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10 Things You Must Know Before Visiting Goa

There are so many destinations in India. Millions of travelers explore the hidden gems. But for millions of them, Goa has been one of the favorite places amongst travelers throughout the year. This tiny state of the country has sun-kissed beaches, bustling flea markets, architectural landmarks, an amazing night life, beautiful churches, and what not! Goa has this laid back vibe that attracts the people from all over the world.

So if you’re planning to book a Goa tour package, We have created a few handy tips for first-time visitors. Hope this might help and make your trip a memorable one. Have a look!

Do not stick to the popular beaches

Thanks to a plethora of exquisite options because it is surrounded by a huge coastline that is spread across 105 kilometers. Relax and sunbathe in any of these beaches, Candolim and Calangute, Baga, and Vagator. Find the solitude in the unexplored beaches, such as Palolem Beach Goa, Galgibaga, Ashwem beach, Hollant Beach, Velsao, etc.

Practice caution at the Goa beaches

Nobody can deny that Goa beaches are the top most priority in anybody’s tour package. While one must have fun, but he/she must also be cautious about the risk. Don’t forget to apply loads of sunscreen before you head out. If you wish to relax under the sun, do not mind that for a small span of time to avoid sunburns. The beaches which are marked with red flags are not allowed to go. It has a high probability of rests, so heed to the warning signs.

Savor Goan cuisine

Saver on some lip-smacking Portuguese cuisine. The sharks have amazing flavors for your tastebuds. Don’t mind grabbing your hands on some exotic seafood. Enjoy your food with chilled beer, wine, as you like it. Don’t miss the small quantity of the strong liquor as that can get you high really quick.

Explore on two-wheels

If you wish to explore this exotic city, the ideal way is to rent a bike/scooter. The roads are well-maintained And are absolutely safe at any point in time. You can easily rent a bike for a day for anywhere ranging between INR 250-800. If you wish to rent for more than a day, the rent can decrease accordingly. Don’t forget to take a test drive, so that you are aware that it is functional. Make sure that you are having your driving permit with you. A helmet is mandatory, so don’t forget one!

Get active

Explore more than the usual. Go for windsurfing, kayaking, scuba-diving, banana ride, parasailing, Knee-wakeboarding, etc. You can also indulge yourself in various yoga retreats that are available on the coastline. Goa is one of the perfect places is for first-timers. Don’t mind taking off some of the things on your bucket list.

Go beyond the sea and sand

If you have come for your Goa honeymoon, the couple must not restrict themselves to the beaches. Explore a variety of options, such as The beautiful and the divine temples and churches. Visit the archaeological sites where you can see forts, museums, wildlife centuries, and many more. Create an itinerary for the number of days that you’re going and plan accordingly.

Goa is one such place that has bountiful, spectacular views. Explore the quaint, Portuguese style houses that have large plantations and pristine blue waterfalls. Visit the lush paddy fields and enjoy the view like you are in a Bollywood movie.

Cash is king

You can’t always carry credit cards. Various small shacks or bars at the beaches do not accept credit cards. Find a nearby ATM from your place, so that you can withdraw some cash on the go. Always keep enough cash!

Book accommodation in advance

If you are on a budget constraint, you can easily book a backpacker hotel or hostel. There are many accommodations that come under the bar of luxury and budget. So you can pick accordingly. It is always better to book in advance because Goa becomes crowded over the weekends.

Explore both North Goa and South Goa

Goa is divided into two parts – North and South Goa. Both are appealing and a feast to the eyes. As a first-timer, one must experience the beauty of both the places. When you have ticked all the amazing beaches of North Goa, it’s time to explore the peaceful South Goa. Visit the old mountains, museums, islands, temples, etc.


Play the bargaining game right

You need to make sure that you have your bargaining skills on point. Goa has a few flea markets to your rescue. You can get amazing handicrafts, artifacts made out of wood, beautiful carpet, spices at a steal deal.

You can get a perfect souvenir for your loved ones at the best bargain.

Say ‘No’ to drugs and do not drink on beaches

Goa has many rave parties on a daily basis. There is no such thing as Saturdays or Fridays. Every day is a party day and there’s a good chance that you’ll be invited. Although, it is a good choice to party and have fun but make sure that you are not indulging in any kind of drug circulation. Don’t indulge in any such activity and maintain a side of caution. You can always say no, otherwise, you will land up in jail and imprisonment is for 10 years.

Remember some basics

Pack wisely. Pack your clothes, accessories, shoes, accordingly. Goa is all about sun, sand, beaches, churches. Make sure that you have packed all the lightweight clothes and don’t forget to take multiple bottles of sunscreen packed in your travel case. Don’t bring the bling clothes because of the humid temperatures!

Keep an eye on personal stuff

Although this is your personal safety. It is a common tip that doesn’t need to be highlighted but make sure that you keep an eye on the pickpockets While you relax with your loved ones.

Goa is one such destination that should be on your top list. Just keep a note of these above-mentioned pointers, and make your trip a memorable one! Plan it well so that you are able to cherish the memories for life.

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