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10 Things to Look at for Your Plus-Size Style

Being plus-size is sometimes challenging to look for a style. A good outfit should complement your curves and be trendy at the same time. 

Trends leaning on the thin and petite side may not suit you. But no need to worry, looking for a style for yourself can be easy if you know the right way!

Before we hit the store and look out for wholesale plus size clothes, here are ten things to think about. 

  1. Fit But Not Too Tight
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Image by Unsplash

Defining what fits and what's too tight is vital. Make sure clothing fits you and does not show the lines of the undergarments. 

Showing your curves is the goal but should not be overdone. If the dress shows your undergarments, it is too tight for you, and you better go a size up.

Having the right fit is not only for the looks but for comfort also. If you are comfortable, you will be confident wearing it. So don't be shy about going a size up if it will fit you. 

  1. Have a Shapewear

Image by Pexels

We all have those parts that hang or sag and need cinching or tucking. Shapewear is a great friend for added support. It helps you sculpt those challenging areas. Before, it had a bad reputation towards people due to its unforgiving nature, and was called "sausage casing" by many. 

But with the invention of stretchable fabrics, shapewear became more comfortable and breathable. Now shapewear is worn every day. You can wear it because it is comfy to wear but only choose those that fits you.

  1. Secret Weapon: Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is an excellent addition to your wardrobe, and you can wear it for formal or casual functions. Pencil skirts taper your bodyline and make you slim. Couple it with a top that would complement your cleavage for a voluptuous look. You can also have ruffles or a wrap-around top. 

Pencil skirts can go with your corporate or party attire if you are in a pinch. Pair it with flats or heels for power dressing. Versatile and easy to style, it is available in combination of different colors and prints.

  1. The Right Shoes
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Image by Unsplash

No outfit will be complete without the right shoes. Even Cinderella needed her own high heels for the night party. 

Have a pair of pumps or heels handy, so that your legs will not look short. On the other hand, if you're an active person, sneakers are a must and oxfords for casual attire.

  1. Wear Dark Shades
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Image by Unsplash

Wearing dark clothes helps you look slim and will stay in style. Make sure to match light and dark shades, as well as prints and patterns for variety. It does not need to be black, and you can have earth-toned or dark blue and purple. So make dark shades your BFF and be glamorous anyway you want.

  1. Shopping Through Weight Changes

“Investment” is the word you must know when you go through weight changes. Whether you lose or gain weight, the purpose is comfort. If you are comfortable, you are confident to strut it. Invest not only in stretchable clothing but also size up and down.

  1. Accessories
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Image by Unsplash

The cherry on top of every OOTD is accessories. Statement jewelry will take attention away from your less appealing areas. A necklace or choker that will complement your cleavage. Take note not to over-accessorize, and put a little glitter on your glam.

Aside from jewelry are bags, remember to choose a bag that is the right fit for you. Don’t use bags that are too small; make sure it is big enough for your bare essentials. Bags are both functional and fashionable branded or not; it is a nice hand-carry.

  1. Wrap Around

One of the best outfits is the hourglass wrap-around. It hides your problem areas and gives an hourglass figure. Have a wrap-around with ¾ sleeves that will provide full coverage but shows your curves. It is all excellent with prints or in dark shades for a slimmer glam look.

  1. Deep Necklines
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Image by Unsplash

One advantage of being plus-size is bust size. Deep v neckline dresses or tops are excellent to bring attention to your cleavage over your arms. Deep v or u necklines flatter and has a sensual feel that makes you sexy. If you are well endowed on top, try one on.

  1. Layering

Layering is not only to keep you warm; a structured jacket can hide your arms and focus on your waist. Having layers also will give you the option to match many outfits. With the variety, it provides endless possibilities when the weather permits.

Embracing Your Curves 

The most important thing in looking for an outfit is to be confident with your figure. Being comfortable with your flaws also helps you see your good parts. Confidence will give you the best mindset in making decisions with your style. 

Now that you have the confidence, if you want to look for plus-size apparel, FASHIONLINE has your back. With top-of-the-line materials, the highest caliber of production speed, design, and development, it offers the best products for the best price possible. Feel free to check on site anytime.

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