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10 Tax Tips to Consider Before 2019

In these modern times, businesses have become very much rigid because of the mandatory needs of walking hand-in-hand with complex and multiple laws, and the taxation law is something on which you need the help of an expert. The taxation law for not just the country you will live in, but the entire world is very much complicated. As a business owner, you need to always keep in mind to file your taxes even though your business schedules. Through a recent survey, a well-known financial expert declared about his business owner clients and stated that 93% of them have been overpaying their taxes for many years. If you need help with your tax filing, you can take up the tax services near me an option that will help you in the process of finding the best professionals in the field. You need to know where you can save a good deal of money, which will give you the chance to invest in money back in your business.

Tax Tips to Consider For Your Business

Many individuals happen to pay taxes to the government without having the right information regarding it. Given below are some of the tips that will help you with the process of tax planning and saving. They are

  • Consider The Bunching Deduction: In the 2018 tax year, the tax cuts and jobs act took an effect, which in return increased the cost of the standard deduction. Experts have recommended the method of bunching that will help in surpassing the thresholds. Bunching involves when you make time for the expenses by fitting in the deductible expenses into the calendar year. Hence, it is the perfect solution in hand for every taxpayer.
  • Maxing Out the Retirement Plans Contribution: When you take the option of looking for tax services near me you will be direct to tax experts who will help you max out your retirement plans. This will help in reducing the taxable income that will directly lead to the reduction of the tax bill. This is very important for those individuals who cannot afford the maximum amount should try with the least amount that will match perfectly with the employer’s contribution.
  • Take your RMDs: By the end of the year, individuals at 70 or older have to carry a retirement account, must opt for the required minimum distribution. If they do not take the step to do so, they will pay a heavy tax penalty of 50% in the process. The idea behind the RMDs is that the IRS has granted permission to these investments in value tax-deferred. Therefore, RMDs are normally based on year-end values and age on eligible accounts. Please join hands with a professional to proceed further.
  • Engaging in the Tax-Loss Harvesting: Under the rules of the IRS, you are a requirement to pay taxes that is been realized in a year. Tax-loss harvesting is a type of strategy that allows you to sell the low-performing portfolios towards offset gains. This means, under the current law you are allowed to claim $3000 in the capital losses, against the non-investments. This will enable you to move forward towards future tax years with any type of loss that is over $3000.
  • Opt For The Benefits Of Annual Exclusion Gifts: It is recorded that the tax exemption has increased from $14000 to $15000, respectively. In simple words, it means that the amount can be given to a family member without paying a gift tax for it. This is considered to be a big advantage for the parents, as they can purchase gifts for their children that worth $15000 without worrying about paying the tax for it.
  • Performing Charity: The charitable giving do not just come in the form of cash, but you can use items and products as a contribution and give them to the local charities, and jot down their market price value in the form of the itemized deduction for your taxes. Depending on the type of charity you choose, contributing items like old clothes, furniture, electronics, toys, and many more is a good option.
  • Keep Your Healthcare Coverage In Order: This is a sign of warning to all consumers. Even though the tax cuts and job acts of 2017 are designed to terminate the penalty for not having health insurance, the act does not go into effect until 2020. The penalty of not being enforced will be still in effect even this year, for which you need to be careful.
  • Defend The Income: Individuals who receive a year-end bonus will consider waiting till next year if their employer permits it. This is because, when you delay your income you also deduct the additional tax for 2018.
  • Keep Your Beneficiary Designation Up-To-Date: Since this option will not show any sign of effect on your taxes, it will show on the taxes of your well-wishers in the coming future. Year-end is considered to be the best time when you review beneficiaries and will give you the chance to make any real-life changes that you wish to make in the process.
  • Stay Protected From Fraud: When you are taking the steps of filing documents with sensitive information, it is very much imperative that you take precautions, which will prevent your data from being compromised. Remember, when you are filing your taxes it should be done on the IRS website itself, or through a trusted tax preparer.

To Sign Off

The information and tips provided in this document will allow you to have an idea and an understanding of how to plan and saving your taxes so that you do not pay too much to the government in the process.

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