Saturday, September 30, 2023
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10 Things you should know about Royal Enfield Bike before you buy one

Passionate two-wheeler drivers are fond of Royal Enfield. As more girls are into driving two-wheelers, Royal Enfield also tops their chart of choice. Gone are the days when it related just to the boys. The bike signifies strength because of the high torque it exhibits. Quite suitable for all kinds of roads in Indian terrain, Royal Enfield has always been the bike most in demand.

It is one of the oldest global motorcycle brands which is available as on date. Amongst the 13 models available in India, Classic 350, Bullet 350, and Thunderbird 350X are amongst the most popular bikes.

Royal Enfield Bullet is the top-selling and longest-lived motorcycle design in history. If you are considering to buy a Royal Enfield, you should know a lot about the Bike. Though the brand speaks a lot about it, still there are 10 things you should know about Royal Enfield before you buy one:

  1. Reliability: The years of presence of the company and its bold bikes states that the makers are quite reliable. They offer products that do not pose much of technical issues in the long run. It depends on the users also on how do they use their bikes. Proper service and maintenance of the Royal Enfield Bike will not bother you in the long run. The newer models are powered by a unit construction engine which has brought down the cost of maintenance.
  2. Fuel-Efficiency: You should find out about the maximum mileage the Royal Enfield would offer. The claimed mileage of the most popular Royal Enfield Bullet is 40.8 km per litre. For bikes in this range, it is assumed to be quite fuel-efficient.
  3. Cost: The price range of the Royal Enfield varies from Rs.1.52 lakhs and goes as high up to Rs.2.17 lakhs. Adding to this cost will be the colours of different models. The colour options include Stealth Black, Redditch Red, and Stormrider Sand, Chestnut Grey, Squadron Blue, and others.
  4. Insurance Options: Royal Enfield Insurance should also be considered to arrive at the final cost. It will be your expense but a saviour at the time of crisis. You should opt for a Comprehensive Bike Insurance for Royal Enfield. It is advisable because the maintenance of the bike is high and the insurance policy will help you cover Own Damages.
  5. Stable: The Royal Enfield Bikes are the most stable bikes to drive on the road.  The weight of the bike is above 190 kgs. Hence, the bike can resist wind pressure easily.
  6. Servicing Cost: One-time service cost for Royal Enfield should also be noted before making a final decision. For example, Royal Enfield 350 would attract a cost of Rs.1000-Rs.2000/-. This will be your investment other than the cost of the bike. It is needed for the upkeep of bikes from Royal Enfield.
  7. Technology Upgrade: Royal Enfield comes with an electric start and is liked by many for the convenience. Once a choice for those who could kick start the bike in one go, now makes for the choice of commoners also. This is one factor that will offer convenience while driving.
  8. Durability: Royal Enfield is made of metal parts in comparison to that of its competitors. There are very few plastic parts in it. Hence, the bike seems more durable in terms of life and usage than other ones in the market.
  9. Comfort: The users and makers say that the bike gives you a road presence. That is true, but you should evaluate the models of the bike in terms of comfort. You should be comfortable enough to drive your Royal Enfield.
  10. Resale Value of Royal Enfield: Though, there would be hardly anyone who could think of reselling a Royal Enfield. But you should know about it as you may decide on it shortly.

Royal Enfield is more about status than just a bike. Those who own it never want to sell it. For boys, it is like their prized possession. Buying a bike like Royal Enfield is still a dream for many. It is not a small decision and involves quite some research before buying a bike. There has been a myth that Royal Enfield is unaffordable both for its cost and then in maintenance. After all, it is a machine that goes smoothly forever? Made like a Gun!!!

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