10 Software Development Companies in California

software development

Nowadays, our world utilizes modern technology, which enables us to do things. Technology likewise enables us to multitask all in one place just by tapping and typing on our Smartphone and laptops. Software development plays a huge role in enabling us to do so. Software development refers to the general term which encompasses all tasks such as documenting, computer programming, repair, creation, and maintenance of applications.

Since computer help is needed by lots of people now, software development companies and app development company in San Francisco have quite already grown in number. There are over a hundred of them in California, the USA alone. According to IT statistics, most software developers are located in California having 230,150 programmers placing it at top rank among other states in America.

With that said, here are the Top 10 Development Companies in California

  1. CIS


CIS is a first-class custom software development company which impacts mostly businesses. This helps users achieve their desired success with its services designed to take the users’ businesses to the next level. This company has already gone through almost 15 years of understanding the industry of IT catering to clients from their worldwide range of client base. CIS is a known leading company when it comes to providing clients with exceptional technology and service that meets global standards and expectations. CIS offers wide-ranging services from open source development, mobile application development, application development, business process management, business intelligence and analytics, front-end design, cloud infrastructure implementation, as well as digital marketing.

  1. Svitla Systems


Svitla is a software development company that enables clients to push their business to the next level by providing them with exceptional service and top-notch level of expertise. They can help clients by covering all aspects of software engineering process by designing, developing and supporting the client’s products enabling the client to focus on the core business which can save them lots of time and increase productivity. This company has strong partnerships with popular Silicon Valley Companies which enables them to get their hands on advanced and high-quality technology. This company is recommended if you need help with strategy development, situational assessment and allows them to be your technology partner.

Simform: Simform is a top-notch custom software development company with a mission to help successful companies extend their tech capacity.

Since 2010, Our team of 300+ experts has helped businesses elevate their value through our development services. Our teams will help you to builds software compatible with your business needs and oversee the successful delivery of your software projects.
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  1. Pegasus One

Pegasus one

Pegasus One is a Southern California based company which has a bee in partnership with SMBs and Fortune 500 companies since 2006 focusing on developing and providing effective solutions with their superb management skills. Their team of professionals provides software engineering and consultancy services. They help aid their clients in their software development difficulties by providing them with technology, logistics, and project engineering services. Their services specifically include IoT, AI and ML, mobile app development, Cloud or SaaS solutions, business intelligence, and enterprise solutions. They cover the industries of education, finance, logistics, gaming, retail, insurance and many more.

  1. QArea


QArea is an award-winning software outsourcing company which offers services such as software development, web application development, website development, app development, testing and QA, outsourcing development, IT consulting and MVP development. This company has been providing developing custom software solutions for 18 years and is a top Outsourcing partner choice for clients of startups, SMBs, and enterprise. QArea is well known for their excellence in handling clients since they value clear communication and transparency which gives the clients the optimal quality of service. With its 800 already completely projects it is surely a favorite go-to for clients with business objectives to meet.

  1. Softxpert


Softxpert is a custom software development company which is based in Anaheim, California. This company helps clients with businesses create their software applications. It has already helped many business companies such as Autoline, Fax Plus, Clock -In Portal and many more. This company mainly specializes in web and mobile apps development. The solutions they provide include digital image processing, video surveillance software, E-commerce solutions, time and attendance software, and Mailroom automation solution, which helps their clients’ businesses turn into enterprises.  The solutions they provide are also cost-effective which an additional factor of convenience is for clients.

  1. iOn Image Media


iOn Image Media is one of the tops and leading web development companies which specializes in web development, marketing, and advertising. This company serves as a one stop business growth solutions developer. They offer services such as digital marketing solutions, franchise/ local marketing, business consultation, website design development, mobile app development, and offshore software development.



Ocsico is a company that offers software development services. They specialize in custom app development, web development, mobile app development, quality assurance, and support maintenance. They now use technologies with .NET, PHP, Java, and mobile applications for the development of IOs and Android. Ocsico has a great corporate spirit according to clients in which they aim to become a long-term partner to their clients and exceed their expectations.

  1. Waverly Software


Waverley is a full – cycle engineering firm which provides development services to clients worldwide. Waverly is known to be a great partner to tech giants and innovative startups earning them award-winning accomplishments for the software products they provided their clients in various industries. They have already worked for clients such as Mozilla, Gridpoint, Toyota, Matrixx, and many more. This company’s services include mobile and team extension solutions, web portals, embedded software, blockchain applications, QA and Testing, Cloud Solutions, Data Science, and AI and Integration services. This company is unique for its remarkable engineering culture and global approach to developing software.

  1. Lithyem


Lithyem San Diego Custom Software Development & Consulting is a strategic internet technology firm which provides clients with custom project management systems and software applications that help clients to grow their business. This is excellent in blending their agility and experience that enables their clients to propel beyond competition and thrive in their field, thus named after the element lithium which is a tough and rare element that becomes incredibly stronger when mixed with the right elements. This analogy refers to their work ethics as they put the right tools in the hands of businesses allowing them to prosper. This company offers services with business web and mobile applications, custom business software systems, legacy systems modernization and integration, business dashboard development, business process improvement and CRM & Sales force Implementation.

  1. Iksanika


Iksanika is a custom software development company based in San Jose, California, which has been in service for 10+ years. This company is comprised of developers, designers, testers, solution experts’ project, and products manager. They provide clients with ready- or custom-made software solutions that help in boosting their businesses. They also offer full cycle software development services which serve as a great convenience to their clients.


Software development is a need by every business nowadays, finding an appropriate company according to your requirements is difficult that is why we have compiled this list. You can weight them out and see which one will be good for your project. They are all experienced, professional, and reputable in the industry.