Preparing for your first trade show presence can be a daunting task. It takes a few times to learn well, and that is also if you take the opportunity to do so. Before you go about making arrangements for your exhibition display, here are some things to consider that will help you make the right mark on your target audience.

  1. Set a Clear Goal
    You ought to know ahead of time what you (and your team) are hoping to get out of your display. Is it brand recognition, awareness, checking out your competition, or something else? Are you hoping to launch a particular service or product to a certain buyer? Once you have your goal, you will be able to prepare accordingly and have your stall set up to standard.
  2. Know Your Audience
    Who is the target audience for your show? It is imperative that your audience has a central place in your mind, and thus, in your arrangements. You need to look for a show where your audience will be in attendance, and your brand, the hero. If you sell stories for young children, it is not much use putting up your exhibition display at a book fair where the biggest and most notable names of the century are already setting up their stalls. Do your research and choose a fair where you get to display your services to the best advantage to your audience of choice. Remember to give your participation goals the place of honour when you are making these decisions.
  3. Advertise Beforehand
    Advertisement is key. It is not any good if you make the best preparations to put up a stellar show, and your desired audience was not given adequate information or notice to ensure their attendance. Invite your contacts, clients and suppliers to attend your display. The most pertinent details of the show including the address, timing and booth numbers must be highlighted in your broadcast. The same should be announced from your social media channels and website where you should work to create a buzz for your event because that is where people look for information first.
  4. Research Your Trade Show
    Should you exhibit at any old show or must you do your research to find the one best suited to your needs? The latter is the way to go. We already know you should choose one that falls best in line with your goals and your audience. New shows may not be suitable if you are a small, new brand trying to establish itself for limited funds must be spent wisely. However, sometimes showcasing your craft at an otherwise unrelated show scores the right points. Case in point: it is said that Nordic Track had huge success at dental trade shows.
  5. Create a Display That Stands Out
    Work on creating an exhibition that calls out to people and stands out from the number of displays next to you at the show. People attract other people. Posters, banners and table runners are staples that you can work with. But you should also have a short, defining headline for your brand that is easily visible. Perhaps have electronic monitors or screens showcasing your services that make people stop by. It is while people give your material a glimpse or your stall a quick stop that you get the opportunity to engage with them.
  6. Use Giveaways
    People love giveaways and contests where they can win something. Useful objects that are not too expensive, like stationery items, stickers, keychains and others make for reasonable gifts that appeal to people. Make sure you invest in good quality business cards and flyers also, that can be given away to interested parties.
    A contest where people play for wins is an inviting option for a great setup. Host games and surveys relevant to your industry or genre. People like to be heard and will remember you as someone who cared to listen. Ensure that your game’s gifts are in line with your brand and audience’s interests.
  7. Demonstrate
    If yours is an entrepreneurial venture that people can use to get a feel of the remarkable nature of the product, then plan to set up a free demonstration for everyone. Nothing registers better with an individual than being able to use something which gives a fair idea of its goodness. A hands-on approach gets your audience involved, and they are better able to remember your exhibition display. A big screen is excellent for branding, but an electronic interface will allow the user to try out the software or gadget, etc.
  8. Sharpen Your Website
    When people learn of something they are interested in, they visit its website and check out the social media channels. A professional website portrays a professional image; ensure that your site is updated with the latest news and events that make your brand. Insert tutorials and blogs too, and update the site with all that your exhibition display will feature. If you do not have a website, get one before the show, and ensure that it is visible to all and sundry from your stall.
  9. Get Posting Now
    Active social media channels are key today. They should be active and lit up with all that's going to come at the display. While you are running your exhibition, at least one person on the team should be engaging with people online, keeping them updated. It is also a good idea to share testimonials online. Make use of all media: pictures, videos, and words.
  10. Work On Yourself
    And your team, for you, are a major part of your display. If you all are prepared, and well-rested before the exhibition display, then you will present a better picture to your audience. Seasoned individuals claim that hydrating and wearing comfortable shoes are key for a successful event.


One can conquer anything with preparation and lists. If you practise setting up your display, you will be able to work out any kinks and do it efficiently when the time comes.

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