smart Ways to Select and Order the Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are one of the dynamic and most common types of packaging that are being used in almost every industry. From food to electrical products and from retail to shipping and storage, they are equally feasible for all purposes. Cardboard materials are known for their strength and capability to retain the originality of the packaged items. The aspect that makes these boxes a more authentic and reliable solution is the customizability in every shape, size, design, and color according to the packaging requirement of a particular product. You can get them in the desired way according to the needs of your products. In addition, they hold printable surfaces that also provide you the opportunity to increase their effectiveness for your brand further. To print these boxes, the latest digital, offset, and screen printing technologies, best quality raised inks, and vibrant colors are used that make them exclusive for attracting customers and spreading the brand message.


The selection and order placement for cardboard boxes are of great importance for getting the best yet economical solutions for your products. A wise selection of these boxes depends upon various aspects that are essential to consider in this process. In this regard, the following are 10 smart ways in which you can avail best possible packaging solutions for your products in the form of these boxes.

Estimate Your Needs and Budget

The most important thing is having affirmation regarding your particular packaging requirements and the availability of a sufficient budget. Before placing an order for custom printed cardboard boxes UK to a packaging company, you must be considering these aspects. You should be evaluating what quantity and type of boxes are required and how much you can spend on them. Without knowing the required type of packaging for your particular products, you cannot get the best results as there are multiple things that have a role in making your packaging purchase decisions righteous. From the required design to the thickness of packaging materials, you must be conscious so that you can have right-fit solutions. In addition, ignoring budget constraints can also create trouble by limiting you to an undesired quantity of packages.

Consider the Product Nature

You should be giving preference to the nature of the product that you are going to pack in these boxes. Every product has a different design, style, dimensions, and weight and requires packaging solutions that can meet their needs effectively in every aspect. For example, if you are producing heavyweight and delicate products like electrical but you choose a packaging solution that can be used for lightweight items, there will be greater chances that your products will get damaged. They cannot afford sufficient protection for the packaged items due to their incompatibility with their designs and nature.

Get Right Size and Design

While choosing cardboard-made boxes for your products, make sure you are asking for the right fit size and design. Getting loose-fit-sized packaging boxes can result in the free ride of packaged items that lead to loss of their quality and functionality. Similarly, you cannot ignore the design of your products for the design of your required packages. Getting a wrongful design that does not match with your products’ design or packaging needs could not benefit you but can result in loss of resources and money. Also, providing clients with products packaged in loose-fit and inappropriately designed boxes can result in a loss of customers’ trust depending on the form of the product they will be receiving. 

Care for Product Safety

Product safety is an important aspect of consideration in the process of selection and ordering cardboard boxes for moving. In this regard, you must be considering the delicacy level of your products and the required thickness and protective features in these boxes to enhance product safety and provide customers with the original quality of products in every aspect. In this regard, you must ask your packaging suppliers about product-oriented inserts, sufficient thickness grade, and laminations that can ensure maximum protection for your products. 

Consider Shipping Hazards

While choosing the packaging materials for your required packaging solutions, you should be considering the shipping, storage, and handling hazards that can cause damages to the packaged items. Ignoring these aspects can result in the selection of packaging solutions that might be unable to take care of the packaged items in tough conditions. So, make sure that the material you are selecting for these boxes should be capable of bearing shipping and storage hardships and can keep the packaged merchandise original in quality and functionality.

Consider Product Presentation

Product display is another important aspect that always plays a vital role in attracting customers towards a packaged item. As much your boxes will be capable of presenting the packaged items elegantly, better they will be grabbing sales for your brand. So, while ordering custom cardboard boxes, you must be asking your suppliers for product display features that can help you increase their attraction for customers and encourage them to buy the packaged products.

The Printing Quality Also Matters

The quality of printing of your required boxes is also very important as it has a great role to play in enticing customers, informing them, and encouraging them to buy the packaged items. Custom printed cardboard boxes in UK are considered incredible to make a brand known to a massive number of buyers that also result in increased sales and profitability. So, while you choose and order these boxes, you must be ensuring that they hold all unique and high-tech printing features. 

Go for Bulk Quantities

To get these boxes more affordably, it will be vital to go for bulk quantities. It is a known thing that when you go for large quantities, per unit cost gets reduced. In addition, many of the packaging suppliers are offering discounts and special sale offers on different seasonal, cultural, and national events that can be your opportunity to save maximum on these boxes.

Negotiate for Prices

Another way to get affordable solutions is by negotiating prices with packaging suppliers to bring them within your budget constraints. In this regard, comparing prices of different suppliers with similar quality standards will be vital for negotiating prices. You should also be considering the packaging suppliers with the least minimum ordering limits to avail of the least required solutions within your budgets without compromising on the quality of packaging solutions.

Try Free Shipping


While ordering cardboard boxes for moving, consideration for packaging manufacturers who are offering free shipping services. This will not only help you get the best quality solutions but also let you save plenty of money that you might require to pay for the delivery of your orders.


Every brand and retailer wants to have the best quality yet most economical packaging solutions. Consideration of these tactics to select and order the cardboard boxes can benefit them in getting the desired kind of packaging solutions within their budgets.

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