10 Tips for Writing LinkedIn Blog Posts That Expand Your Influence


LinkedIn is a great platform to expand your reach and business through publishing articles or posts. But the problem most people face is they don’t know how to increase their influence on LinkedIn and draw more attention to their businesses. Are you facing the same problem too? Don’t Worry! We are here to help you. We have sorted out some tried and trusted tips for you to help you expand your influence on LinkedIn:

1. Write What You Are Best At

The biggest dilemma people face while they plan on publishing articles on LinkedIn is what should they write on? The answer is very simple, write what you are best at. Isn’t it obvious that you will write best of your knowledge and skills when you are writing about something you are experienced at? The key to becoming an influencer on LinkedIn is to provide unique and quality information that can help people grow as most people there either own a business, are freelancers, and of the working class. Suppose if you are a digital marketer for 4-5 years and you are writing and publishing articles focusing on digital marketing and its elements, it would surely be informative and will help your readers grow. 

2. Add Visuals

We can not ignore the fact that humans are more attracted to visuals than words. So another key to making your post go viral is to add a visual on top of it. There are various sites out there, where you can find pictures or GIFs related to your content, while Pinterest is one of the best sites to take a good visual picture.

3. Add Links

What we have analyzed by going through LinkedIn blogs is that providing a good resource link along with the post helps increase its reach. If you find a good resource for your content or you got inspired by some particular blog or youtube video for writing the content, you may embed that link to your LinkedIn post for more detailed information. It will make your post look more natural and organic.

4. Watch The Frequency

LinkedIn decides what post to show on whose feed and analyzes every post they display on someone’s network updates. What we realized through it is that posting very frequently will reduce the chances of increasing the reach of your every post. You look up the top LinkedIn influencer’s posts on LinkedIn and you will realize that most of them are posting on a weekly basis and not on a daily basis. Posting on a weekly basis would not just help you increase the reach of your every post but you will also get time to make each of your posts better in the meantime.


5. Focus On Headlines

LinkedIn is a platform for businesses and working people. In an age, when time is money for people, no one would waste their time reading all long posts. That is why the headlines of your posts play a big role in determining the reach of the post. So giving a glimpse of your entire article with just a few words is crucial. Your headlines should be short, catchy, and relevant to your content. Let us take our blog, for example, Our headline is “10 Tips for Writing LinkedIn Blog Posts That Expand Your Influence”, and then there is another headline similar to our content, “Writing tips for LinkedIn”, which headlines do you find more compelling? So making your headings attractive and complete is essential too.

6. Keep It Short

Like we mentioned before, no one has much time to spend reading long articles in this digital age. So make sure you keep your blog brief and to the point. You need to provide as much information as possible in just a few words. But making your article to the point doesn’t mean you have to just write technical specifications. That will make your blog look boring. So keep it short but engaging at the very same time.

7. Write About Trending Topics

Apart from writing your favorite topics, you may also write about what’s in trend these days. Evergreen articles do have a high reach but another way to increase your influence faster is to write about trending topics. You must have noticed that people get attracted to trendy things. It’s human nature to copy or follow others. We have inherited this feature from our money ancestors and can’t really help it. You must have seen people making TikTok or reels on the same song that everyone else is doing. So writing about a trending topic will automatically make your post go viral.

8. Sharing Them Inside And Outside The LinkedIn

Another most important factor in increasing your post’s reach is sharing. The best part about this digital age is you have got a lot of platforms to share your posts on. If you really want to increase your influence on LinkedIn, then don’t just share your content on LinkedIn but on other social media sites as well. It will help people who are not connected with you on LinkedIn know about your posts and increase their reach.

9. Share Some Personal Information

As we said before, most people on LinkedIn are either business owners, freelancers, or from the working class. Most of them believe in practicality and would like to take up advice that can really help them to grow in real life. So sharing personal information like your personal and professional experience will help them connect and engage with your content. It would help you build trust with your audience and readers.

10. The Content

Again, there is no escape from quality. No one would like to read a post with a promising headline but not so informative content. Make sure your content is informative and engaging at the same time. Do not miss out on the important information just to make your content more engaging as no one would like to waste their time on non-informative content.

With the aforementioned tips, you can easily increase your influence on LinkedIn. If you are not skilled at writing and believe you won’t be able to provide engaging content to readers then you can also hire LinkedIn Profile writing services India as they will help your increase your reach professionally and effectively,